Monday, 14 October 2013

100th post in 2013! Rock on!

*It's a double-whammy today!* In honour of the 2-day public holiday I'm about to indulge in hehe (God bless Nigeria!)

If you haven't read the other note posted today, please feel free to go HERE

Guess what?! This is my 100th post this year! *whoop whoop*..Now this is a big deal for moi because this is the most amount of posts my blog has seen/experienced in one year *squeals!* ... Who would have thought?

Thanks to everyone who show me so much lurveee on here! You make coming back here uber fun! And your blogs make the wonderful world of blogville what it is... wonderful! *kisses*

*Aside, someone was talking about the importance of reading books the other day and how much it builds you up in many ways. He was like how many books have you read this year and as I was counting, I remembered the amount of time I spend reading blogs and how much of a blessing it's been to me!

When I graduate from the School of life (in the very distant future), I will be sure to thank Baba God for making me encounter blogging and bloggers who have contributed immensely to my all-round development!

You guys totally rock!

So ladies and gentlemen, silent and commenting readers, spammers and real people, I am dedicating this 100th post to y'all! You totally and absolutely ROCK!!

May God bless you real good for the impact you've made (and still making) in my life! *MWAH!*



  1. Lol @ thanking spammers. Congratulations? Yes, Congratulations! Here's wishing you thousands of engaging and thought-provoking posts.

  2. congrats dearie, keep the posts coming.
    P.S: some online chop chop would have been in order oh to celebrate with u. Abi wetin u think. lol

  3. Yay! Congratulations. Cheers to many more posts. You've been a blessing

  4. Congrats and here's to more posts, cheers!

  5. 100 and counting...... please don't stop writing I love your posts

  6. Congrats dear, grace to write more inspiring posts.

  7. @RB, As in The amount of 'comments' I get from Spammers makes them worthy of a mention PS, Blogger, sort yourselves out biko.. Amen hun, thank you very much *kisses*
    @FW, Thank you soo much! Please see me in camera for some chop chop
    @dayor, Aww, I thank God for people like you.. xx
    @Toin, *HUGS*.. Thanks hun xx
    @The New Life, Thankies :-) xx
    @ilola, Thank you hun
    @MW, Thanks! I really appreciate your comment xx
    @Anonymous, Awww, thank you so much! I'm very grateful xx
    @Damilola, AMEN! Thanks hun xx

  8. Congrats.......100th post loun-loun.......100 gbosas for you....

  9. *receiving the 100 gbosas!* Thanks you oh! :-) xx

  10. Muah muah muah right back.*smiles*


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