Saturday 12 July 2014

Dancing Got Me Sprung

I remember growing up as a boy, I always had a heart for God but never had a relationship with Him. Sometimes when I went to visit my grandmother, as she gathered with her friends at night since she was a widow and they all came to keep her company, I would tie a scarf on my head and ask everyone to gather together for us to pray. (I even thought tying a scarf as a male figure was normal. Ignorant me…lol). My family were church-goers and so I was brought up in that way but I still felt a void in my soul which yearned for more; its rightful occupant. AW Tozer in his book “Pursuit of God’ mentioned that when God made man, there was a rightful place in the heart of man where only God and God alone could occupy but often times men try to occupy them with ephemeral things such as money, cars, houses etc and yet the void still remains.

So I went on living my life doing everything a teenager would do - both the good and the not so good…lol (No details pls). But my turnaround started when I was forcefully made to attend a Christian University where attending godly events such as fellowships, week of spiritual emphasis etc was somewhat compulsory. (Isn’t if funny how God can deny us our present desire with the aim of ensuring that we are aligned to His will?) At the time, I had all my focus channelled towards moving to the United States for further academic pursuit but God had better plans for this His boy. So while I was in Uni and attended these events out of compulsion, I was oblivious to the fact that I was being exposed to the teachings of Christ in ways which I never knew, not even realising that seeds of salvation were being sown in my heart.

Fast forward my life to Dec 2009, my Aunty invited me to her Church stating that the praise and worship session was amazing as she knew that I enjoyed this since I loved dancing even if I wasn’t accustomed to such in my family church where I was raised. So I gladly attended and boy did I enjoy it, I boogied beyond imaginations…lol and for the first time it felt like home. As the sermon came to a close, an altar call was made and I knew in my heart that this was "it" and there was no going back bearing in mind that I had responded to approximately about 6 altar calls in various places I attended prior to this time. After the prayers, the counselling team took us to a room for follow up and this amazing woman whom I would never forget “Mrs Segun Adegbeye” took me to a corner and spoke to me, telling me of how much I was loved by God, His willingness to forgive my sins and how I did not have to keep coming out each time an altar call was made thinking that my sins would only be forgiven at altar calls, but that the moment I came out the first time and declared Jesus Christ as my Lord and personal Saviour, my sins were forgiven and all I needed was to confess to Him my sins and genuinely repent of them whenever I erred.
When I went back to visit the Church last year (2013) to tell her how I was doing and how I had joined the workforce in serving God at the church where I was, I was informed that the lovely Mrs Segun had passed on. However, I was happy such an angel added to my foundation as a Christian.

After this experience, I decided to join my Aunty’s church and this decision was faced with great opposition and mockery from family and friends, especially family, which I sometimes still face till this day but I was so resolute in my decision. I remember when I used to send 'Open Heavens' daily devotionals to everyone on my contact list via email and my Dad happened to be one of them, he called me one day and expressed his distaste for my decision which was also echoed by my mum, but at that time, there was no going back.

In this journey, there have been ups and downs. Times when I have let God down and times when I felt that I was on His “A” list…lol. But through it all, I am glad the rightful person has occupied His place in my heart and what He will do through me in the near future is sure to be a wonder to my generation.

I write this to encourage you who may be sitting on the fence as to whether or not to will your life to Jesus Christ and also to you who may be thinking “Have I made the right choice?" No other choice can satisfy than a choice to live for the “One” who laid it ALL for His friends. You see, one of my greatest joys in life is when I see those who I thought while growing up were the “Celebrity boys and girls” whose way of life I wanted to earnestly emulate in the quest for being celebrated by my peers, publicly declare their love for Jesus Christ and their decision to forsake their former ways (of which I saw one on Facebook yesterday and I was gladdened). It only confirms to me that I made the right choice in choosing Jesus Christ and perhaps, had I opted to live like the 'Celebrity boys and girls' back in the day, I may never have had the chance to return to Jesus Christ before taking my last breath, which I know is a long while from now because my PURPOSE on earth MUST be fulfilled.

Jesus Rocks!!!! and so will you when you live your life for Him.

God bless you.
Jeffrey Nsofor


Were you blessed by Jeffrey's personal experience? Do you also have, or feel a void deep inside and you yearn for more? Would you like to also have this wonderful encounter and relationship too? Just say this simple prayer with me - 

'Jesus, thank You for dying for my sins on the cross. I appreciate and acknowledge your sacrifice. I want to invite you into my life today, come and fill this void Jesus, I believe in my heart that You are Lord and I want You to be my Lord. Please forgive me for my sins and make me brand new today in Jesus name. Thank You for a new start Lord, I give You praise. Amen'

Wow! Congratulations, your life just became amazing! Welcome to a new life, a new relationship :-) xxxx

Ps If you prayed that prayer or want to know a bit more about all that has been said above, please send me an email at I would love to hear from you!

Also, if you would like to share your own experience too, please send me an email.

Have a wonderful weekend people! Lots of loveeee xxxxx


  1. I wish everyone would experience God, I wish everyone will have a thirst to just know more and dwell in Him more because honestly, it's the best thing that can happen to anyone.
    We'll keep praying that more souls will be brought into the kingdom, it's not something to be missed at all.
    Happy weekend Ayo!


  2. Amen! Thank you darling Frances. Hope your week has been great xx

  3. Waoh Jeffrey. I thank God for your life and for what He's done in you, for you and through you. I pray for you, that you will continue to enjoy the peace, favour and grace of God. You will surely fulfil your destiny in Jesus name. Thank you for sharing your testimony. I was blessed by it and I am certain, many will be blessed too. Shalom


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