Friday, 4 April 2014

Dear Daddy

My dearest Daddy!

My main THE main Father and Lord. Glorious God, Beautiful Saviour, Awesome King!

Right now Daddy, I echo that popular song that goes thus "What a marvellous God, what a marvellous God, He has done marvellous things for me..."

You are indeed a marvellous God and you do marvellous things... You are indeed a wonderful God and you do wonderful things!

Thank you for ALL the great things that you do Daddy.. How do I begin to count? Thank You for your unfailing love - I could never get tired of thanking you for that, it's so amazing! Thank You for making me complete in you, thank You for giving me joy through all circumstances. I understand what David said in the Psalms that in your presence there is fullness of joy and at your right hand pleasures forever more - Oh what joy it is to know YOU!

Thank you for it's April already! Just like that, the first quarter of the year is gone and April is here! I remember how it looked so far away at the beginning of the year but now you have helped us to understand that no matter how far-fetched something seems, no matter how long a promise given takes, as long as you have decreed it, it will surely come - Many many years ago, you decreed that day and night should happen and that seasons will come and go.. and Lord years and years afterwards, it still works! God, great GOD! You are the One who speaks and it must come to pass, who decrees a thing and it is established, who gives a promise and makes good on it.

You are reliable, you are dependable, you are trustworthy, you are integrity itself!

That means that when you said - "The Lord shall fight for you and you shall hold your peace", I can go to bed safe knowing that I am secure! That means that because you have said "And my God shall supply all my needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus", I know that I am sorted! That means that when you said "There shall be no barren in the land", you sure meant it! That means that when you said "None shall want her mate", you were not joking! That means that when you said that "You will cause all the enemies who come before me in one direction to flee in seven", my enemies are in trouble!

Thank You Jesus for your promises - every single one of them. Thank You because I have the assurance that you are not a man that should lie, neither are you the son of man that you should repent of your word.

Today Daddy, I am a grateful girl!
Ese Baba, Dalu so Chineke, Merci Dieu, Ise Osanobua, Diolch Deu...

Your forever girl,
One xx

PS For people reading this, hope you would be able to come for the RCCG Holy Ghost Service tonight, 7pm (GMT) at the Redemption Camp (KM46, Lagos/Ibadan Expressway).. It's going to be awesome! And it's a special one for children tagged *Great and Mighty Seeds*!
If for some reason (being that you are not in the country), and you are unable to make it, please watch live online - /

Have a really really wonderful weekend people!!


  1. Amen! Your Dear Daddy reminds me of this song that says "He's my Daddy Ooooh, Jesus is my Daddy Ooooh."

    I'll probably post it to accompany a post soon.

  2. God is an awesome and faithful God any day!!

  3. @HF, He is my Daddy oooh! lol Thanks dear, I look forward to your post xx
    @Mstizzle, You can say that again, very awesome!
    @Fashion Rehab, Always always! xx

  4. Thank you for praising God using all of the reminders I would love to use. I'm so overwhelmed with the words of praise showered on our Mighty Big God that I can almost imagine Him stand up from His throne and smile on this one.
    God bless you hun xxx

  5. Amen! I hope He does.. That would be a great delight. May He revel in our praises to Him in Jesus name xx


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