Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Love - THE Risk


Love is a risk..

When you read that statement, what comes to mind?

I heard this yesterday and I had to take a moment to really consider the import of that statement.

Is love a risk?

When you choose to love, you choose to be vulnerable with the other person. Not in a negative way, but the truth is that when you release yourself to love, you expose yourself to being hurt, to being more VERY tolerant and accommodating, to giving a very significant part of yourself to someone else without really knowing what they would do with it.

If love is a risk, then does it mean that in taking that 'risk', it's important to be wise about it? You see, when you choose to love someone, there's some measure of release of power that you give to that person over your emotions, your thoughts, your desires and so much more.

Because usually, it's the one that you love the most that has the power to hurt you the most. It could be child to a parent, spouse to each other, friends or relatives. It could even be an object!

I guess that's one of the reasons why some people would rather not love... hold back a little, not be vulnerable, not relinquish that great deal of power to someone else.

I dare say that unfortunately, that's a very poor choice..

Yes, love is a risk, yes it makes you quite vulnerable, yes, it could open you to hurt sometimes but love is such a worth-while risk!

Imagine a world without butterflies in your stomach? (lol) Imagine a world without warm companionship? Imagine a world without sacrifice? Imagine a world without hearing the words 'I Love You' and knowing that those words come from a deep place? Imagine a world without the pride you feel when you hear them say 'Mummy/Daddy' for the first time or when they come to you with a problem that only you could make better?

*deep sigh*

Yes, love is a huge risk - It takes a lot of courage and trust to truly love but it's a risk definitely worth taking!

So go on, take that risk :-D

Have a love-filled evening people :-) xx


What's your take on it?


  1. Wow, what a coincidence, we talked about the same topic on Monday in our men's group. It was about friendship and why many (German) fellow-students don't engage serious/deep friendships because of a desire to be appear independent, "strong" ("I don't need anyone") and security (no feelings will be hurt if I don't come close). We mentioned Jonathan and David (1 Sam 18, 2 Sam 1) as great friends not withholding anything.

    I believe many valuable things in life often come with risks attached. Some friends thought going to Nigeria was too risky and I myself had some doubts how it all will be. But I am glad I "risked" it and went there, it was definitely worth it!!!
    "no risk no fun" they say - maybe we can extend it: "no risk no blessing" :)

  2. is a risk worth taking. Really, what isn't a risk in this life? I think life is well lived when beautiful risks (lol) are taken :)

  3. "The one that you love the most that has the power to hurt you the most." This!

    God bless every mother out there that has had to deal with difficult and brooding teenagers. Gosh, I gave pains to my mama. no be small. But I'm grateful that she took the risk in loving me, despite my spiteful attitude!

  4. yep its a risk and even when u initially try to not get too emotional about it, before you know it you are in so deep. but it's a great feeling when in love with the right one

  5. @Sebs, Spot on! 'No risk, no blessing'!!

    @Gee, I agree with you - it's taking risks that makes life that much more beautiful :-)

    @Maggielola, AMEN! As in, seriously, the griefs that parents have had to go through but we thank God for them!
    PS, you were a teenage rebel? lol I would love to hear the stories!

    @Fola, very very true - It's a risk worth taking when it's with the right person xx

  6. "no risk no fun" they say - maybe we can extend it: "no risk no blessing" I quite agree with Sebastian.

    Thanks for the post

  7. I love this post,so encouraging.
    Love is definitely a worthwhile risk and yes 'what if it works'?
    When a relationship doesn't work out well, we often forget to evaluate it and pick out a few lessons for ourselves. What we fail to realise is, we too can grow from the experience.
    A) Wad some beautiful memories to keep in our treasure box
    B)We learnt another way not to do something;
    B) my best is that we have a story for someone who might need it someday.
    So love, learn, live and love again xxx

  8. @Grace, thanks dear xx
    @Isioma, Love, learn, live and love again - loveeet! I don't think I regret any 'risk' I have taken in love - there has always been something in it for me - even when it was a lesson #NoRegrets

  9. Cool dear.
    You are very brave.

  10. It's more of faith than bravery lol.. You just have to trust God mehn

  11. It's more of faith than bravery lol.. You just have to trust God mehn


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