Friday 8 March 2013

Books from your Past

So you may have noticed that my blog is undergoing a overdue revamp - #Excitment

Anyways, I decided to add a new gadget, creating a new list for one of my favourite things - BOOKS!

I love books and I totally enjoy reading - When I was younger, I could read virtually anything: books, magazines, information on diaries, dictionaries, maps (!), textbooks, newspapers, biographies... anything lol
Sadly, I haven't read a book in a while due to so many factors)...

Maybe it's also due to the fact that as I grew older, I started to narrow my reading genre to 99.9% romantic fiction (which didn't augur well for my learning development lol).

Anyways, history lesson over, back to my 'Virtual Library' as I tried to document my favourite books, it brought back such fond memories and a few chuckles when I remembered some books I read, especially by Nigerian Authors (It was so difficult to not keep adding and adding to the list!)

Soo, I know there are a few avid readers like myself on my blog.. Come down memory lane with me, what was (or are) your favourite book(s) from back then (or now) by NIGERIAN authors?

Below is a very brief list of mine:
1. Ade Our Naughty Little Brother - Christie Ade Ajayi (one of the first books I read as a child.. really funny - I remember the 'Superman incident' lol)
2. An African Night Entertainment - Cyprian Ekwensi
3. Her Father's Daughter - (used to be my favourite for a long time + the first place I ever saw the word 'Deaconess' lol)
4. Second Chance - Nyengi Koin (loved it! Another old fave)
5. Second Class Citizen - Buchi Emecheta (I will never forget the part where her husband tore her first manuscript {her brain child as she referred to it}.. I still remember it with a bit of sadness *covers face*
6. The Concubine - Elechi Amadi (their love was so beautiful but what an unfortunate end)
7. The gods Are not to Blame - Ola Rotimi
8. The Lion and the Jewel - Wole Soyinka
9. Without a Silver Spoon - Eddie Iroh
10. Eze Goes to School - Onuorah Nzekwu

*phew* Fond memories mehn..

Over to you reading enthusiasts, which book would you include in the list above?
(But mehn, Nigeria has produced fine writers and churned out great books!)



  1. A slew of pacesetters - Bloodbath at Lobster close, Evbu my love, For Mbatha and Rabekah (sp?), The politician and every famous five book there was :)

  2. I used to be a huge Pacesetters fan! I just couldn't remember the specific names of the books :-D
    Famous Five was too 'serious' for me lol.. I read a number of the series though..
    Thanks for sharing xx

  3. Sugar girl
    Time Changes Yesterday
    Jero Plays
    I really loved Second Chance & Concubine. I love your list. Ade was one of my first books too

  4. @Toinlicious, I think we have very similar taste in books (well, at least when we were younger lol) xx

  5. I remember The Sugar and Time changes yesterday, can't remember the names of the authors now. The Concubine was one of my favorites.

  6. Our children are coming by chinua Achebe, things fall aPart, trials of brother jero by wole soyinka,etc.

  7. Our children are coming by chinua Achebe, things fall aPart, trials of brother jero by wole soyinka,etc.

  8. Proud to say I have read each one you listed!!!!! I love books!!!!!!

  9. @Lara, yeah! I read The Concubine for Literature in Sec School and really enjoyed it.. (I wrote the names of the authors - had to google some of them lol)
    @ITMoH You definitely qualify for The Reading Enthusiast Badge :-D xx

  10. Please where can i read or download the second chance by ngenyi koin book


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