Friday, 20 February 2015

Dear Daddy

Dearest Daddy of life!!!

How are you this beautiful day that you have made?

I come to you to drop a little note of loveee or a love 'notelet'.. :-)

My SuperPower, my soul's delight, Beautiful One that I adore.. Ololufe mi no 1! I have come today just to let You know that I deeply appreciate You.. I really do.

I appreciate what You have done in and with my life. I thank You for the blessings I see and do not see. Today, I want to concentrate more on the ones I cannot see. Those great blessings that You daily load me with yet sometimes are invisible to my human eye.

Sometimes I imagine the kind of revelation and insight I would have when I meet with You face-to-face and You show me the history of my existence. Then I would clearly see all those times You SAVED me.

Those times when I felt disappointed... Yet that was You saving me
Those times when I felt rejected... Yet that was You saving me
Those times when I missed that 'opportunity' by a hare's breath.... Yet, that was how You saved me
Those appointments missed... You saving me all along
The mornings I woke up and rolled out of bed without a care in the world.... If only I knew how much You saved me over the night
The times I felt absolutely let down... You were saving me!
The tears I cried in self-pity and frustration.... Even in that You were saving me!

The list is endless Daddy.. Even as I try to imagine, my limited mind cannot even scratch the surface because You do so much for me... My Daddy who never sleeps nor slumber. Alert to my every call, every cry, every whimper. The One who keeps me in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening and at night.

I am never a burden to You. You always have my time.

Thank You so so much. I thank You for all the wonderful blessings I can count, but today I am especially grateful for those I am unaware of.. I give You praise in advance for when I would be privy to them all.. Until then - Ese gidi gan Baba mi loke! I am immensely grateful.

Love You from now until I see You and even after then,
One xx

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  1. Now this line is why i came to your blog.. This was why GOD made me type the URL into my tab, and the line goes: "Those times when I felt rejected... Yet that was You saving me" i am learning in this my 23 years 3 months and 12 days of existence yeah, that the same GOD that is with us when we feel high and ghen ghen and gangster like that ehn, is the very same GOD that is with us at our lowest of lows. So when things dont just go as WE have planned, maybe GOD is just making them go as HE has planned... I am taking that line with me. Cheers Bubba.

    P.S: This line has been on my mind all morning.. I dunno if I am even quoting it right.. nor the precise reason why I have been pondering on it... But it goes.. "Paul plantetth, Appollos watereth but it is GOD who giveth increase." Cheers Bubba. xx


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