Friday, 15 March 2013

Dear Daddy

My dearest Daddy,

The King of my heart! It's another Friday and as always, it's an immense pleasure indeed writing to you! 

My no 1 friend, my Impartial Judge, my Ultimate Lord. Knowing You is unarguably the best thing that could ever happen to anyone. You are my biggest ego booster. You tell me in many ways how precious I am. You make me feel complete - I am made complete in You. There's a void in my life that only You can fill and thank You for filling it up nicely.

Thank You for my week so far. Thank You for a job to go to - I know often times I want to do more and move on to the next level but I am grateful to you for where I am currently. Someone drew my attention to the fact that I should thank You that I have not experienced 'Lagos traffic' because of the way you arranged for my work place to be so close to home. 1000 thanks Daddy :-)

Thank You for the word you gave me at the beginning of the year - To Dream Again. Thank You Glory and Lifter of my head for giving me a reason to believe, to have faith, to dream again and to know that when I dream in You, You have the power to bring each and every single one of them to pass.

Thank You for every single one of my family members. Lord, how can I thank You enough?! Thank You for their good health, I will never take it for granted. Thank You for promotion for them. Thank You for the love that exists in our family. Daddy, only You could have done it and so I say Thank You, Merci, Nagode, Ese, Dalu so.

Oh, and of course my Prince of Peace, thank You for the new church I found.. iLove *huge smile*, please make me relevant in your service. It feels so goooood to worship you with other wonderful children of Yours.. I look forward to the next Sunday with joyous anticipation.

Please bless everyone reading this post Daddy, and give them something - to sing about, to smile about, to dance about, to rejoice about - this weekend.

I love You Daddy and I can never say it enough.

Your forever girl,

One xxxxx

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