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Waiting and Loving It! - Feat Derin and Debo Omole

Hiya my lovely people!

First of all, thank you soooo much for the response and comments to the first feature of the Waiting and Loving It! series... You people are a huge blessing to me!

I am excited about the features and it's wonderful to know that people have been blessed by it - Thank God! If it's your first time here, you can read a mini introduction and the first feature HERE!

Without much ado, I bring you this week's feature on Waiting and Loving It! As usual, please sit back, relax, enjoy and above all, be blessed! xxxx

1. Please tell us a little about yourselves please 

Debo: I am Adebowale Omole, a Facilities Manager by profession and an easy going individual. Been Married 5 years and I've been blessed with two pretty girls.

Derin: Aderinola Omole, a daughter, sister, wife and mum. A Human Physiologist and Sexual Health Promotion practitioner. Been married 5 years plus (Oct. 4, 2008)

2. How did you meet?


Debo: I first saw her (while taking mental notes) and had the briefest of conversations when we were both rejected along with a few others at the first place of primary assignment during NYSC. We were later brought together at our Community Development group in Benue State and I had the opportunity to really meet her. I took more interest in my church when I learnt we attended the same church too.

Derin: Met my husband during NYSC precisely during the CD(community development) activity (though he says we met earlier than that but my first recollection of meeting him was during the CD activities) and then later church.

3. What initially attracted you to your spouse?


Debo: Her ability to get what she wants from others without making a fuss. She’s also got Angelic looks.

Derin: During our NYSC CD day, he was usually there early to set up and never saw himself too big to help anyone do anything. Basically his humility and on a lighter note his voice (really deep considering his size) and of course he is good looking!

4. How did you know that you wanted to spend the rest of your life with him / her?


Debo: I knew I wanted to because on my list was “a God fearing woman who was disciplined”, but I got more convinced after we had our first major disagreement. When we made up I knew we could manage our imperfections.

Derin: Hmmm… The God factor was there because I did pray about it because he was someone I had never met. We did not have any history together however vague (like going to same schools or living in the same neighbourhood or having mutual friends….there was no history…we did not even cross paths on NYSC camp!) to tell you the truth I can’t really say it was one thing or the other because he did not exactly tick all my boxes, though being God-fearing and a family centered person dipped in his favour but one thing I was quite sure of when I agreed to the relationship in the first instance was that there was no going back. It was simply going to get better and better and that, it has been so far.

5. What made you make the decision to wait?

Debo: Paramount on my mind was the fear of having a baby!! Secondly, I asked God for her, Thirdly, I love her that much to make our first time special.

Derin: First of all, as part of obedience to God’s word that says that marriage is honourable and the bed undefiled. Secondly, I knew I wasn’t ready to or couldn’t bear whatever consequence came with premarital sex especially pregnancy.

6. What practical measures did you take to ensure that you stuck by your decision?

Debo: We promised to be honest about how we felt. If for instance I was feeling aroused I would tell her and she would suggest we join friends or family to kill the feeling and vice versa. We also prayed about it separately.

Derin: Being gatekeepers of one another. Constantly reminding ourselves of the decision to wait and being practical with the way we feel in our bodies.

                    Now very legal! haha

7. What one advice would you give to your single self in preparation for marriage now that you’ve crossed that line

Debo: Waiting will not kill you and do not tempt yourself

Derin: Be prepared for the unexpected.


8. Describe in 3 words / sentences the best part of being married!

Debo: The best part of being married is having someone to share the best moments with, having someone to encourage you and having someone you can officially “ahem” with without guilt.

Derin: Having someone to share your thoughts, fears, aspirations, successes, failures, moments (good or bad) with. To be openly ‘open’ with without judgment or prejudice and someone to encourage and tell you he understands even if he really doesn’t understand so you can feel better.


Such a delightful couple! May God continue to bless their marriage and home! xxxx


  1. Cool couple...waiting sure is the best.

  2. It's the best! By God's grace, it's possible :-) xxxx

  3. Great story. May their union continue to be blessed and fruitful.

  4. Awwwwwwwwwww
    Sniff sniff
    Being that I am a soon to be ex-corper, I can just imagine all the nysc cds fellowship activities. Seriouly tho, shouldn't they pay or honor nysc for this? Looool.
    Like I say, NYSC has its good ooooo. Plenty sef.
    God bless your home dears.

  5. Amen! Lol.. I think you're right E! They certainly have to pay their dues to NYSC!
    Thank God you had met your dear Aku'm before NYSC, if not.. you may have caused havoc oh! The boys would have been in trouble lol xx

  6. Awwwww, awwwww, still going all awwwWw at their love.
    Choi! God you know my heart o, gimme better home and man like this,even better than the one that I am imagining in line with eph 3:20.
    Choi! God bless their home and continue to bound them together in love and unity+joy and all things good,amen!
    Ps:waiting for E's interview.

  7. Good series you have going on here. Beautiful couple and I totally love the picture where he carried his whole family

  8. @Okeoghene, love that picture too :D

  9. Good initiative on this series. Cute couple too.

  10. Good initiative on this series. Cute couple too.

  11. This is definitely a nice series. Keep up the good work. I actually identify very well with it because I also waited before tying the knot and its been awesome since!

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  13. @IP92, Amen! may God surpass all your heart's desires! And Amen @E's interview - I am actually looking forward to it myself! lol.. To be or not to be.. *Dum dum dum*
    @Okeoghene and Toin, thanks a lot dearies. They look so good! Thank God for His blessings on marriage
    @T Notes, thanks for stopping by!
    @Afronuts, aww thank you very much! I pray for God's grace to continue and improve.. And thanks for your testimony of waiting.. I pray that it will only get better xx

  14. I am not even sure if I am supposed to be commenting on this..... @1+The One: can I make comments? :). However, for the NYSC thing I just wanted to say that (Though I am not sure if its still on) NYSC pays N50K to a couple that met and got married during the NYSC year they both served in as well as the same state and a secretariat representative is sent to represent NYSC at the wedding. Had a couple like that when I served though I can't believe I have forgotten their names. The whole ceremony took place in Obudu then (2005).

  15. Aww really?! We should promote more NYSC hook-ups then! lol
    Thanks for your comment Adrenaline :-) I knew you wouldn't resist commenting haha - but please feel very free! xxxxx

  16. AMEN!

    I know I'm going to love all these interviews and my comments will be the same. I think the best questions are 5 and 6 because they get to the point of the series. With God's help anyone can wait, and I'm glad these interviewees are emphasizing that. We can't do it in our strength alone but with God, we can do it!

  17. I am with you on 5 and 6 GNG! My favourite too and the main point of the series. Thanks a lot, your comments are appreciated xx

  18. Simple- By his grace and in his power, WAIT.

  19. You're right, it's really refreshing! :-) xx

  20. God bless and keep your home.
    Pls Debo did you ever live at Ilorin kwara state and do you have an aunty called Sijuwade thanks

  21. Amen! Thank you Mama Funke.. God bless you xx

  22. @ Mama Funke, Yes I lived in Ilorin and I do have an Aunt Sijuade.
    @1+The One: Please who is Mama Funke? Can Mama Funke be contacted?

  23. Hi Debo, I hope she sees your comment! Unfortunately, I don't know who she is xx


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