Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Celebrating/Dancing Part 2

 Today, I am a very happy gurlll!! :-D *twirls*..

So much good news around, I can't but thank my Abba!

First, guess who won a blog give-away!! My first authentic direct one!!!! I hope you are dancing with me?

You see the first unofficial one I got was 'dashed' to me by the lovely HoneyDame during the Guess the Blogger series on Atilola's Blog.. I kept trying and failing so hard that the babe took pity on my plight and transferred her gift to me.. HD + Atilola, I shall never forget :-D 200 kisses to you! (I enjoyed the free credit soo much, you can't even imagine! haha)

Anyways, imagine my very pleasant surprise when I got a Twitter update from the mega lovely Ms J.S Bass that I was the winner of her very first blog giveaway (You can read all about it on her great blog HERE - Oh la la, the joy was palpable.. Hehe I did not even remember that I had entered because I usually can't 'enter' most giveaway thingies cause of anonymity and sturves (it usually requires liking on Facebook etc etc) and mehn it feels good to win something oh!

Thank you sooooooooooo much hun..God bless you muchos x 100

On another note, remember that my friend that I talked about HERE? The one to whom God brought a good man (just like that!) after she asked Him, and I talked about the 1-year testimony that I have seen God do in the lives of my friends.. Well ladies and gentlemen, the babe is planning a wedding! Yes! Abba Father has done it again and this time, I am extra amazed! Whoever says God is not good has not met Him! I am so excited! And I thank God very much for her and her boo! May God sustain them and give them the grace to keep growing in love and the knowledge of Him.

On another another note, I attended a 1-year testimony wedding recently! This one I saw with my eyes and my mouth is still opening in wonder at the greatness, goodness and faithfulness of God.. You see, by this time last year, this girl was still asking God "Daddy, when will it be? Please send me my husband, a man from you".. She had been trusting God for a while and the pressure had been mounting. Before we knew what was happening, this dude comes, proposes in about 4months and in less than a year they are married.. Her testimony is that he fits what she asked God for and you only need to spend time with them to know that they've got something special going on.. I thank GOD!

You see, I get excited and share these stories because I know people reading this who are thinking "Lord, when?" I don't know what it is you are waiting on God for but I encourage you  to hold on to Him, He never fails and when He shows up, His gift will make you forget the season of waiting. Like the bible says "When the Lord turned around the captivity of Zion, we were like those who dreamed..."

Your dream-like answer to prayers is just round the corner and it will happen in such a way that you will feel dazed by it all  :-)

PS Today I am FINALLY starting off the series I have said a number of times that I would be starting (Can you help me say "Praise the Lord!")

PPS So Valentine's Day is next week Friday, chale what's the plan? As for me, I don't plan on 'roasting' oh.. Ok Daddy, over to you! xxxx


  1. Congratulations to your friends and their testimonies!! Also, Yaaae for you and winning a Prize.

  2. Congrats to your friends oh.

  3. Congrats to your friends and on wining the giveaway.

  4. Thank you thank you everyone! *kisses*

  5. wow! congrats to them! our God still dey kampe,all ye+even me worrying,chillax,God is working behind the scenes,it doesn't take years for the one he has planned for us to arrive..congrats to them once again.

  6. I have to confess I have been stalking your blog for about 2 years now and never dropped a comment or word of encouragement. You are doing a fantastic job so please keep it up. I know we are so alike as I see you on other kindred blogs. God bless you 1+The One.

  7. @Frances.. kampe oh!He is very on point! Thank you dear xx
    @Creative Works, Awwww, I am so touched by your comment! God bless you.. Thank you very much for your encouraging words :-) I am glad to hear that @alike ;-) It's always nice to meet your web-twin hehe.. Lots of love hun xx


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