Thursday 10 October 2013

But I want that other one!!

I was gisting with my fabulous sister who I introduced HERE and I think I made reference to a new development that had taken place in the Secondary School she went to and that's how this wonderful lesson came (or was illustrated again)..

So let me go down memory lane a bit..

After my Junior Secondary School, I upgraded changed schools to a much nicer one that was uber cool! I had extra cool school mates, extra-curricular activities that I had hitherto only watched on TV, a fancy unifrom that stood out in those days, everyone had to have some kind of rep, teachers ddin't beat children *heaven* (in those days it was something oh! lol).. In short it was just too cool for school (in my mind) :-)


At the same time, my sister was going to change school too and we both thought it would be absolutely 'divineee' for her to join me at my new cool school! I had regaled her with tales of school daily and each day she couldn't wait to hear the new adventures of One's cool school.. She did the entrance examination and passed (I did tell you she is super intelligent! lol) and we thought 'YES' she's coming in! Fun School for 2 - how mega exciting!


For some reason, she couldn't attend the school any longer cause the parents decided that she would go to another school that she had also written their entrance exam.. Now this school was great BUT it did not have the 'trappings' of my school. It was just 'there' and guess what? They beat chidlren too and punished mehn! *shock gasp*.. However, it was bigger, it was growing in strength and it was quite academically strong. But my sister was disappointed and so was I!

Anyways, fast-forward later, guess what? My old school is barely existing and my sister's school is flourishing! I smile when I remember because I'm like who would have thought?

Now if we both mention our alma matters, hers would be received with more recognition and respect than mine in many places. The products of her school are doing great things! (And mine too oh, I mean look at me! lol)..

As we remembered yesterday and joked about it, I got a lesson from it 'Don't look at or judge things, situations or people with your limited instinct, but trust God's direction even in disappointments. He may be taking you to a place you don't really understand why, or isn't your first preference, He may be asking you to venture into something that looks quite off while your choice looks definitely more appealing, but trust His judgement... Usually it's a set-up for your own benefit because while we see the 'here and now'.. He sees the enduring long-term benefit, glamour and usefulness.

(Be malleable to God's own picture)

This may be for someone who is about to make a decision or whose direction has been 'veered' towards something that isn't your first or preferred choice.. As long as God's got you, trust Him.. Very very soon, you will see and understand why, and you will thank Him for it.

At that time, my sister probably didn't realise that God was giving her a real gift in taking her to that school as she thought mine was better but thank God He interrupted our limited desires to give her much more! And now, she looks back and can say thank God He took me there instead of where I wanted.

Things to remember
1. Commit all your ways to God (specifically and unspecifically)
2. Have a plan, let Him know your plans - communicate it to Him expressly
3. Give Him room to change it when there's a need
4. Trust Him enough to believe that He has got you covered so He one way or the other, He will make a way for you
5. Usually, when there is a change, you will probably see that it still broadly achieves what you want but not in the way that you want it (eg, my sister still got educated but not in the school that she wanted)
6. With the right attitude (thanksgiving in all situations work), you will start to see that 'it's not that bad actually' lol - that's just the beginning
7. Ultimately, when the full, grand plan is revealed, you will love Him more for it and be so grateful He orchestrated it all!
8. Patience and trust should be your close allies!

Thanks for reading folks xxxx


  1. this is so true,sometimes we wish we had somethings,not knowing what plan God has for us.I like your posts

  2. Wow! You’ve said it all. Loved this post!

  3. We just need to trust God totally.....and yes, what screws us up often times is that we think we have an idea of how things should work out.....

  4. I mean... Seriously!!! Yup have a plan BUT stick to His should He change it. The plans He has for me are wayyyyyy better than the BEST plans I have for myself so I am learning to stay malleable. Reminds me so much of how I wanted to do NYSC in Abuja and cried when I got Lagos and couldn't redeploy even with all my 'connections' looool. Today I look back and forward at how totally FABtastic serving in Lag has been and I am like Abuja couldn't top this walahi... Nne'm, our Jehovah rocks o jare. Muah

  5. Yea. We never see the big picture.

  6. tank u very much 4 this post! i'm going thru a thingy right now and this post has totally nailed it 4 me. God definitely has it all in control and although his ways may not be ours, He's d same one who promises us love that can compare to no other and also promises us that He wants only the best for us!
    I pray we are all patient enough and trusting in God enough to achieve the purposes He desires for us. Amen.
    Thanks again.

  7. Thanks for your comments everyone!
    @Chika and The New Life.. Welcome to the blog and thanks for stopping by xxxx

  8. I know what you mean! sometimes, we have no idea how much God is setting ways for us in the future

  9. @dayor, Thanks! God help us..
    @Abi Tobi, You're right.. many times we don't

  10. I loved the tribute to your sister btw So, so touching


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