Friday 25 July 2014

Dear Daddy

Dear Daddy,

Look at that, Friday is almost over and I haven't 'checked in' yet. 

Forgive me ma Cherie Papa!

I love You Lord. Thank You for being my God. You deserve my best - my best praise, my best worship, my best prayers, my best time. 

Thank You for understanding my every joy, every pain, every delight, every hurt, every jubilation. Thank You for being my best friend who never leaves nor forsakes me; through it all Daddy, You remain steadfastly faithful. 

Thank You for giving me the grace to dream - Daddy You know this your lil girl is quite the dreamer - Joseph ain't got nothing on me! Lol. Thank You for making the dreams even more pleasurable, because I know that You translate them to amazing reality and more than that, You always surpass my wildest imagination!! Almighty Father, You're just TOO MUCH!

Thank You for giving me fellow dreamers as family and friends! It's exciting sharing our dreams, believing together, encouraging one another and celebrating with one another when those dreams come through. Thank You for loving us all so equally, yet uniquely. You are the Love-Master! The Owner, Founder, Creator of Love.... You have the copyright on love, you define love, in fact, YOU are love!

Lover of my Soul, be glorified, be exalted in all of heaven and on earth!

I love You my no 1. 

Always and always,
One xx


  1. I like the fact that you're spiritual. Good evening ma'am

  2. I love this....We all got our ways of talking to God....Nice blog mamacita

  3. One +The One, you are an amazing Human being. May GOD bless you for this Blog. :)

  4. Amen, God is truly Amazing and full of love. May your prayers be a sweet aroma in His ears and presence.

  5. Such a sweet Love letter to God :)

  6. @Amaka, my relationship with God is so precious.. I usually recommend it to as many people as possible :-)
    @Erniesha, Thanks hun, you're right, our relationship and communication with God is very unique
    @John, AMEN! You are indeed the beloved :-) I appreciate you much.
    @HF, AMEN my darling sis! God bless you too xx

  7. I stole this and said sent it straight to God, don't be vexed I am quite a dreamer like you lool. Thanks for sharing with us.

  8. I stole this and send it straight to God, don't be vexed I am quite a dreamer like you lool. Thanks for sharing with us.

  9. Please feel very free dear :-) May God surpass your dreams and expectations in Jesus name xx


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