Monday 10 February 2014

My memorable Valentine!

So, Valentine's day is in 4 days! Whoopiee.... Yeah, I'm going to be talking about Valentine's day today.... In case you didn't know.. Hi, my name is One, I love love, Valentine's day and other cheesy things.. Actually I'm big on celebrations, anything to celebrate - I'm game!


So yeah, if you don't see the fuss about Valentine's day or you believe that 'love should be shown everyday and not just reduced to one day etc etc', this post may not be for you lol.. Actually stick with me, you just might like this one...I revel in things like Valentine's day.. I wish they had it each month (but then again, peoples may be broke all the time lol)..

So yeah, thinking back.. I am still looking forward to wonderful Valentine's Day treat! It just so happens that I have not been in a relationship on Valentine's day, except the one time and that is still probably the best Valentine's day one has had :-) (story for another day!)

So the next best Valentine's day happened last year! I wasn't in a relationship but being the optimistic daughter of her King that I am, I trusted that something 'must to' happen!

So I was at work when a delivery guy walks in with a box and all (I smile as I write this).. I didn't even kid myself into hoping it was for me - there were two other colleagues of mine who were married so I assumed it must be for one of them. To my BIGGEST surprise, the name of the recipient was mine! I was E.C.S.T.A.T.I.C! hehe.. I was beyond delighted and the box contained what I could just indulge in all day - cakes!! Beautiful pink-iced cupcakes with different designs all begging me to "take a bite" lol


I wondered who on earth knew me, knew my office address (I only just started working there) etc etc to do this! (Have I mentioned that I absolutely loveee surprises!).. I did the necessary research and alas I found out that it was one of my dearest (female) friends who was thoughtful enough to play cupid to a few of her friends by sending beautiful surprises to their workplace (there's just something about receiving a 'delivery' at work! And she had to do some research to find out my office address!)).

I was immensely grateful for her thoughtfulness - not for the fear of 'roasting' on Valentine's day but that she went out of her way to spend money to put a smile on other people's faces on Valentine's Day without expecting anything in return! (And I wasn't obviously her boyfriend!)- It was incredibly sweet of her! I will never forget that selfless act of kindness.

You see this kind of thoughtful gesture deepens friendships and builds relationships. Something not quite usual, something done knowing that you probably may not get anything in return! Something to just say to your friend - I'm thinking about you and I care enough to spend my hard-earned money to make you happy!

Don't wait to give surprises only to your boyfriend/husband.. Learn to do it for platonic friends and family members, or people who would appreciate it! It goes a long way and trust me, they usually would never forget and would keep blessing you in their hearts!

It's Valentine's Day again, make someone's day, build relationships! :-) xxxx

PS Frances of imperfectlyperfect92 is doing something lovely for Valentine's Day with her friends. You can read about it HERE.. And please join in too! xx

*Yay! Tomorrow is the 2nd feature on Waiting and Loving It!*


  1. Your friend is truly a darling. I remember my Mom use to get me a nice balloon for Valentines day occassionally when I was a teen. So sweet and thoughtful.

    You are right, we should think outside the box and put a smile on someones unexpecting face.

  2. I had a wide smile on my face when I got to the part of the cupcakes(kai! I want too o) and the smile grew wider when I saw that it was from a friend. #priceless!
    The stuff that valentine should be made of, not just love to boyfriend but to friends, acquaintances...just show a little kindness,it goes a long way..see me saying God bless her in my heart when I don't know her and it was a year ago-thats the stuff kindness is made of, the blessings you get are endless.
    And ohhhh,thanks for sharing the link here too, my smile grew mega wide too..

  3. @HF, yeah1 My mum used to take us out to dinner too! Wonderful women our mothers are! :-) xx.. The motto this year is 'think outside the box'
    @imperfectly perfect, lol @your widening grin(s), thanks a lot hun.. Amen to the blessings for my friend.. She truly deserves it! xx

  4. Though I wish I had read this earlier, I'm glad because it is not too late to put a smile of people's face without expecting anything in return. #Everyday Val (lol)
    Well done one and keep up the good work.

  5. I agree with you.. It should be an everyday thing..

    Thanks a lot for stopping by and welcome! God bless you xx

  6. ..I know right? It was and she is wow-worthy! :-) xx


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