Monday, 21 April 2014

Happy 1st Anniversary Tobi and Ben Ugbene!

Happy Easter Monday everyone!

Hope you are having a great time :-)

Yesterday was the 1st wedding anniversary of one of our Waiting and Loving It alumnis Tobi and Benjamin Ugbene! (One of my marriage inspirations and family by love). You can read their story HERE

1 + The One wishes them a continuous happy and blessed marriage.! May your marriage and home continue to be a blessing to others in Jesus name.



  1. Happy wedding anniversary Tobi and Benjamin. God bless your home and prosper all that you do.

  2. happy maried life! May your latter years together be more glorious than this one past in Jesus Name, amen..may your home be one which God himself will be pleased with, and an example to God's people..

  3. Thanks everyone! I say a BIG amen to your prayers.. I'm sure the Ugbenes have seen them too :-) xx

  4. Happy Anniversary Mr and Mrs shall celebrate many more years of Love,purity and Joy with the children that God will bless you with:)
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  5. Happy 1 year Anniversary BenTobs....God bless you both and keep your home in His love xxx