Friday, 25 April 2014

Dear Daddy

Dearest Daddy,

My Hero!

My best friend. The One who knows me in and out! Who is never surprised by my actions (lol)..

It's been a very interesting week and I am grateful to You for proving Yourself again and again.. I knew I could certainly trust in You and not be disappointed.. I knew You would come through for me in a spectacular way! (Ok, let me not lie, once in a while I couldn't help those doubts *Smh at myself*) but thank God (oh that's You lol), You overlooked them on this occassion to show Yourself awesome! Amazing God! Heavenly Wonder!

You are so full of pleasant surprises! You make this journey with you so exciting! I never know what to expect to be honest.. Sometimes it's a blessing, other times it's a lesson - blessing all the same as I have discovered that even the most unpleasant of situations are there for a reason and as long as I don't quit on You, you GOT me... And just like gold in fire, afterwards I come out even purer as all the 'unpalatables' melt away.

Lover of my soul, I stand in gratitude to You... Thank You, I am very very grateful.

You know I love you, from my inna inna 'eart.. And for me, You will always come first, numero uno, No 1!

Kisses from this side of eternity.

Your forever girl,
One xx



  1. As long as I don't quit ... I loved that part. Thank God for His faithfulness this week!

  2. Thanks Abba for your mercy & grace this week

  3. Hi Ayo,.
    Dont know how to contact you privately.
    Long time. Hope u are okay.

  4. @RB, Thank God for His faithfulness
    @BlessedV, God is awesome!
    @Duru, Thanks :-)
    @Nike, Thank you so much for checking, I'm godd dear. I appreciate it, God bless you..xx
    PS You can contact me directly via email -


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