Sunday, 20 April 2014

Sunday Cometh!!!

It was a day like this about 2014 odd years ago...

He had just died the day before, hope had died, faith had died, belief had died, love had died..
They couldn’t believe He could die... How could He die? It was impossible, unbelievable, heresy, absurd, unimaginable

...But He was able to call forth that man who had been dead for 3 DAYS! He even claimed that man's daughter was only sleeping when she was clearly dead - and indeed she did come alive.. How about that woman whose issue was instantly dealt with, the one with the issue of blood. Or those 10 lepers? But I heard their testimony, I saw their skin become like that of a new-born.. That woman by the well, he knew her story yet never met her before, I remember the wine - Oh so sweet! It was once water..that was the first I heard of Him.. And hear of Him I did! Tender, compassionate, forgiving, non-judgemental (I clearly remember the lady caught in adultery whom he spoke up for and saved from instant death), caring, sensitive to the extent that He fed thousands with only 5 loaves and 2 fishes, friendly, nice, kind, helpful, passionate... such a good man...

But They said He was the anointed one, the Messiah that we have been waiting for. Why has He been so cruelly taken from us?? Why, oh why?
We thought He would be with us forever, He promised that He would never leave us alone, who would now heal the sick? Who would love so tenderly and forgive so easily? Who would delight us with stories that are at first entertaining but full of great wisdom and insight into the knowledge of God?

So, even He can fall to the hands of death.. We thought He was different, special even.. He said He was the son of God.. greater than the angels including Michael and Gabriel, He said He had the power to heal and forgive, to "give life and give it more abundantly" alas life has been taken from Him. He said all power in heaven and on earth belonged to Him, that He "sits in the heavenlies above all principalities and power" that whatever He bound on earth was bound in heaven and whatever He loosed on earth was loosed in heaven, that He and His father in heaven were one......Yet He is now gone, dead! Peradventure we got it wrong, maybe we read too much into His tales, death got the better of Him, the devil got Him in the end...Back to square one, back to waiting and waiting for the promised Messiah...How we wish our hopes were not teased in such a manner, our expectations raised to the highest! Good night Prophet Jesus, though you died, we still appreciate all you were able to do while you were here.....

"Have you heard?", "Did you hear?" "Oh I can't believe it!" "Are we dreaming?" "Is this a joke?"
They say the stone has been rolled away
They say the tomb is empty..
They say the grave is empty
They say He's alive
They say they saw Him
He spoke..He laughed..He talked..He ate....We felt Him..
He's real, He's alive
Up from the grave He arose.. He arose!! He arose!! Halleluyah Christ arose!!
It's real, the message is real!! Oh what a wonderful wonderful day!
Hope is risen, love is risen, faith is risen..King Jesus is risen!
O death where is thy sting? Grave where is your victory?
Jesus conquered the devil..Victory!!!

And so it still is today, for "weeping may endure for the night but JOY cometh in the morning!"
Sometimes, we experience 'the Saturday' of the resurrection weekend in our lives.. All our hopes and dreams seem to have died. All we once lived for and held dear to our hearts seem to be going awry. We have been faithful to God, fulfilled the principles and just when we feel we are "almost there" it all goes topsy-turvy. The devil seems to be in charge at that point, you feel as if you are all alone in it and sometimes you doubt the efficacy of God's word and truth of His existence. Everything you once believed in begins to come into question.. No one to turn to, no one to really believe..

But then..Sunday cometh, He hasn't forgotten you, the revelation of the plan and purpose for your life is made manifest on Sunday. Those who ridiculed you become the "ridiculees". He prepares for you a table, a feast in the presence of your enemies.. Hold on, don't give up, don't lose heart.. He did it before, He would do it again.. Those who laughed on Saturday became mute in amazement on Sunday.. They shall see you overcome when you rise again! You shall yet rise...If only they knew that all what you went through on Saturday was a bridge to achieving your potential, that your purpose may be fulfilled in all its fullness they would have not been too quick to laugh in mockery...

When Jesus died and then rose again, not only did He become a remission for our sins, He became for us an everlasting example of hope and victory... No matter how bleak Saturday looks right now, your Sunday will come too!


  1. This is simply beautiful. Thank you for this n also a reminder of our hope in Christ

  2. Lol @ Prophet Jesus. I love the "In the Morning", its so dramatic but yet so real. Thanks for dis beautiful piece

  3. Thanks a lot! We can never be grateful enough for the sacrifice on the cross.
    And like that popular song says "I'll never know how much it cost, to see my sins, upon that cross".. We can only worship and adore Him as much as possible and give Him the best of us too :-) xx


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