Friday, 23 May 2014

Dear Daddy

Dear Daddy,

It's been a while!

The King of my Heart, Lover of my Soul, the One who never leaves nor forsakes His little girl.

Thank You for being dependable, trustworthy and totally reliable.

Thank you for the triumphs, and the challenges too. Life is not always smooth (I wish it were) but it's a great comfort knowing that you are right there with me through it all. Such a joyous comfort.

Thank You for innovations and open doors. I know without a doubt that if you didn't make a way, no matter the amount or effort I put in, there are some things I wouldn't have been able to achieve. Your grace makes all the difference - thank You Lord.

Thank You for making me the best and for believing absolutely in me. Your opinion and words of me are the greatest motivation for my self-esteem. Thank You because I know that I am absolutely awesome because the hands that formed me only makes awesome.

Thank You for the amazing people You have brought into my life. You do mighty things, You do glorious things and that is one of the best things You have done for me. I am grateful Daddy.

Saviour, who can move mountains, I want to request again today that You please have mercy on my country Nigeria and make a way to bring back the girls from wherever they have been taken to. That You bring comfort to the homes and lives that have been affected by the menace of terrorism and corruption.
Glorious King, please remember how helpless the Israelites were in Egypt under the tyranny of Pharaoh and how You brought them out of captivity. You fought that battle as You told your people to hold their peace and You did it in grand style - Who would have thought that the great sea would part in two just to make a way for your children.

Many many times in the bible, we see when your children were oppressed, how they cried out to You and how You had mercy on them and delivered them. We are crying out Oh Lord, please have mercy on us and deliver us, for without your intervention, we are absolutely helpless.

Raise men like Moses and Joshua, women like Deborah and Esther whom You would use to liberate your people.

And Mighty Man in Battle, when it's all over, You alone take ALL the glory in Jesus name.

I love You. The more I know You, the more I love You.

Your forever girl,
One xx



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