Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Atoke & Banky DoubliYou.... A lesson

I'm sure many of us would have heard about, if not read the famous 'Love Letter' written by Atoke on Bella Naija... You haven't? *shock gasp*, read it HERE (Glad to be of service :-)

The open letter of love has received mixed feelings with some applauding her ingenuity and others scoffing at the idea of a lady expressing her undying love for a man.. Like how can? *rolls eyes* - Puleasee it was a satirical piece and actually so?! (anyways, that's story for another day)..

Me, I am firmly on team Atoke! Lol.. I must say that I believe the letter was written humorously and it certainly had that effect on me and many others. Definitely, Atoke has found a new fan in moi :-)

Anyways, I'm not writing to discuss the merits or demerits of Atoke's way of reaching out to Banky W but through the funny article, I learnt some lessons.

You see, my mum has always told me that when you want or desire something, don't stop! Don't be discouraged, be persistent, unshakable in your pursuit and no matter how long it takes, most often you would get it!

The truth is that the reason why many of us don't get what we desire is that we give up too easily and quit too early.. There is power in persistence, having a 'can do' attitude and believing that impossible is nothing.. Even the bible says that "ALL things are possible for he that believes"..

Faith works in all circumstances - with people and most especially with God. When you have a strong belief in something, it pushes you to work at it and come up with creative ways to achieve the impossible.

Dare to step out of your comfort zone. A lot of people are afraid of failure, of rejection.. "What will people say? How will they see me? What will they think of me? Am I worthy enough? WHAT IF IT FAILS?

Our fear of the 'unknown' keeps us from stepping out of the ordinary to attempt the extra-ordinary, to step out of the mundane, to do the unusual.

And let me tell you the truth, your fears are not totally unfounded, when you do step out, people would talk, they may even laugh, you may even fail at the first few attempts but if you stand tall, bold and never give up, if you keep pressing forward and be dogged in your determination, you will WIN..

And guess what? When you win, everyone becomes your friend. The "I told you so" becomes "I knew you would do it", The "Oh that's preposterously impossible" becomes "Oh, you inspire me!"

I challenge you today, I DARE you today to do THAT thing despite what the outcome may be. As long as it's right and the desire for it is there, nothing but YOU can stop you (Remember, even God recognised that with unity and determination, human beings could build a tower to heaven - imagine that! {Gen 11}..

Ignore the taunts, close your eyes to the smirks, tune out of the criticisms, forget the failures and BELIEVE!

And what happened to Atoke after it all? She got a response and her belated Valentine's gift from Mr Banky DoubliYou :-) .. See proof HERE

People may not even understand your dream / desire or why it's so important but you do! So don't live for 'people', live for God and yourself!



  1. Hallo One plus the One, its Tosin. I just followed your blog cuz i find it very resourceful with my walk as a christian lady. please I need held with my blog. I don't know au to refer one to another link with the subtitle here. e.g, i was able to click Here and it directed me to atoke's belated gift from Banky W. I would really appreciate it if you can help as it will save lots of stress and also help my readers as well. u can check out my blog at Thanks

  2. Hi dearie! Thanks a lot for reading and following my blog..

    The wonderful thing about blogging is when you start to discover the little tricks that look like 'magic' lol.. I remember how it was for me (and still is!) I'm, still seriously learning..

    With regards to your question, here goes! Hope it helps..

    Highlight the word you want to put a link, then look at the top bar (that has compose, html and some formatting tools), you will see "link" (it's usually underlined).
    Click on that and there's the option to insert the web address you want the link to go to. put in that web address and click on ok. That should do it!

    Let me know how it goes and all the best with your blog, I pray that you enjoy it all the way!

  3. Amen! You're very welcome hun xx


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