Friday, 22 March 2013

Dress to KILL!

Just before you step out that door, take a second look at the mirror. Meet YOU for the first, what do you think?

Are you responsible for what others think or feel because of what you are wearing? YES / NO

There is a debate as to whether dressing should be a matter of personal choice and taste or should be done in respect to others.

As Christians, some people believe that the emphasis should be on the inside and not on the outside while others believe that it's a total package.

For some, nudity is relative.. As long as all is not out, a little boob flash here, a little tightness there around the area(s) that matter *wink*

For some, it's inconclusive, does it really matter? Much ado about nothing! Boobs - Only an extension of my frontal flesh, stomach - everyone has one, lengths and lengths of glorious legs - tell me it's not just a part of my anatomy!?

I read something very interesting the other day about the popular British Ascot races and appropriate clothing deemed for it as it's a royal and exclusive event. A few guidelines HERE
1. Strapless or sheer (transparent) tops and dresses are banned
2. Skirts must be of modest length, falling just above the knee or longer
(to mention a few)

It struck me then that even earthly royals have standards!

It IS possible to be fashionable and be very covered up!


Pic Source One and Two

More important than the Ascot guidelines, let me share a scripture with you 

"It is better not to eat meat nor drink wine or to do anything else that will cause your brother or sister to fall" Romans 14:21

You are responsible for others - even in as little as what you choose to eat. Please be careful to not let what you wear (amongst other things) cause others to stumble.

"Mystery makes passion, a buttoned up blouse is sexier than a little black dress.." Polly Williams

"Women's (and men's) modesty increase with their beauty... Only ugly women (and men) have to flaunt themselves." Nietzche 

"If something is important to you, why would you dress as if you don't care?" Olivia Ryan


  1. I find this topic interesting, but slightly difficult. The age old argument is that some guys will still be tempted even if you go out fully covered up like a nun. On the other hand i find it quite interesting how much muslims restrict any flesh showing and we christians take our liberty and freedom as excuses to dress immodestly. i think we need to be honest with ourselves. if you are in 2 minds about an outfit, think again. I understand that what fashion provides nowadays hardly encourages modesty but we shouldn't be slaves to it either. usually there's that quiet still small voice that just makes us feel uncomfortable when what we're wearing what is leaning more towards immodesty! God help us!
    love your posts 1+the1 Reading your posts is increasingly forming part of my weekly routine :)

  2. Awww, thanks so much for your lovely comment! :-) xx
    God help us indeed! And may we be sensitive to listening to that still, soft prompting of the Holy Spirit..

    Thanks for reading my blog, much appreciated xx


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