Tuesday, 1 October 2013

My sister, my paddy of life!

Welcome to the wonderful month of October!

You see, October is one of my favourite months in the year (after May)! It has the privilege of being the month when my sister and bestest friend was born some xx years ago!


I love my sister. She's a wonderfully wise individual. Incredibly intelligent with a beautiful beautiful heart. In my xx years on planet earth, I have built so many memories with her and there's hardly a secret of mine that she does not share!

It's so great to have someone to talk to about every heartbreak, those times when you absolutely 'hate' your parents and 'can't believe they are even your real parents' lol... The years of 'crushes' and almost bruising her ears with details of the new guy that I 'totally fancy' and she would suffer me gladly.. Well I exaggerate, not too gladly - my sister ain't gat time for nonsense.. As loving and lovely as she is, she is one person who knows how to set me straight .. like "dude, seriously??!" LOL... Sometimes, I bite my nails nervoulsy when I have to 'confess' something I shouldn't have done.. But no matter how frightening it is, I always breathe a sigh of relief *sigh* whenever I have poured out my misdemeanour heart to her.. She tries (try being the operative word here) to be non-judgemental and I have to say, she succeeds most of the time lol.


One of the best things about having a sister and best friend like her is the wonderful fact that we both love Jesus! It totally rocks! Because even when we don't particularly want to love the other at that particular time, we just have to do 'the right thing' before God sets us straight.. (well or at least our mother hehe).. I am grateful to have a confidant whose head is screwed on tightly on her head, an encourager who believes I can fly to the moon and back - unassisted, and who also thinks and says that no man is good enough for me (but a good husband will do hehehe), a friend who prays for me almost as much as she does herself, a sister who loves her sister without doubt.

She is my sounding board.. When she approves of something, it gives me extra confidence in that thing to think I actually made a right choice, she reads my blog and tells her friends to "check out this blog by this 'writer, she writes good stuff" lol, (got to love her!).

  (hehe) source

I feel like she's my 1st child cause sometimes the kind of protective love that I have for her makes me imagine how I would be with my children or husband! I know I have had to shake -up 'warn' a number of people on her behalf (girls are not smiling oh *snarl*).... I would be grateful to God if I get to have the kind of friendship I have with her, with my husband.. Deep sturves mehn.

I could go on and on.. but I'll stop here...

In a nutshell, my sister is just simply amazing and I am so proud to have her! She is absolutely one of the best gifts God (and my mama! lol) gave me!

...If you have a sister almost like mine (cause y'all know mine is the best), please celebrate them today!

Happy and blessed October people! And for my Naija fam, Happy Independence Day - Nigeria will be great (we have to hope and keep believing!) xxxx


  1. This is beautiful.I could relate this with my own sister. Happy independence day too :D

  2. Your sister is super wey be only girl

  3. @Yours_Sincerely, Thank you.. Happy Independence to you too! xx
    @sykik, yup! Very correct - superbly special..
    PS We can 'adopt' you as our sister too :-D

  4. Oh, i know this!!! You could have easily beenn talking about my sister. She's amazeballs and then some :D

  5. Am I your sister?!
    I was born in October....and I am an amazing person...if I dare say so myself......hehehehehehhe

  6. @Toin, Thank God for sisters oh!
    @HD, Hehee.. Don't let the secret out!

  7. Eeeya. I'm feeling mushy on your behalf.

  8. Awwwwww so cute,she's so lucky to have I wish I had a sister :(

  9. hurray for all the sisters out there, ( I know somebody is celebrating me as a loving big sis too). lol

  10. @ilola, thanks jare..
    @The Fashion Engineer, I'm blessed to have her! Awww.. you know only girls have a special position and are usually spoilt *wink*
    @FW, Yes ma'am! Hurray!! xxx

  11. Awwwwh..... I have a sister too so I can echo everything you just said. Sisters are the best; both the "By blood" kinds and the "through the word" kind.

  12. Yes, my Blog sister of life! xx

  13. You just (mostly) described my sister. Happy (belated) independence day to you too. Sisters are awesome!

  14. When you have a sister who's got your back, you sure have a great best friend for life. I can relate, because I have a sister who is super special too.
    Happy belated independence day.

  15. UIK and RB, :-) ... I guessed that I would get that.. Sisters all round are just amazing. God bless them! xx

  16. Oh I love mushy!!!
    I love this totally!!!
    My sisters and I are not the best of friends cos d age difference is really much but mehn, I have the most amazing friends ever so I can relate.

  17. LOL.. I know you love mushy mushy.. Infact I dare say you are the Queen of Mush! Haha! xx


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