Thursday, 21 March 2013

Where are all the good black men?


Have you asked the question "Where are all the good single black men?" (especially for the international community).. Well, I know on one or two occasions, my friends and I have found ourselves asking in frustration lol

Living abroad, I found that it was harder to meet many Nigerian black men, talk more of ones that you will be willing to be in a relationship with or get married to! I remember whenever any single girl who was over 24 was moving back, there will be "don't worry, once you move back, you will be 'rushed' and you will be married in less than 1 year, guaranteed!", then they will proceed to give examples.. lol

When I was moving back, oh you should have seen people already mentally booking their aso-ebis and helping me to look for wedding venues because according to them this was "God taking you home so you can get married" for when you go back "there are many options, within a month you will have so many suitors" lol

I was sent this very detailed infographic on the subject and I thought to share.. What do you think?

Where Are All The Good Single Black Men

Via: Best Black Dating Sites

What's your verdict? + for my African folks, is it truly easier to meet such good black men at 'home'?



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