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Music and Me: God Alone - Glowreeyah Braimah


First post of the week.. How has the week been so far? Isn't it just amazing that it's already the last week in February?? *phew*.... Time waits for no one.. It's movingggg! I hope it's moving in the right direction for you and yours.

Alright, today, it's delightful to bring you the Music and Me feature for this week.. Remember the lady who sang the 'Miracle Worker' song with Nathaniel Bassey? We shared a piece she wrote on what the song meant to her HERE.. Well Glowreeyah is back and this time, a beautiful friend of the blog who runs an online fellowship called E-Fellowship and also on BB (which has now metamorphosed into a monthly soul-lifting and impact-full monthly interactive meeting 'Shekinah Glory'*) talks about what Glowreeyah's new song means to her..

Ladies and gentlemen, Ogo Okafor gives us a glimpse into her worship life on Music and Me this week... Enjoy!!


It all started with Miracle worker by Glowreeyah ft Nathaniel Bassey and as usual I got everyone around me to listen to it and more or less forced them to fall in love with it. I confess! I confess! You stay with me one second and you will know my song of the week. My song that week was Miracle Worker, I was captivated. My 'Orange Butterflies' sisters (A Christian group I belong to) had been talking about it forever but for some reason I hadn’t had time to listen, and now sitting in my car listening to it I was like ohhhh wow. One of my colleagues who I totally enjoy sharing songs like this with was in my car later that day and after listening twice she had learnt the whole song.The next morning I get into the office and I hear "NkoNko come and watch this…." BAM! an experience I'm yet to get over. I watched the most meaningful music video I have seen in times past ..(In my opinion) 'GOD ALONE' by GLOWREEYAH BRAIMOH….and ooooo Music is soooo beautiful (I just had to add that. I mean how do you explain the fact that we sing…think about that for a second, the voices, the melody, the harmony…then think about the fact that we talk, imagine if we talked songs or sang instead of talking….like I wanna ask you for a cold glass of water and I sang it instead…lol weird… its such a beautiful concept that I thank God for…Beautiful God) To top it up, I read this article by GlowreeyahBraimoh which just even made the song have so much more meaning:

7pm - January 8th, 2014: I was at cross-roads and about to make a very difficult decision .One of those ‘jump-off-the-cliff-and-trust-an-invisible-God-to-catch-you-at-the-bottom- type-of situations’. Tumult and turmoil. I was absolutely terrified. I knelt down to pray in my Mummy-N’s living room but I just could not find the words to express how I really felt. Let’s take a station-break. (Did you cry again Glowreeyah? Ermmmm, yes, I did! *scratching head* Why do you always have to cry just before you write a song? Errrmm….silence and a blank stare).

Somehow in the entire process, I received this gift of a song that was given *blowing kisses to heaven…mwah mwah*. The peace and quiet re-assurance I felt while I hummed it cannot be measured. I felt like there were angels all around me, swaying to the beat of the invisible drums I could hear in my head!

I got up smiling; confident in the knowledge that whether kingdoms rise or fall, nothing I would ever face could ever match up to the Almightiness and 'Bigness' of my ‘Main G’ and His available power to act on my behalf! So, here’s to you, dear Listener - if fear, terror, depression, loss, grief and devastation threaten to grip your heart today, I know Jesus can intervene as Lord Supreme over your surrendered life and do only what a ‘Main G’ like Him can do! That’s right! Ahan! Yeah! Yo! *Shout a glass-shattering, pounded-yam energizing Amen, somebooodddyyy!*

So let the worship begin. No one else can wear the crown…….OUR LORD IS GOD ALONE!"
- Glowreeyah.

That last paragraph explains just how I feel when I hear that soong 'God Alone' and when I watch the video…….brrrrr. I literally crown him with worship when I sing this song. You know how your heart is being poured out by someone else in their song and then it's almost like your spirit is witnessing with their spirit…lol, yes the spirits are syncing…that’s exactly how I feel. I mean the lyrics…

Kings and Kingdoms take a bow
My God is God alone
No one else can wear the crown  (FULLSTOP)

Isn’t that what the struggle is with the kingdom of darkness and the kingdom of light? Then she goes further to speak to situation and instructs circumstances to make a u-turn. A lot of times we sit down and worry and complain and imagine things getting worse when we can INSTEAD be speaking to the situation and praising our maker. You know how we say magnify our maker and not our problem or "don’t show God how big your problem is, show your problem how big your God is." This song sums it up for me……and its soooo short lol like 3 minutes I almost wanna scream don’t end!!! Now its just on repeat, as I cant shout.

Off I go…..Hope it blesses you as it blessed me….. #walkingawaysingingSituationshearmenowmyGodisGodalone


I hope you felt the excitement in Ogo's writing as much as I did! It's very infectious. You can tell that the song excites her :-) And it is absolutely understandable - It is such a powerful song of declaration of who God is to us, who God really is - God ALONE.

Your spirit can't but be lifted, your heart bursting with pride for the one you call GOD! The One who is the Lord of Hosts, King of Glory, Lord of All, Master of the Universe, King of Kings, King Maker, Supreme Being, Sovereign King.. Ultimate no 1!

The song is very catchy too. (As I publish the post, the song is playing on repeat in the background and in a matter of minutes, people around me are singing along too!)

Today, you are encouraged in the words of Ogo to take your eyes and mind off how big your problem is, or how rough the storm seems to be raging right now (go on, you can do it!), and instead focus your eyes family on God, and with your mouth decree how exceedingly great your God is. Praise Him for it and let joy feel your soul as you revel in the assurance that after all is said and done, God remains GOD ALONE!

*PS - Shekinah Glory (led by Ogo Okafor) is a monthly interactive and very down-to-earth fellowship that welcomes all people. We meet every 3rd Sunday of the month. 
Let me know if you would like more information.


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    Glowree to God alone! Mighty glad that this has blessed you so!It makes all the painstaking effort worth it. May the multiplicity of heaven's grace abound towards you! :-) Hugs and xxx!


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