Friday, 9 May 2014

Dear Daddy - Isioma Ikediashi

In the spirit of the theme for the month of May which is Love YOU - Celebrating and falling in love with the unique individual that God has made each and every one of us, we will be doing 'Dear Daddy' differently.
Each Friday this month, we will have different guests writing a Dear Daddy post appreciating God for the gifts and blessings He's graciously invested in them.. It's a great opportunity to celebrate YOU, thanking God for being ever so gracioius :-)

It's with immense pleasure that I introduce our first guest, an absolutely lovely and talented blessing of a human being. A lady who has been a hugeee blessing, and from whom I have learnt so much from too! A deep woman indeed who loves God so much she can't hide it :-) - Miss Isioma Ikediashi...


Dear Daddy,

Every time I look at, think about or speak to my earthly father, it just makes me appreciate you and love you to the highest heavens and back. I can paint your picture all day - BIG, STRONG, RELIABLE, SOFT, CUDDLY, SWEET, JEALOUS, FINE, TALL, HUGE….

I look at this tiny little me in the mirror and I cannot imagine how you still notice me, how you’re mindful of me, how you hear me, what you do for me, why you even do the things you do! Nobody will ever be able to understand your love for me, not even me because you said it- "You have loved me with an everlasting love" – Jerimiah 31:3. That scripture still blows my mind!

I want to THANK YOU and talk a little about the one most precious gift you’ve given me that I want to scream to the rooftops about- MY VOICE!

One little girl, many many years ago will just stand in front of 100s of people and sing a song (she used to cry to her aunties to teach her in the afternoon) at an everyday evening crusade and many hands will applaud in encouragement. Who knew that her Father had a plan?

When I think of those times many years ago, I just smile because only YOU know the end of a matter and the thoughts you think towards us are for good, then to bring us to an expected end- Your expected end (Jeremiah 29:11).

Thank you for giving me a voice! The world can try to steal everything from me but that voice has come to stay and it will do your bidding, bring your glory down, comfort hearts, make your presence known, heal many lives and most of all, give you glory!

*singing* "I wanna scream a little louder than before ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh"

From your sweet little girl,
To worship YOU I live!

Want to send a letter to our Daddy? We welcome you to send in yours to (not more than 300 words)... Posts will be published on Fridays! Celebrate Jesus, celebrate His glory in YOU! 


  1. Thank You Abba Father for what You have done, for what You are doing. I will forever celbrate Your amazing love

  2. Amen! Glory to Jesus.. Thank You Lord :-)


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