Monday, 14 October 2013

In pursuit of financial security *phew*

*Permission to be real?*

One of the important qualities I have desired or that I look out for in a 'potential somebody' is his financial standing.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a gold-digger and there are other certain things that supercede the health of his bank balance but as a girl who does not want to 'suffer and no dey beg for bread' (in the tune of that popular praise song :-), I wanted to be sure that the man I pledged my life to could at least provide me with a very good measure of comfort.

It was really really important to me. Infact if I was being honest, I would have wanted a guy who could sufficiently take full care of me and many others, with my contribution being a mere bonus. I wanted to live in his lovely house if possible and travel the world with him! It would be great of he had a solid pedigree too, so that I would know that the money had 'backing. haha iLaugh.

It's great and inspiring to hear stories of how a couple started from scratch and built together and I admire them... but let me not lie, I was not too sure I wanted to do any 'building' with anybody.. I don build for my life tire, let me enjoy plix! lol + when I consider the number of years of potential building, I felt that I would rather spend that time in the South of France or on a Caribbean Cruise :-)

As the thought crossed my mind in church (yup, even in there, I have random thoughts hehe).. A thought came to my mind and I imagined. "What if YOU had the money?" "Why are you so particular about the guy's potential to be very successful even above yours? (and it was not because I was being selfless)"

The thing is that in looking for the next big successful man to spouse up, sometimes, I forget that despite being a lady (Gosh! I'm sexist to myself), I actually have the potential to be great and extremely successful!

Why put all that pressure on a poor human being like me when we've been called to the same inheritance in Jesus Christ - male or female. Yes, I want a very comfortable life, but I choose no longer to look up to a man to provide that for me, I choose to look up to THE One who makes rich and prospers.

Now, instead of dreaming of being the very accomplished wife of a very accomplished wealthy man, I can begin to imagine me being successful, building an empire, championing causes by God's grace.

It also helps to see/read about visible women who have achieved so many things! That's why I love Ms JS Bass series on female role models! It inspires me, it helps me know it's possible.

As a woman, you have so much potential in you! And the extent of your greatness should not be determined by a man. Jesus did not die for that :-)

Celebrating all women achievers.. and men too! God bless your huzzle..


  1. I feel you on the 'you have suffered enough' part. It comes down to personal choice, but if a woman makes more money than her husband, he had better be the kind of person who is not threatened by her success. Or else, wahala go dey.

  2. flesh and blood has not revealed this to you my dear.
    He has called us (men and women to be successful).
    Nothing wrong in both of u having too much pepper.

  3. I like this post. it's easy for us ladies to have that 'the man has to have all the money' mentality.
    Mrs Alakija (that's her name right?) really inspires moi. And also it moves our respect level up a notch because men will see us as equal to them and self-sufficient so no room for nansenzzzzz.

  4. I will like to help a man build his wealth. It will actually be a great joy to watch the business grow from nothing into an empire.

  5. i love this post. you've hit the nail on the head. we woman should trust God to make us great as well. He's put us on this earth to achieve purpose! I would love to marry someone who's rich but now I'm thinking God make me rich as well. haha!

  6. @RB, You're very right.. That's 2-in-1 prayer point.. The grace to be wealthy and the grace for my man to feel secure enough to handle a prosperous woman and the wisdom to understand that when we get married, what is mine is his and vice versa
    @FW, AMEN! Both of us having too much pepper is the way!
    @Missy Tee, Yes, it's Mrs Alakija.. The room for nansenzzzz has been fully occupied by plenty dollars :-D
    @ilola, I admire that a lot.. And I am praying that if I do find myself in such a situation with a good man, God will give me the grace to build with him gladly!
    @Chika, Thanks hun! Indeed, God has given each of us a purpose and we need to start seeing it that way. I am on this earth to achieve something in addition to helping my man fulfill his! xx

  7. We are so CLEARLY in the spirit this month with posts about money. =)

  8. As in!! Too much! I'm looking forward to part 2! Please hurry! xx

  9. I really love your post and thanks for mentioning me *hugs* Trust me, I always believe women are capable of doing whatever God puts in our hands to do. Not just the men should have the wealth, we are good at making that happen too, keeping the home and the society in extension. We rock!


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