Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Scandal me no more

I don't watch many series apart from the days of Desperate Housewives *big grin*, a bit of One Tree Hill.. I get bored with them easily. I remember my ex trying to get me into Eastenders and Corrie.. what?! I watched the former's Christmas episode to show my committed committment to him but err I still didn't quite gerrit!

Ok, so a few months back, I was introduced to this uber fascinating series and I got very very into it! Like I spent the whole day watching it and just wanted to clap with glee at the sheer thrill of it all! And one of the most exciting thing was that the lead was female *whoop whoop*... To be honest, I wouldn't have minded being Olivia Pope for one day.. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.. Scandal!

Yup, I dedicated a whole Saturday to exploring the exhilirating exhiliration of Scandal - Olivia Pope, the President, their affair, the first lady and the next 'issue' to be taken care of.. 

Now, I think it must have been around evening time when I had been sufficiently saturated with Scandal that I had that niggling nudge in my mind (Don't you just hate when that happens).. I knew there was something not quite right when I couldn't wait for the next Fitz and Olivia 'moment'.. Oh how I started to get quite irritated with Mellie and her meddling and interrupting ways.. Even when she was pregnant.. Like so? Are you the first wife to be pregnant for your husband who is spending time, quality time with his much more interesting mistress?! Can you just chill a little so that they can bask in the illicit-ness of their affair and the joy of not ever wanting to live without the other.. IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK A WIFE??!

Yup, I knew there was problem.. I had to take a chill pill! 

I am a Christian, I know what my values and principles are, yet here I was rationalising in my mind the reason why Fitz just had to keep on carrying on with his mistress! It was Mellie's fault after all (too cold-hearted, too manipulating). It's Olivia he really wants to be with and we know that if he weren't President I would find him a divorce lawyer in a flash! Lol..

I know it's just a TV series, "One calm right down!" But... The bible says 'Above all else, guard your heart for everything you do flows from it'..

It's harmless really but I know the truth about 'fleeing from every appearance of evil (anything that looks like or dare I add makes what is wrong look pleasantly appealing).

A while ago, I made a decision to guard jealously what I allow enter into my mind and soul through my eyes and ears.. It's difficult and sometimes I can't help it but it's a continuous rising and falling and rising tilll I win by God's grace!

What we expose ourselves to, ideas that start as unharmful seeds grow into dangerous philosophies... I can't make my mind understand how I feed it with the truth of the downside of cheating, lying, unfaithfulness in marriage and divorce and make it get excited and thrilled by the very same thing I stand against.

I had to say bye-bye Scandal.... Though 'harmless' but mans got to guard my heart very jealously..

PS, this not only goes for Scandal.. It's more a metaphor for anything that does not do my mind and soul good.. God help me xxxx

"Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things"


  1. I agree with you so much on this point. I watched back to back runs one day of Scandal and though the story line was "juicy" with all the unexpected twists and turns; I too was convicted that this is not something that I want to consume myself and get carried away with watching. At the end of the day the story is saturated with adulturous sex, lies and all kinds of unGodly things.

    It is important for us to gurad the avenues of our mind and watch what we "feed" ourselves through the minds eye.

  2. Yes sis! I plan to oh.. It's not easy but very possible. I appreciate your comments on this blog xx

  3. i definitely agree with you on this article! It may seem like a harmless movie/book but our minds are easily impressionable (whether you accept it or not) and as you've rightly pointed out the bible does admonish us to guard our hearts jealously
    especially in this day and age where sex is being promoted so blatantly, we are flooded with images, radio jingles and the like every day we really need to be careful and not start to 'normalise' things that we should stand up against!
    wonderful article. xxxxx

  4. Thank you very much for your comment.. I was having a similar conversation with my cousin a few days back.. It's alarming the way most songs and lyrics and adverts and jingles and basically the media is saturated with overtly sexual stuff or sexual innuendo.. It's becoming to seem 'normal'.. It's increasingly difficult to find something noble, clean, good etc. Lord help us! xxxx

  5. Wow! I also got convicted about watching 'Revenge', same reasons like you gave also. It was everything I stood against. It was extremely conflicting as I really enjoyed watching it but I knew deep down the series had to go. The Bible tells us to forgive and that vengeance belongs to God not for one to be plotting their entire lives to get back to their enemies.

    The media has really hooked up a lot of people with lies (I mean, the names of these series says it all). Game of Thrones is another one I have to discipline myself not to follow the nest series. Too much sin and evil subtly entering one's mind through their 'sinful captivating' plots...

  6. You are very right +1.
    Sugarspring had a post once along this lines.
    Was hooked on Vampire Diaries till the nudge came. Had to give it up.
    The last scripture you wrote actually sums it up.

  7. Thank you very much for your comment Paula.. It's really really difficult! Most of these series are so sinfully delicious! Lord help us! Thanks for stopping by xx
    @Tamie, I have tried many times over to un-hook myself from particular movies, series or music that I had that gentle nudge about.. God is still helping me :-) xxxx

  8. This scandal series has taken over blogville oh, from Angelbeauty, Beautiful and now you too blogging about it....okay, I will go and watch it so I can have something to say...

  9. I don't watch scandal, but one thing I know is this... it is not just a TV series.

    We all know that the best way to manipulate people's culture and lifestyle is through the media. Once the media paints something as acceptable, people unwittingly accept it, and later even the very elect will lower his standards.

    If there is a time where Christians are to fight to guard their salvation, it is now.

  10. Lol@Sykik.. I didn't even know there had been a wide discussion on it on blogville - That's a good thing I guess.
    @ilola, you are so right! We have to take a stand against so many things these days! A daily resolution..

  11. Yes YES YES
    I couldn't agree more...
    And I see we both are DHW lovers. Ah... Wish it was still on...
    You can try Commander in chief series. You should like it too

  12. babe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I LOve your post.
    I wrote a similar post on this on my blog at a time, not about scandal tho, but abt Calling it for what it is.
    WHat is wrong is WRONG!!!
    No matter how much our flesh desires it, no matter how good it may seem.
    Do you know the whole scheme behind this 'good' thing? The Word Good tries to replace "GOdly" have you noticed.
    It makes you the judge of what is right and wrong instead of leaving it to God to decide that.
    WHatever is NOT holy, Whatever doesnt edify God and Edify yourself too is NOT Godly, is not from God either.
    The world might call it good but thats why we're not of the world, we're of the SPirit. The SPirit gives us life but the flesh profits nothing.
    I watch movies o, dont get me wrong, a lot sef, infact there was a time it was starting to get too much and so i had to calm down.
    God speaks to everybody, it depends on if you listen or not.

    I havent watched Scandal but Ive been hearing soooooooo much gist about it and I know, most definitely know that I dont want to watch it, I have my heart to guard right now. I'm still praying to God about some things and so imagine me sharing my quiet time with a TV series.
    Imagine watching that when rapture happens..
    Now thats a worse
    The WOrld is really gaining fast pace on ppl's souls and we need to guard our selves and reach out to others as well.
    Adultery is adultery, whether they like it or not, but when the message is passed in a subtle way such as in Scandal, then ppl shdn't be surprised that the same act is seeping into their homes as well.
    May God help us
    WONDERFUL POST once more!!!

  13. GOD BLESS YOU Sugarspring! Thanks for your comment. It's insightful and a blessing in itself xxxx

  14. I agree with you. I agree with Highly Favored. I agree with Tamie. I agree with sugarspring. I can't even stomach the show anymore so I especially agree with this statement "We all know that the best way to manipulate people's culture and lifestyle is through the media. Once the media paints something as acceptable, people unwittingly accept it, and later even the very elect will lower his standards."

  15. I agree with everyone
    Worst case scenario is when I was addicted to Tinsel and Army Wives(+ Suits)
    And always trying to create room why their(evil) acts is acceptable

  16. AMEN! Thanks for stooping by Debby and welcome to my blog! God bless you xx

  17. @Naijawife, Gbam! May God help us, ko easy having to wear the 'spirikoko' hat

  18. Wow I totally agree with this post, I knew I had to stop watching scandal just because of the kind of thoughts that goes through my head while watching it.. The lustful thoughts and desires were just something else.. It's not easy but may God help us.


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