Friday, 11 July 2014

Dear Daddy (2) - Ireti Adebayo Oladapo

‎Sitting on the porch, You and I - that's what friends do.
... until life happened...

But one friend stayed true
One friend remained glued
One friend continued, faithful
One friend looked on and loved in-spite.

That's what true friends do - love in-spite - despite. Deeper. Still.

How resplendent to have you, Dear Daddy, as my friend.

May Your love flow through me
May I embrace You like You embrace me.
Humans are fickle, but You my eternal friend have never left, never forsaken, never judged. Oh, and You never gossip.

Your blood, washes away my diseases, my inadequacies, infirmities and blemishes.

Down on my knees by the porch, You bare me up, hold me tight, light feathery touches that kisses all the tears, fears, doubts. You say "FEAR NOT, I REMAIN WITH YOU." You know, Dear Daddy, only sometimes, I don't.

My heart says yes. Yes to your friendship, your softness, your touch. Yes Daddy, Daddy, Yes. Now and always, Yes. I do not want to fear, ever again.

Thank you, Daddy.

If there wasn't me and my likes, You wouldn't have come. You are here for a sinner like me, a lover like me. How noble is that? A more faithful friend, none can find.

Thanks for reminding me that there's
... No better lover than you,
Not one friend more faithful,
None greater,
No touch as soothing and feathery,
Not a Father who cares more ...

When tired, arms of grace lift me.
When hopes suggest they fade, I stare into the eyes of love.
Even when tears flow - Your words a safe stead - my assurance.
I may not understand and erm... I may erm... You know, I sometimes may doubt those words that harbour me. At such times, Daddy, help me remember our porch experiences, my sole assurance.

'Hope differed makes the heart sick' Please, Daddy please, Jehovah el'myDaddy, bind my heart, glue with love and do not seem far from me.

So like a home to a sparrow, I take our porch with me on my life's journey. My secret place, sacred. Domain of truth, of warmth, of wholeness. That niche where I find grace, redemption, and my scars mean no shame. Our shared place. My friend and I. Dear Daddy.

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  1. Yet another inspiring poetic praise to our King. Weldone Ireti.

  2. Thanks davisKING - I agree it's a real inspiring poetic praise to our King who deserves it and more :-)


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