Friday, 30 May 2014

Dear Daddy - Ireti Adebayo Oladapo

Dear Daddy,

I remember as a little girl, I would sit out by the porch, just spending time with you, talking and loving you. Sharing plans, dreams and the future also. We were Insurmountable. Beyond conquer. Indomitable.

By the sides, singing love songs to you, melodies only you could have seeded in my heart. We would spend hours and hours - Perfect. Simply basking, enjoying You. You, me. No care.

...and then, life happened.

I prayed for stuff, believed with my whole heart, held hands with fellow believers, agreed together, trusted unshaken. Silence.
I looked into the word, claimed promises, morning and night, prayed, petitioned. Nothing.

Bad things happened to the good people I know, 

Kids, little children with cancer, heart diseases, that pastor that died of kidney failure...

Hate. Lurid hate.
Pain, heartache, sickness, war

…and suddenly, it does not seem so perfect after all.

Confused and not understanding, but still, I worship

Heartbroken, but I worship

Rock bottom, but I worship

Inspite of myself, I worship.

I worship because it is my way of connecting with You. Do You not dwell in my praise? Yes? Yes.

Do You not keep me and preserve me, even from the fiery darts I do not see?

Have You not placed a hedge of fire round about me and mine?

Are my kids not pretty, dimpled, smart and healthy?

And my fine man, strong, and have You not made him love me so hot?

And even in the darkest times, have You not whispered soothing words?

Have I ever woken up in the morning and it was night or night-day? No, never.

Even if the whole world is divided, if there be throbbing soreness - like that brave hymnal guy - Still I will worship.

No force on earth, no misery, none can make me question, no reality is more real than You my Daddy, Abba.

So even in the midst of seemingly unanswered prayers, I count my blessings and I am overwhelmed beyond... The Yorubas say Kaabiokosi. Baba Mojuba.

You know what pain I go through, those details I can tell no one - not even my closest paddy-paddy.

Dear Daddy, I just want to tell You I am holding on, grabbing on to every hope and trust and faith... because You are my Paddiest Paddy. That one who will never let me go.

I worship. Still I worship. I will worship.
Hold my hands so I will not let go

Whisper Your love so I never forget, to always remember those precious shared times

Bear up my hands when worn down,

Support my tottering knees

Forgive my shortcomings, Oh be gracious unto me.

I love You Daddy, help me to trust You more and forever. Help my life please You always, make my ways bring You to smile and warm Your heart and soften You towards me, for You choose whom to have mercy on. Satisfy me early with your mercy. Let my lifesong sing to You. Let my life be all You plan it to be.

P.S, I remain Your girl, that girl on the porch.

It's me Daddy, Your little Ireti.


  1. Nice, I won't stop trusting too , My Daddy

  2. Beautiful!!!!

    I worship you lover of my soul.

  3. Stephen Oladapo30 May 2014 at 14:37

    Awesome God, fantastic Daddy, never sleep nor slumber, working, establishing, guiding, carrying and walking us all the way through.
    Good one Angel

  4. Beautiful! Heart rendering..
    Still I worship Daddy, still I worship

  5. Sweeeet! He's the faithful father

  6. He's a dependable father....father of all rock. He loves me with all my baggage

  7. Very inspiring!He's indeed a father for all timesand the sweetest part is that He calls me his own

  8. Wow, a worshipper's heart. Thanks sister

  9. Akikitan....The greatest of all daddies...awesome He is

  10. Okay, This blog always does a kinda surgery on my conscience oh, seperating the me I am, from the me I should be. May is almost up, so let me put My Dear Daddy in the comments section (as my mind no reach to put am as post give you :) ).

    Dear Daddy, my life isn't perfect, but I love you regardless. You have taught me that when all hope is lost, is when there is actually truly hope. All I want to say is Thank you, Thank you for everything.

    From that little boy in Festac town, that always asks and you always answer. I love you Big Baba. #Grateful #Humbled

  11. Ireti, you know what? You were born to write. More interestingly, born to worship Him. This piece is the product of both duties.
    I only have one thing to tell you: Never stop writing... Even when you grow old and your hand is too weak to write, continue writing. That's who you are... A writer!

    Daddy, I bring my praises too. My heart praises you forever!

  12. I was made to worship you, because you live, I live father! I have no fear of tomorrow. I worship you alagbada ina, olugbeja mi.

  13. Gos is indeed a wonderful Father!

  14. Never once did we ever walk alone
    Never once did You leave us on our own
    You are faithful, God, You are faithful

    Matt Redman

  15. Never once did we ever walk alone
    Never once did You leave us on our own
    You are faithful, God, You are faithful

    Matt Redman

  16. Halleluyah! I absolutely love Matt Redman!


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