Friday, 18 July 2014

Dear Daddy

Dear Daddy,

I want to thank You for being the best friend a girl could have. Thank you for seeing me - flaws and all, yet still love me beyond my imagination.

Thank You for the peace I have in you, peace that passes human understanding. Peace that is there even when things don't look 'there'.

Thank You for the joy that I have in You - the joy that has bubbled over throughout this week and that could only be from you. No one, nothing at all could ever give this 'high'... I feel like I'm floating, like my heart would burst with joy and excitement, yet there's no physical thing I could put my finger on that is responsible for it.. Infact, I do know that no physical thing or being is responsible for this joy - it's all YOU! Thank You.

Thank You for making my life complete. For the completeness I feel in You. Thank You because nobody and nothing else could ever do it for me this way. You are IT Lord, You are absolutely IT.

Tonight, I join by family by love in Wales to lift up the name of JESUS at the Festival of Life! I know Lord JESUS that You will show up and show up BIG! I am filled with excitement!!

Oh, how could I forget the wonderful news of our addition.. I say 'our' because this baby is loved by so many already. Thank You for the Makanjuolas, thank You for baby Makanjuola - You are truly special Daddy and I could never ever say it enough - THANK YOU.

I love You, You are no 1 in my life. You are my no 1 Friend, my no 1 King, my no 1 Desire, the One that takes precedence in my heart, the One that sits firmly on the throne of my heart. You are the one that comes First always, You have top spot, top priority always.

Take all the glory!

Love You always,
One xx

PS, Would you like to be a part of The Festival of Life in Wales with Pastor E.A Adeboye? Please join the live stream here if you can't be in Wales :-) xx - Oh yes, thank You Lord for technology! :-)


  1. Thank God for everything, life, love, peace, health, joy, above all I thank Him for being my God.

  2. @Sophia Smith, Jesus is the answer for the world today, above him there is no other, Jesus is the way. You only told us what he de for u and never mentioned what u did in return. My God can do a greater and mighty things and all o need to do is get down on my knees. Pls let no one be deceived.

  3. Truly, I am learning to trust GOD more in my confusion. He is the peace in my storm, the only ONE that makes everything right. I am nothing without GOD.

  4. @Sykik, thank God for your life sis! xx
    @Anonymous, thank you very much! Don't worry too much about Sophia, it's spam mail. I have taken it off now. You are right, our God is the greatest!
    @John, that is a statement of truth right there - we are absolutely nothing without God

  5. Thank you lord for mking me come cross this wonderful blog. I'm learing to trust God in everthing. Thnk you one

  6. Thank you so much Mobolaji. May your trust and faith in God be increased in Jesus name xx


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