Wednesday 26 February 2014

Out in the open!


First of all, a MASSIVE thanks to everyone for the love shown here, on twitter, Facebook, email and phone calls!!! Honestly though, I am blessed with the most amazing family, friends and blog family!! You guys absolutely and totally rock! The encouragement I have received has been invaluable and I can only say thank you from the bottom of my heart!

My bestest friend in the whole world who happens to also be my sister is just a wonderful human being, as in honestly! She’s known about the blog for a while now and she’s been one half of my biggest cheerleaders (the other being my fabulous mum who introduced me to the world of blogging through her regular visits to Linda Ikeji’s blog many years ago! Thanks mum! :-).

I didn’t know until recently that my sister had read every single one of my posts and actually comments anonymously or with a pseudonym – she never said a word about it and I remember times without number how I accused her of not visiting nor giving me her opinion etc etc – and the babe would just be quiet, not saying anything! + She used to send the link to her friends asking them to check out “this very good blog” lol – You just got to love her!

Then, I remember having to send the link to my wonderful mum the day before to ‘confess’ (as I had never told her about it), and ask her opinion before going public and she, responding in the most enthusiastic of ways with pointers and suggestions that I just threw my head back laughing when I read it – knowing that God has definitely blessed me with such wonderful treasures in human skin…

Talking about treasures, the response and positive comments from bloggers whom I have never met physically but have been such joyous comrades in blogsville have been beyond what I could have expected! Thank you so much guys, you are all just too much and I have learnt sooo much from you! Lord knows how many times I have used your resources to inform many-a-decisions and also gladly shared with my friends! (There’s love in sharing ey?)


And my friends in 3D, first of all, a huge thanks to those who did not dump me when they knew I had a blog but was unwilling to share the details! Lol – You guys are pure gold! And to the ones who knew but pretended like they didn’t (haha), God bless you! (Especially my funky fly Pastor in the diaspora – James Bond ain’t got nothing on you! Lol

Ok, so this is a formal welcome to first-timers and a re-welcome to old-timers! I sincerely and deeply appreciate you!

First time here?


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Ok, I guess that’s all folks! Please don’t forget, you can email me directly at and please follow me on twitter @1plustheone. I always welcome your feedback and comments – they mean a lot to me!

Thanks people, you absolutely rock absolutely! xx


  1. Okay. Now that you are out of the closet, when are we hooking up, so that I can do a Guess the Blogger post on you?

    It has to be a Chinese restaurant, and you are the one paying, lol.

  2. Just wanna shout again, yay!! 1+!!! Lol

  3. Lol.. Yes ma'am @ilola.. You know I like food so I am game :-) xx
    @IP92, Yayyy! lol xx
    @Isiiiiiiiiiiiii!! Yayyyyyyyyy! :-) Glad to have you 'officially' here.. Welcome hun, God bless you loads xxxx

  4. Well the moment I decide to actually faithfully start tuning to your blog channel, you welcome me. I know the Holy Ghost has got a hand in this. Thank you for your reception, I appreciate it and you can trust me to be a faithful member of the family. Weldone to you for the great job u are doing to feed our souls always with beautiful and transforming words. My name is Hannah and I blog at

  5. Hi Hannah! So nice to meet you! Thank you very much for stopping by and for your lovely comment.
    Hopping right over to your blog right now.. God bless you loads xx

  6. Yay!!! This reminds me of the day I found out my mom had been "sneaking" comments on my blog under another pseudonym (she had one before). Lol :D

    Family is awesome, girl!!

  7. Awww. that is so lovely! Your mum is wonderful! I thank God for mothers.. I am especially grateful for them! xx


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