Friday, 27 February 2015

Dear Daddy - Frances Okoro

Dear Daddy,

Anytime I think of you, I think of love.

I call you my Beautiful Father but truly, you are more than that.

How can I explain your turning my life around?

How can I explain your total overhaul of the person I used to be?

The one who I am now cannot even reconcile with the one I was in time past - I say time past but it’s really only just a few years gone by, a few years with so many stages that wow me over every time I think of it.

How can one love me so much?

How can you love me this much?

What I think of myself when I think of you is that I am so unworthy, I was so filthy, I was so unworthy… yet you chose me.

Yet you separated me from the crowd.

You could have picked stones to worship you in my place, but no, you chose me.

You chose me to show forth your glory.

You chose me to spread forth your name to the world.

Oh Daddy, you chose to let your fire burn within me and burn it will.

I promise you, by your grace I will burn for you like you want me to.

I will worship you like you want me to.

You showed me love even when I did not deserve it… I still don’t deserve it but you love me anyway.

And so Daddy, the least I can do is love you right back.

With every breath in me…

With every fiber of my soul…

With every iota of my being…

I will love you.

I will love you Daddy.

I will love you fiercely.

The least I can do is love you right back and I do.

Yes I do.

Your daughter,


Update - I wrote this last year when I was at Law School and today, I am happy to say that I and Daddy are still going strong!


I can only pray that just like love grows between couples, our love will continually grow strong and weather all storms - whatever they maybe.

The storms can only come from me though which is another reason why I love my Daddy... He is CONSTANT, with a love for me that never fails!

Your girl will love you forever Daddy... forever, till eternity :-)


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  1. *Sigh*.....I love my daddy too. There is nothing like the love btw father and daughter.

    1. Oh yes InThe!! Great to have you here my dearest sis *mwahh*

  2. It could have only been turn your life put a new song on your lips...........who puts a spring in your step. No one but God. This God you are privileged to call Daddy!
    Lovely post Frances.

    1. Yes! It is a real privilege indeed! Thank You Abba Father!

  3. @inthe, I sooo understand that sigh...I feel like that most times, like this my "Father"....

    @favoured woman, it could and can't be no one else, only our Daddy could have done this...

    And Ayo, thank you so much for the privilege to share this on your blog...these letters to our Daddy have a way of just showing us what really matters...GOD

    1. Thank you my darling Frances! Thank you for sharing your heart with us here and blessing + inspiring others with your post.
      Thank God for being an AWESOME Father!


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