Monday, 30 June 2014

Love Cakes, Learn Cakes, Make Dough!

Hiya everyone!!

Hope your weekend was good? Mine was greattttt! Many things to be grateful for and Abba Father is just absolutely trust-worthy and wonderful. If your weekend wasn't so great, I pray that you will end the month of June in grand-style and that your July would be full of pleasant surprises in Jesus name!

So, raise your hands if you love cake as much as I do!!! You see, if you want to make my day, just get me those soft scrumptious cakes with loads of soft icing (oh, I see the calories.. calories.. calories - Kill-joys!!)... But you can't steal this joy, calories aside, I.Love.Cake.. 

In my younger days when folly was a more constant companion, I used to dream of having a fridge/freezer in my house exclusively for cakes and ice-cream! I thought that would be the dreammm! Alas, ice-cream kinda fell out of favour, but cake hung on tightly!..

My dream wedding cake? Tiers of cakes with a variety of types!! (Options of Red velvet, Carrot cake, Marble cake, Soft White Chocolate, Soft Brown Chocolate, Mixtures *sigh* #DreamofLife hahaha)... And no, guests are not sharing, we will make alternative arrangements for them + None of that 'family members distribution of cake things' like they do sometimes, there will also be alternative arrangements made too :-D


So, why all this talk about cake? Would you believe if I told you that as far as my love for cake goes, I have never actually indulged in the pleasure of learning how to bake one?! I have had several opportunities over the years that I haven't grabbed with both hands!! Imagine home-baked, fresh-from-the-oven delights of yumminess at will!!

Also, I would really like the pleasure of teaching my little munchkins how to bake too! (I've seen pictures! + buying little aprons with chef hats for them is just too attractive lol).

If your love for cake is not as great as mine, you may want to create some serious money-making avenue from it (those Bakers aren't 'smiling' with their prices!)...  You could learn from scratch or develop your skills in cake-making and cake-decoration..

Interested? Then the classes below will be perfect for you!!

!!! Cake Training Class !!!

Date: July 14th - 25th

Venue: Shop 3 Howson Wright Estate, Oregun, Ikeja (Lagos, Nigeria)

Time 11am- 3pm

Price: N50,000

Course Content: Sugar-craft, 3-tier Ruffled Wedding Cake, Iced and Piped Sugar-cookies, Cookies, Ballerina shoe (Cake-art), Birdcage Cake, Stenciled and Piped Cupcakes. 

Course Facilitator - Tobi Ugbene, Head Baker - Teespiration, Nottingham.

To register (quick!), please contact -   

Confirmation of place would be on a first-come basis!

Go on, register quick!!!

PS, I shall be very happy to be used for all cake-tasting sessions/activities *sigh*, things we do for love ey? :-D xxxx



  1. Hahhahhahha...u want to be the taster...abi? U do well!!!

  2. Wish I was in Lagos, I love cakes too and have always wanted to learn how to make one.

  3. @HD, Certified Taster l'omo.... One of my services to humanity lol
    @Ezy, awww.. Don't worry dear, Teespirations have classes in different parts of the world. I believe the next destination would be in the UK xx

  4. Beautiful and am sure delicious


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