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Waiting and Loving It!! - Feat Emma and Obinna Anyadike

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Today, we continue the waiting and loving it series.. If it's your first time visiting - WELCOME!! (with bells on!) You may want to read Series One, Two and Three too (just click on one of them)! Series One will give you a better background to this series!

In the meantime, please sit back, relax and enjoy reading the experience of our featured couple for today!

1. Hiya both! Delighted to have you on here and thanks for agreeing to do this! Please could you tell us a little about yourselves?


Obi: Hello, my name is Obinna; I am Nigerian, from Nanka, Anambra State. We have been married for 4 and a half years and it has been a learning experience. I work in Tata Steel as a SAP Support Analyst. I studied Physics as my first degree and Masters in Business and Law. We also started a Healthcare business with Forever Living which we believe will expand further and give us an opportunity to achieve our dreams

Emma: Hi my name is Emma; I am Welsh from Penygroes (Head of the Cross). We have been married for 4 and half years though it feels like 55 years!!! I am an accountant but I run a dental practice as the manager. We have a little boy called Noah Dafydd Ifeanyichukwu. I have been a Christian all my life. I used to play the piano in my worship band but haven’t done so in a while.

2. That's lovely. So Mr and Mrs Anyadike, how did you meet?


Obi: After my Masters, I always hung out with friends from our church Swansea Elim City Church, especially as I was part of the football team. We met in 2008 as she was in the worship group, and we started chatting unofficially then it went official. Missed her when she went on holiday.

Emma: Through a friend in church and we started chatting on Yahoo mail. Then we continued chatting via Facebook while on holiday. Very excited looking forward to his messages.

3. Obinna, what initially attracted you to Emma, and Emma to Obinna?

Obi: Her blond hair, companionship and her sense of humour. She is funnier than me. She just has pure Welsh humour where it is common to make fun of yourself. I love to have a good laugh

Emma: Nothing really!! (Laughs her head off) No seriously, his nose, his muscles (saw him in a black vest playing tennis!!) and his friendliness which was the biggest thing as we could talk for hours.

4. How did you know that you wanted to spend the rest of your life with Obinna/Emma?


Obi: It was a battle but God first changed my mind set and showed the great love I had for her through a dream. I never knew how much I did, until I had that dream. The most interesting thing though was the grace we experienced. Things that people thought would be difficult we discovered it wasn’t an issue for us. We believed we could build our future on what we saw no matter the obstacles to the contrary.

Emma: Despite the huge culture differences, we seemed to click immediately. Getting those butterflies every time I saw him just didn’t go away. We could talk for hours on anything and everything and never did we get bored. And most importantly despite huge challenges and opposition I knew that this is who God has brought into my life, who am I to argue?

5. Now getting to the main question, what made you make the decision to wait?


Obi: I already had sex before marriage and though I enjoyed it, it felt empty and unsatisfactory. No fulfilment. As I walked deeper with God, I knew the essence and importance of intimacy and I knew it had to wait, not only for honour sake to myself and God, but for true love for God and my spouse. I re-dedicated myself and body

Emma: Having spoken to my pastor a few years ago, he was explaining that sex is not a dirty thing as we often think it is and that it’s wrong, but he made me understand that it is to protect myself and keeping me from hurt and that saving myself for my husband was a special thing.

6. That's great. Please share with us some practical measures you took to ensure that you stuck by your decision.

Obi: When I came to Swansea from Nigeria (for my Masters programme), I made sure I had no female company alone, though when I started going out with Emma, I didn’t abide by that rule, but I was in the middle of my dissertation. We made sure we never moved in to the same house till we got married. We also ensured we had fellowship and prayer.

Emma: Even though we bought a house together 4 months before getting married we didn’t live in it. Obi moved in but I continued to live at home.


7. That's very useful, thank you. Now, what one advice would you give to your single self in preparation for marriage now that you’ve crossed that line?

Obi: It is easy to create hype and fall into temptation before marriage, but focus on what’s important, love and honour. So to grow in honour and favour with God and men (meaning of Israel) across boundaries, keep to this code and God will bless you as He did the early Christians because Jesus said ‘Whatever you agree to bind or release in heaven…’ complete it yourself.

Emma: With regards to having a sexual relationship before marriage, I would advise to refrain. That part of the relationship is what bonds the marriage and adds the special touch.

8. Finally, please describe in 3 words / sentences the best part of being married!


Obi: Love, soul mates and oneness

Emma: soul mates, love, belonging


Thank you so much for being honest Emma and Obi! May God continue to strenghthen the friendship and love that exist in your home and marriage!

I hope you loved reading and hopefully learning from Emma and Obi's story.. Do you know what is beautiful too? You can do it too!

Like Obinna, you may have been there, done that and even probably bought the T-shirt! However, once you make a commitment to God to do what is right by Him, He is able to give you the grace to do it. That's great right?

And like Emma, even if God has to bring your spouse on a long journey - cross-continent - to meet you, He will so do it! God is the Perfect Master Planner (PMP)... and He knows how to orchestrate things in such a way that it leaves you wow-ed! Don't stop believing, God's got you covered!

"And God is able to make all grace abound toward you, that you, always having all sufficiency in all things, may have an abundance for every good work" - 2Corinthians 9:8

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  1. Hmmm.....I love, I love, I love. Actually haven't been back since I read series 2. Will have to go and put series 3 comments on series 3 so i don't mix it up (I thoroughly enjoyed series 3 - think Eziaha and I will hit it Well done 1+The One. You are an inspiration. God bless you. God bless Emma and Obinna for their honesty. God's grace is sufficient for us all.

  2. Simply beautiful :)

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  4. The Fashion Engineer25 February 2014 at 17:54

    Awwww. Cute family!! This series is very encouraging Ayo (I can now call u by name..lool)

  5. Lol.. For a second I did a double take like it's so strange being called by my name here! I'm used to 1+TheOne.. But please feel very free to use whichever one you prefer! xx

  6. Ehen so your name is Ayo. Maybe I should start calling you that :-)
    This is a really nice entry, I like the idea of (although they bought a house together) living apart until marriage.

  7. Lol.. You can please feel free :-)
    Yes, I think it was a very wise move.. There's always the thought of "Oh, I know that will never happen but the truth is that we don't actually really know for sure! It takes God's grace xx

  8. This is Lovely!! I Love the series :D

  9. Thanks dear, glad you like it xx

  10. Awwww, love love this..I love love o, especially this type that transcends beyond boundaries, + is actually following through on God's path, what's not to love?
    And yes, staying chaste after falling is very possible as Obi has shown. My tweets yesterday was on that. God help us all.
    Ps-i love love love this series..

  11. Thanks a lot hun! You are right, there's nothing that's impossible to do with God!


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