Monday 24 February 2014

I'm Coming OUT! Hi, my name is....


The time is now!

Hi my name is Ayo Thompson and I am a blogger!

I have been off and on since 2008 but I think I have been a bit more consistent in the past year or two. I hope that improves even more!

I have met such AMAZING people here - some whom I now count as friends. I loveddd my privacy and being able to say as much as I could (not like I did anyway! lol) without thinking "hmmm"..

However, today, and as part of the goals for 2014 - 'Building Relationships' for this blog, I am coming OUT! :-D - What better way to be better accesible and hopefully build better relationships with blogsville than becoming un-anonymous ey? lol... I'm so nervous mehnn!!

 I love Man U and the no 7!

 I have a SWEET tooth (many actually lol)

 ... Buy me food and I can literally fall in love with you!

I believe that everyone should let out their inner child frequently!

 This picture was probably taken the same year I started the blog!  :-)

That's all folks! Now you can ask me any question you want! lol

PS Waiting and Loving IT series continues tomorrow xx

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  1. *screaming* Ahhhh! Na your face be dis? Fine gal, no pimples! Lol!

    Men, what a surprise! I did not see this one coming o! Ayo Thompson, nice to meet you. You have inspired some of us to come out too :-) Here's to more awesome posts from you and taking your blog to a whole new level.

    Congratulations? Welcome? Well done? All of the above.

    *screaming continues*

    P.S. I think the first picture should be your official profile picture.

  2. Hi Ayo!!! So lovely to "meet" you and welcome to the land of the non-anonymous! I just know you're going places; happy to watch it all happen.

  3. @RB, LOL.. I am literally laughing! thanks a lot hun! I am excited/nervous/biting mynails but I guess it had to happen! Thank you for your consistent encouragement, I am grateful. And I will take the advice on the picture :-) xxxx

    @GNG, Thank you! I am soo inspired by your blog! And I say a BIG AMEN! Thank you very much xxxx

  4. Oh my gosh!!!!!!!
    You look NOTHING like I had in my head
    You look wayyyyyy better!!!
    I wish i could come over and give you a big hug
    You are gorgeous
    Please more pictures in subsequent posts...
    I'm stealing some and adding them to the post scheduled for tomorrow
    I am so excited
    I'll still call you 1plus tho

  5. Yaaae!! Good for you. Nice to meet you of sorts. You have certainly surprized us.

    You are just as beautiful as your writing and comments.

  6. LOL @E! I would like to see what I looked like in your mind
    *Virtual hug!*
    Thank you hun, you are such a wonderful person!
    I will try and ut pictures.. When I was doing the post, I thought to myself "E would approve of this!" lol
    Thanks a lot dear xx

  7. @HF! Awww, thank you so much! I think I surprised myself moree! lol
    Thanks a lot dear.. God bless you loads xx

  8. *Screams with Relentless*

    Yikees!!!!!! I want to jump! x_x

    Lovely. SO BEAUTIFUL!

    Nice to finally meet you!! :) :)

    Bye Bye anonymous :)

  9. LOL.. *joins in the screaming*.. Thank you very much dear - I'm very grateful xx

  10. E' approves TOTALLY
    I love pictures
    And when the person is fine? Ah!!!
    I like I love
    You certainly are as beautiful as your posts and comments.
    In my head, you were dark oooo. Dunno why I thought that. But you are totally gorgeous. I have even saved many.
    Now I nan imagine how people who actually know/knew you would feel on seeing you as the One plus... Loooool
    Ibam really excvited nne

  11. Lol.. E, you are just too much! I always thought I would meet you without you knowing me! Alas, that never happened!
    I know.. I sent the link to my nearest and dearest just before so that it doesn't come as a surprise to them..
    And yes please, you can still call me 1+ (I think I actually prefer that!) :-D xx

  12. He he he
    I am really excited I meant
    Pardon me. Tz the excitement

  13. OMG!!!!! No Way!!!!!!!
    U came out?!!!! LMAOOOO
    I totally didnt see this coming!!! Lovely lovely surprise!!!!
    And Oh so Pretty!
    Like E', inmy head, you were dark....(dont even ask me why!) lol!
    Lovely lovely 1+

  14. Congrats! but whhhhyyyyyyyyyy? We needed you in our camp!

  15. I saw u and I was like wowww... u preddyy...

  16. I almost missed this post. You are a brave woman ma'am. ..and a gorgeous one too. Lovely to put a face to the name.

  17. Yaay!! Its always nice to put a face to an amazing blogger :)!

  18. Me sef I said I must to comment today!!

    BURRIFUL lady mehn!!



  19. @HD, hahaha.. I guess I give off the 'aura' of a dark-skinned Naija girl. Thank you very much dear xx
    @NW, LOL.. I knoww! I never thought I would do it till like much later! But things happened.. it feels good actually - hopefully I get to be free-er in a way! And then the pressure of now having to be consistent since there's full accountability now! xx
    @31st Chain, awww, thanks a lot! Nice to 'see' you.. It's been a while xx
    @Cherrywine, thank you so much! I am glad you stopped by! xx
    @Cee, Aww.. Thank you for your encouragement, God bless you!!
    @Sisi Blu, Yay! lol.. Thanks a lot and for stopping by too! *kisses*

    Thank you soo much everyone, you've made this a great 'experience' and less frightening lol.. God bless you MUCH! xx

  20. Yaaay!!! Nice to meet you Ayo Thompson. I think i will still call you 'The One'. This was such a nice surprise and you are just as lovely as the aura you exude.

    I love your pictures, well seeing as I do not enjoy taking pictures. :-). Your zest for life is so evident. Okay dear, enough said. God bless you

  21. OMG! OMG!! OMG!!!

    This is amazeballs! You're so pretty *now ogling you* loool

    Lovely to finally "see" you. I figured you for petite and dark :D

  22. @Eloxie, Lol.. I would actually prefer to still be called by my blog alias! Thank you soo much! xxx
    @Toin, Hahaha... We are waiting for you to fully reveal too! Petite? Haa, I've always said that I am very tall!
    It's interesting to read people's interpretation of how I would look!
    Thanks hun xx

  23. You look beautiful :)
    I am new on wordpress and I would like you to please check out my blog :)


  24. Thanks a lot dear.. I have checked out your blog and well done! I look forward to reading more from you.. God bless you hun xx

  25. OMG!!!!! You do know I literally hyperventilated when I saw your pic on E's blog. *takes in deep breath&exhales*
    I. DO. NOT. BELIEVE. THIS. Talk about scary surprises!
    Lord! Somebody! Anybody! Is she gorgeous or what?

    Boy, am I thrilled you've been unveiled?

  26. pictures really attest to your vivacity. No arguments!
    One Plus, uh...what do I say now? Oh Well, Cheers to more refreshing revelations!

    Bless your heart!

  27. Good to see your face at last after endless wondering of the beauty behind this blog. The truth now is that your beauty is beyond the physical, you are great.

  28. Mehn! You are so pretty!!! Plus you're a Christian who stands for Christ unashamed! so proud of you :)

  29. Hahahaha@Elizabeth! Awww thanks a lot! I am glad you think I'm 'vivacious' yayy! lol.
    @Segun, Thank you so much! God bless you :-)
    @Anonymous, Aww.. *my eyes are pushing me* (better understood in Yoruba lol).. That's the best part of me.. Like Mary Mary said - It's the GOD in me! :-) xx

  30. The Fashion Engineer25 February 2014 at 17:33

    You're so pweety!!!!!

  31. Woooowwww. You have just made blogsville super interesting. You are too fine to be hiding your face naaa.

    If not for twitter, I won't have seen this tomorrow, which is the official time for my next blog rounds.

    I still can't believe you are out of the closet. C'mon gurl. I'm in a state of euphoria.

  32. I am speechless. A true beauty inside and outside. Hugs...

  33. @Sayedero, Thanks a lot xx
    @ilola/AFHP, I am OUT! lol.. Thanks a lot! I was actually looking forward to meeting you without you knowing me and then I would walk up to you saying "Hi, I'm One" :-) xx
    @Rita! yayyyyy!! You came out!! Yayyy! I am so excited about that lol *BIG HUGS* right back to you xx

  34. Yayyyy!!! Good to put a face to the blog! You look absolutely fantastic!!! And I can see you really love life. Now I can shout one plus the one if I bump into you.

  35. Wow... i think some people expected you to be average looking but u are more than average o. Much love. 1+1
    P.s. im sure you have caught the some guys eyes o as they might have liked u already and then this ur beauty is the 'icing' on d cake.

  36. Look at your pretty face!!! Awwwww hello Ayo, nice to 'meet' you. Glad you came out!!
    Why does the candy 'wall' look so much like the Vue in Kirkstall. They probably just look alike- random

  37. You are sooo pretty... just when I was envying all the anon bloggers, you decided to come out!!! Very good, welcome to the land of the

  38. @Creativeworks, Lol.. Thanks dear - Oh I love acting silly (in a good way) a lot of times and given the opportunity! Now I know to be ready that when someone shouts One+TheOne!! I would be ready to shout back - CreativeWorks!!Lol
    @InThe, Awww thanks a lot my dearest sis!
    @Nike... I don't know what to say but LOL... Thanks a lot dear xx (PS is the Nike, Nike that I know? :-)
    @MissyTee, Thanks! lol.. Yes, you're right! It was at a Vue Cinema but probably far away from Kirkstall (where is Kirkstall?! -_-)
    @Damilola, I know! I think I may envy anonymous bloggers once in a while - Oh the freedom to just be!! xx

  39. @Creativeworks, Lol.. Thanks dear - Oh I love acting silly (in a good way) a lot of times and given the opportunity! Now I know to be ready that when someone shouts One+TheOne!! I would be ready to shout back - CreativeWorks!!Lol
    @InThe, Awww thanks a lot my dearest sis!
    @Nike... I don't know what to say but LOL... Thanks a lot dear xx (PS is the Nike, Nike that I know? :-)
    @MissyTee, Thanks! lol.. Yes, you're right! It was at a Vue Cinema but probably far away from Kirkstall (where is Kirkstall?! -_-)
    @Damilola, I know! I think I may envy anonymous bloggers once in a while - Oh the freedom to just be!! xx

  40. OMGees!!! Ehhhhh, fine fine gehs..
    I am so excited+"no words to describe at this. Wow!"
    Welcome to the "non-anonymous side of blogging" wow!

  41. :-D. Hello.. Nice to "meet" you, cutie..

  42. @IP92, hahaha! Thanks dear.. I'm really grateful - God bless you #Excited
    @Nnedinma, Hiii! Lovely to meet you to and thanks a lot for stopping by! xx

  43. Awwww, you're so pretty!

    WHY DID YOU NOT SAY HI?!?!?!?!?

    I'm still beefing you :)

  44. Awww, please don't beef me.. I apologise x 100 lol..:-) xx

  45. Yaaaaaaay! You finally came out! I remember the surprised look I had when you stopped by my office to pick-up your giveaway. You are beautiful mehn, forget! Now that you have revealed yourself, can I say you owe me a post /pictures on how you rocked your gift? *smile*

  46. Thank you so much dearie! It was a pleasure meeting you and I think you are officially the first person I met from the blog-community! Yayyy! lol xx

  47. Just stumbled on this blog by chance. I LOVE eeeettttt. And u look pretty too. Would definitely be a regular visitor mos def.

  48. Yayyy! Thanks!! Welcome to the blog.. I LOVE eeeeetttt when I meet new people here too! hehe.. God bless you dear xx


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