Saturday, 18 October 2014

20 things about Me + Versatile Award

Hiya everyone!

It's a Saturday so let's do a fun post! I hope your day is going great? For me, I am having a great time at my nephew's first birthday party eating small chops and dancing ijo yoyo (Oh how I love children's parties - plenty food, no stress *covers face*)

Happy birthday my dearest, darling cutie dimpled pie Ayooluwatitomi Funsho.. Aunty loves you muchos. I pray that God will make you very great. I can see greatness all over you already and I pray that you will make God and your parents very proud!

Birthday Boy and mee! :-D
So, I have been tagged by a few bloggers and I have been very very bad at responding.. I have slacked so much, I don't even know how or where to start from.. But *rolls sleeves*, let's try somehow somehow..

Today, I will do the 20s Tag given by the lovely Blogger Toinlicious.. Thanks hun *kisses".

This is the only picture of the lovely Toin that can be found on Blogsville!
Also, my darling Erniesha nominated me for "The Versatile Blogger Award" Whoop whooop! Tibs, you rock, thanks mami!

Beautiful Tibs of life!
The only rule for the 20s tag is to say 20 random things about yourself (20?!!)

For the Versatile Award, it's as follows:

1. Thank the person who gave you this award - Thank you Tibs, I know if anyone does, you deserve this hun.. You are super-fly fresh and there's always something worth reading on your blog! xx

2. Include a link to their blog - Visit the FAB Tibs here

3.Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you have recently discovered or follow regularly - The thing is that Tibs has nominated many of my favourites.. But let's seee!

4. Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award (you might include a link to VBA site.)

5. Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself. (That's definitely easier than 20! lol)

20 Things:

1. I am not very good at responding to tags, lol.. Figures right?

2. I am almost as bad responding to emails sometimes (sorry!)

3. I enjoy being busy....

4. Saying that, one of my favourite phrases is "I am tired".. My ex (I hate that word by the way, why give continuous significance? lol) once said I enjoy being tired (maybe/maybe not :-D)

5. I love music and singing.. In my mind I conduct this amazing choir (If you see my conducting skills mehn.. My imaginary choir are just awesome!).. I sing in the bath, on the road (I lose myself many times until I notice people giving me strange looks).

6. I lovee dancing too! When I was at University, I would actively sing and dance walking from Uni to my house (people definitely shook their heads and thought wryly "Africans!" tut tut :-D

7. I talk and dance with my hands. (I am that girl who is flaying and waving her hands randomly as she dances).

8. It takes a while for me to completely let go with people, however sometimes, I meet someone and we just click (not very often though).

9. I can day-dream + night-dream for Africa!

10. I used to cry a LOT when I was younger. To God be the glory - no more! lol (I pray my children don't inherit it please)

No more tears, all smiles lol
11. I used to like things done my way in the past lol ('used to' and 'past' being the operative words.. Ok, maybe still do a little :-D *work in progress*)

12. I think food is one of the greatest pleasures God gave man -_-

13. I want my children to look like their fathers. (I actually wrote 'fathers' first, biko, only one father please oh!)

14. I have a special love-relationship with Cake.. 

15. I don't like shopping. I like dressing up though.

16. (I don't have anything to write again).

17. I love words.. I love cards, I like when I read from someone I like.. I could read it again and again and go 'aww' like it's the first time. I have cards from years and years ago!

18. I am a family girl.. I take them very very seriously.

19. I don't like a guy who talks too much lol.. I talk too much, we need some balance plix.

20. I love Lovee (What? You didn't know that?? Hehehe)

**Finallyyyy we got there! If you read it to the end, you are simply amazing! Thank you.

Ok, now to the Versatile Award.. Tibs is one of my favourite bloggers who I believe has a heart of gold so let me tell her some things I wouldn't normally share. Right Tibs? Right :-) xx

1. So I said I cry a lot right? Well mami, when my first boyfriend and I broke up, I cried for days.. We were young, no need for all that (well I saw the light later). However, I think the most painful heart-wrenching break-up was with my last boyfriend.. I needed God to take away the hurt. 

2. I enjoy public speaking and do a bit of hosting/compering here and there.

3. I am a night person! I wish I could work at night only. I think I am more productive at night!

4. When I was younger, my dream job was to be one of Fela's (Anikulapo-Kuti) dancers.. I admired the skimpy cloths and the flexible dance-steps.. In my mind, that was the dreammm *nods head* 

5. I analyse (and over-analyse) things a lot! Call me Detective One... (I am retiring though, it's not good for my peace of mind at all!)

6. I am borrowing this one from you Tibs - I absolutely love bringing people together. I love expressions of love, I want us all to sing peace and harmony songs and get along etc etc.

7. I absolutely enjoy serving people. I may not like cooking (yet) but I love catering to people, hosting, entertaining etc.. I revel in that :-D

*Phew* I made it!! I did!! Yayyyyyyy!!!!

Thank you very much for the nomination ladies, I am very grateful. 

God bless you muchos! *kisses*

Now, I nominate these absolutely amazing bloggers for The Versatile Bloggers Award:

2. Frances Okoro - Imperfectly Perfect Lives
3. Eziaha
12. Atilola 
13. Sykik
15. Tobi Atte - Ijustmetme

Please click on their names and check out their blogs too! xx


  1. Congrats, you are so buriful inside and out.
    I love daydreaming too i had to check up google to know if i was normal. I think we have 5, 14,15 and 18 in common

    1. Aww, Thanks hun..
      We day-dreamers are nomal jo.. It's those who don't dream I feel sorry for :-D

  2. I smiled all through this and when I got to your pix with the perfect dentition(i have a thing for great teeth,lol) I just went all awwwww...
    Ayo, you are a truly lovely,beautiful and amazing person, I kid/flatter not.
    Me too, i'm not sure if I like cooking yet sef...(dont tell anyone sha).

    Thank you, thank you for the tag. I think I know the perfect day to get around to it.
    I would sure love to see inthe,Ada and Mr Tobi do the tag.hah! Would be fun to see that. Hehe.

    Happy weekend Ayo!
    *hugs and much love.

    1. LOL. Frances! I remember that post you did about dentition lol.. Aww thanks dearie.. Yepa see me being flattered.. Aww, thank God, thank God Frances.. Only from a beautiful heart do compliments come from..

      *shhh* I shall not tell anyone.. Secret's safe dear.. Thank God I can trade stories *secretly* with you..

      I am looking forward to reading yours!!! Let me see how similar (or un-similar) we are :-D

      I think I will go and bug them.. The people have requested!!

  3. Your nephew looks like you, and so the strong genes from whomever you look like means that of course your children will look like you and not their papa. hehehe... and they will cry like you too :)

    1. Myne!!!! LOOOL.. No way please! As in, ever since I realised how much of a cry-baby I was (and the ensuing stress I caused my nearest and dearest), I prayed that I don't want a crying baby oh nah ah.. lol.. If not, both of us would be doing crying competition, then it's the hubby I pity.. So if not for me, then for my husband's sake? - Lord please!

      PS, they are gonna look like their gorgeous papa.. Don't worry, the proof will be on the pictures lol

      Mwah mwah! Thanks for stopping by.. xxxxx

  4. I loved (loved!) learning more about you, Ayo. Based on the content of your blog and that video you made for day 30, I see you as this woman so filled with the joy of the Lord that you are just dancing everywhere. Happily your random facts confirm it lol!

    Thank you also for tagging me for the Versatile Award! ♥

    1. And Happy Birthday to Ayooluwa! May he grow in "wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man"! He's such a cutie.

    2. Yayyyy! Thank you GNG!! I lok forward to reading yours too..
      The joy comes with the name - Ayo .. Gerrit? hehe

      Amen and amen to your prayer. Thank you very much. I appreciate you, God bless you xx

  5. Awww....**covers face** I love mi some Ayo!!!!...Congrats mami....You are an amazing blogger....

    1. Oh I loveeee mi some Tibs! *mwah*.. You really rock! God bless you mami xx

  6. God bless the day I found out about your blog. I've been blessed by your posts and I love the video on Day 30 of Last month's praise series. I hope to see more videos.
    Thanks for the tag.
    Thanks for being a blessing to me.
    Happy birthday to your nephew.
    You have a lovely dentition. keep smiling more cry!

    1. God bless you immensely too Graciee! As your name says, you are full of grace and you extend it to others too. Thank you.

      Amen to that, no more crying, all smiles! lol xx

  7. You conduct an imaginary choir too!!! and Yaae to a fellow cake lover. The analyzer and over-analyzer that's me too...I also love serving people, May God help us both to develop a supernatural love for cooking.

    Enjoyed learning more about you. Thanks for the tag!

    1. Get outta here!! Hahaha..There's someone else who conducts an imaginary choir? Never heard of such unusual behaviour hahaha (Unusual r us!)

      I say a resounding AMEN to your cooking prayer.. My kitchen has to be explosive mehnn! Like different wonders coming out of there with love and plenty singing thrown in! :-D

      I look forward to reading yours too xx

  8. Dancing and singing on the road? You're adorable! But, I would have been one of those giving you strange looks. Lol!

    The Fela backup singer one ... I would never have imagined.

    I hope the imaginary choir sing all their parts correctly. Hehe!

    1. LOL.. RB, you should try it someday.. Life is too short.. *insert YOLO here* @-)
      Do you know a few times some people would stop me to ask why I was so happy? Like where I lived, it was strange to see people singing joyfully on the road lol.. We represent Christ in different ways hun.. You never know who needs to see you singing/dancing on the road to get inspired :-)

      Lol.. Even me sef, I am surprised at myself (I used to think how cool it would be to just be dancing so well for a living lol)

      Oh... They are perfecto! I should invite you for one of our command performances.. You would be literally blown away lol

      Thanks dear xx

  9. laughed so much reading this. You are so funny. lol.
    hugs and kisses

    1. Hugs and kisses right back.. Thank you very much Thecla. I actually had fun doing it :-D xx

  10. I also sing and dance randomly especially in the car (when I'm alone) I promise I'm normal people! It's the music :D
    Thanks so much for indulging me. I love you tres much plus, we have more than a few things in common

    1. *Hi5* Toinlicious! I knew I couldn't be the only one!! I am very normal too! When I was younger, I coudn't wait to have a car so that I could play very loud music and just praise at the top of my voice lol

      Thank you even more for tagging me.. I love you tres tres muchos! xx

  11. Was fun reading ths. thanks for sharing :). Cake lover, music lover too. To being Fela's dancer, wot! lol!

    1. lol.. *covers face*.. Ngozi, in my defence... ok ok, no defence, I plead the fifth, thank you very much lol xx

  12. Ehenn.. I am going to be analyzing one by one... But wait oh.. So you wanted to dance for Fela. hahahaha That would have been nice. ;) When i was small yeah, my mum used to blindfold us with her palms each time Fela came up on TV. hehehe I didnt know who or what Fela was untill he died. I always thought he was a juju high priest or something.. at a time i thought he was a Ritualist.. i mean she practically grabbed me Superman style whenever fela came up.. smh

    (Scrolls Up) @ Day dreaming. Sister Josephine hehehehehe Dream small small eh.. and dream for 2.. :)

    ( Scrolls up) @ Reading old cards.. Mehn I can so relate to this Bubba. When i think of someone yeah (especially when I miss someone) be it an enemy or a Contact, i will simply go back to the persons Watsapp message, or FB message, text, or Love letter (during the good ol days) and just read what the person wrote. I relate to script more than to voice abi face sef. :)

    Nice one bubba, its so nice that you FINALLY did a tag... at first i was like adonbelifit.. But reading on I was like pppprrraaaiiissseee tha lawddddd... :)

    1. Hahahaha! JohnTheBeloveddddd!!!!! Berra belifit!

      I laughed when I read about your mum blindfolding you whenever Fela came up. My dad lovess Fela so we grew up listening to him a LOT.. "Animal in human skin, animal put-e suit oh, animal wear Agbada" - That man is a legend! Can you understand my desire to dance for him now? lol

      Yes broda, I am dreaming, I am dreaminggg!! :-)

      As in what you wrote about reading old cards/conversations is sooo on point... that's so me!! I read old emails/Facebook messages/texts/BB chats/cards.. everything readable.. It brings back beautiful memories and makes me laugh at some of the very silly things I wrote lol.. Writing is definitely a winning mode of communication for me...

      Thanks bubba! xx

  13. AH!! Welcomeeeee. Sinnccee sinceeeee *side eyes*

    I can so relate to the last break-up thingy.. God is awesome jare, healing broken hearts since the beginning!!

    huh? Fathers bawo oh?? e jor oh. LOL

    Love reading this... I did my 20 randoms already here

    I don't like cooking oh... x_x and I can analyse for africa, chai!! So not good for the peace of mind. I agree.

    Your picture is lovellllyyyyy!!!

    :) Thanks for the Tag :D

    How come you didn't answer any questions though?

    1. Lol.. Please forgive me.. I got there in the end..

      But human beings sha.. I did the 20 + 7 things and you still want me to answer questions.. I haff tried now... Yes? lol xx

  14. I have my cards from way back too....and letters as well.

    You are beautiful and that smile is infectious

    1. Aww, thanks Sykik!

      Me, you and JohntheBeloved are romantics jare... We should form like a club or something :-)

  15. I really like Berry Dakara's blog. You can also see mine at:

    1. Hi and welcome David! Thanks for stopping by the blog!
      I will have a look at your blog too..

  16. Hahahahaha! You know I still haven't gotten over that you life ambition to be Fela's dancer right? Thank God for deliverance....hehehe!

    You're sucheck a joy sweetie, thanks for sha ring your amazing personality with us.
    I'm mostly grateful we dream togerra....takes the weirdness away!


    1. Hahaha... Thank God for deliverance oh!

      Thank you my darling sister-friend! I'm thankful to God for making me meet such amazing people like you.
      Dreaming ain't weird hun, it's those who don't dream that are weirdddd!! Haha xx

  17. I luvd d dancing on d way part... I actually love dancing I sometimes wish I can make a job outta it, I one day actually stood at d traffic light and danced for 5mins nd askd my frnd 2 take a vid of me nd I bet d Germans were all lyk 'weird and crazy black gal" cuz dts absolutely smthn no one wud eva do in Germany "a country filled with robots" (dont tell dem I said dat" loool...

    Dressing up, nahnah not 4 me, I fit into d german society in dt area, I dress evryday lyk im going to d farm evn if its a special occasion... I actually always felt suffocated in Nigeria with d fashion sense nd d amazing thn is my frnds stl say I dress up real gud #all thanks 2 d nigerian nitty gritty dress-sense#

    I enjoyd reading thru...

    1. Hiya Ola!! Nice to have you here again - One of the most outspoken commenters on the blog :-)
      lol @ your dancing.. I can just picture you doing that!

      Mehn, I have had to sharpen up and look sharp mehn.. Nigerians can oppress you with their amazing dress-sense.. It's good for me, I need to learn to look after myself more lol.. So I am calling you out too, we must both make a resolution to step up our game!!

      Thanks for reading hun xxxx

  18. You are such an amazing perdon and I'm so glad I know you. We Have quite a number of things in common: 2,4,5,6,8,10,17,19.
    When I was younger in high school and Uni, my friends always dreaded us going by a music store cos they know they will Have to drag me away eventually after they get tired of me dancing on the street. And then watch me dance all the way to my destination. I LOVE reading old messages of any form too.
    When I was younger, there didn't have to be a reason for me to cry. I will just think up something sad and start crying , mehn it was baddddd! :D :)).

    1. Awwww, my dear sis!!!! Thanks a lot for your comment. It's a joy and blessing knowing you :-)

      Hahaha, so we have many street-dancers!! I think it's a beautiful thing.. We need to do a dance duet when next we see :-D

      You cry too! *I'm laughing*... Thank God it is no more..

  19. Who dares break up with you? Fine girl like you? Oya, report the person to me.

    Why oh why did you tag me?

    1. Lol.. I am reporting (or being grilled) by you at the moment so I will report accordingly..

      Hahahaha.. I am waiting oh! Please do the needful.. Thank you ma'am :-D

  20. I love that you love looooveee and God, also bringing people together. I love that your love for God is obvious in every piece; proudly God's own.

    Plus I agree with Frances, you are truly beautiful. ;-)

    1. Proudly God's own - Loveeeet!!!

      Thank you very much dear.. God bless you xxxx

  21. Loved this post! It was so much fun finding out more about you, Ayo (the Fela backup dancer dream had me in stitches! lol))...not to mention that as I was reading, I kept shouting "me too!" for many of the points.

    I sing a lot too - even though I'm sure the world would be better off if I didn't because I surely don't have a singer's voice and besides the chorus, I never sing the right lyrics...I just make up my own! Lol. I am also very expressive with my hands, a serious DREAMER (maybe too much sef, lol), and when it comes to food...I am one HAPPY gal:)

    Thank you for nominating me for The Versatile Blogger Award! I will have my post up before the end of the day :)

    1. Awww thank you Ada! I am really glad we have all that in common.. You are a lovely person :-)

      I enjoyed reading yours too, thank you for doing it Happy Ada hehehe

  22. You look so beautiful Ayo and that die for. Beaurifu geh. Now I know plenty things about you...finally. I really admire you Ayo. Really do....keep up the good work

    1. Awww... Moby!! I am very touched by your comment. Thank you so so much. Thanks hun xx

  23. I normally don't comment on blogs (dunno why), but had to on this........ Was so happy when i saw *i can analyse*...... chai....... I can so over analyse; and then i would now take things 'P'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! People around me tell me i am in the wrong profession, that i should have been a lawyer.......Lol!!!!!!

    Love the work you are doing..... Especially the waiting and loving it...........That's so unique!!!!!!

    1. Awww!! Welcome Anonymous and thank you for commenting!!! *kisses* x 100 :-D
      Mehnnn, God has to deliver us from over-analysing oh!! I think it's mainly a female thing too (why do I guess you are female lol)

      Thanks a lot for your comment dear xx

  24. Wow! I've come across your blog once or twice and i must say I've been immensely blessed (I'm hoping i get to that point where i can share my story to encourage others too one day soon). That being said, its interesting to see we have quite a couple of things in common:
    1. My second name is Ayo
    2. I gesticulate a lot with my hands also (they say its a june-baby thing)
    3. I love smiling and laughing a lot (nice dentition) but I'm still easily moved to tears by sweet things e.g. actions, gifts, weddings, movies, music, books...
    4. I love singing and dancing
    5. I talk a lot. I enjoy public speaking and do a bit of hosting/compering here and there
    6. After much talks/encouragement/asking/nudging/wishing... I think the idea was starting to fall in place for my own blog just yesterday. Just to get a few words out there. Wish me luck!

    On the opposite tho:
    I'm totally and completely a morning person.

    Keep up the good work dear. God bless.

    1. Heyyyyyy!!! Welcome welcome Eny-Ayo :-) I am very pleased to welcome you dear!

      ... And we have so much in common too hahaha

      Please please please, start your own blog and please let me know when you do! God bless you and increase His grace upon your life to do far beyond your natural abilities in Jesus name xxxx

  25. The original Ayo, see i'm still here (I told you so, didn't I)
    It's soon cool gerrrin to know you more and seeing we have some things in common
    Amean, I was a cry-baby too. By the way I still cry when I watch movies(plenry people gathered around me to find out what was wrong to get me bawling and sniffing so hard the first time I saw God's not Dead' then I cry when i'm touched by someone's action, words and I CTY when I watch 'spoken word poems' I just can't believe how talented these people are!
    I love to sing too, but my Pst calls me a pseudo singer and I had to leave the choir to join the ushering team. Truth is, I can't sing on the right notes even if I had a gun pointed at my head *lol* and yes like u, I use a lot of lol(s)
    Now about dancing, I LOVE to dance but shocker is I can't DANCE!!! So what I do is take my greatest dancer kid sister to every party I attend and I revel in her skills *lol. You know that Yoruba adage: "Dada ko le ja, oni aburo tio gbojule (Dada has got no fighting skills, but s(he) can always trust the fighting prowess of his/her younger one). So I guess I am Dada, without the dreadlocks *lol*
    You go girl! You keep rocking and you got me fixated on your blog.
    Loads of Love!

    1. Awwww!! Welcome my darling Fehintola!!
      Your comment made me smile (and kept me fixated too!)
      Thank you so so much for your beautiful comment, I am grateful.
      It was really good to get to know you better - fellow cryer LOL xxx


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