Thursday 3 October 2013

A tale of a 'meeting'

So.. I went for a date meeting a little while back.. (long story).

For some reason I was quite irritable after a long day at work (which is very unusual!) as I don't get easily annoyed..

*Note to self* A day after work is not the greatest time for first meetings

Anyway, I have concluded that it was my very first experience of PMS! I have heard of it but never been a victim.. That's the only explanation I have for my impatience mehn.. #Thatsmystory

So, dude and I agreed on a rendezvous.... I said I would meet him there (cause I didn't want it to look like what it was not lol).. He gave me the address of the place and I thought "cool, close to work, I should be there in about 10mins).

Called a taxi and gave him the address, taxi guy was clueless so we said we would ask around when we got close.. After a few heres and theres, we finally got on the street. We couldn't find the place.. We asked passers-by and they didn't have a clue either.. I was PMS-ly getting very + I knew the guy was increasing my fare in his mind by the minute..

We went round and round and on and on and we were still lost.. A 10min journey had stretched to 30mins and 40mins was waving not too far off!.. It turned out that the dude had given me the wrong address! *smoke out of ear* (again, on retrospect, it was the PMS talking hehe).. But mehn, I was like why couldn't he just give me the right address or be sure before sending me on a wild goose chase! And you know how people can be with directions "Yes, go all the way down the street and turn left, then right before you swerve forward".. People don't actually understand the concept of "I honestly don't know"..

We finally found the place and taxi guy doubled my fare (Mehn, after the stress, I was ready and willing to give him that much and thank him too lol)..

The meeting wasn't actually bad and it was nice to be out as I have become such a social recluse mehnn!

Then, it was time to go and I heard what I thought was a real real damper! "Err.. so, should I call you a taxi"...

Now, the reason why I will make such a big deal about this is because
1. He had a car
2. He did not have any plans afterwards
3. He had asked me to come out
4. Is chivalry dead???!!!!

Lol.. I have a feeling I'm making an unnecessary deal out of this but allow me to say that ahn ahn guy.. try now..
We all know that even if you came by bus, you carry me to the front of my house and then hail the next bus back right?

Or wrong? or find your way my friend!

But me, I like the door-dropping friend mehn.. At the end of the day, it's the little things...


  1. I hate giving people excuses, but maybe he wanted you to go home the same way you arrived.

    The smartest thing to do would have been to "OFFER" you a ride in his car. If you declined, then it would have been your choice. But not offering at all, hmmm ...

  2. Maybe it was a test...but then, he had a car after all. Hmm, puzzling.
    This is my first time on your blog, and I admit that I found the name intriguing and creative. Well done.
    Do stop by at mine's:

  3. Hope its okay that i found your re-tell funny?


    I totally agree, little things o. for me, if a guy walks in front of me when we are walking on the road, i cringe. If he lets me stay on the side of the road that cars pass... wahala.. not to talk of not trying to hold my hand when we have to cross. Sigh x_x I know abit extreme, but little things do matter to me too..

  4. Nice piece but seriously some guys do dat cos they dnt jus knw how right 2 treat a lady

  5. Hian! Most Nigerian guys r so clueless when it comes to chivalry! The little things matter. On the other hand sha,if he atleast offered to call a taxi for u,then oh well,that's small pass mark(some don't bother) but d right tin to do would av been to drop u off.
    Nice blog btw,going thru ur posts.

  6. @RB, that would have been the smartest thing! I would have actually appreciated that..
    @UIK, He did.. That's the thing lol.. You are very welcome to the blog!! Thanks a lot for stopping by and commenting as well.. I have already book-marked your blog.. Been a fan for a while now :-) xxxx
    @Akibo, lol.. Please feel free, I wrote it on a light note.. With your list, I feel in good comapny hehe
    @Tochukwu.. Welcome to the blog! Thanks a lot for commenting as well..I agree with you, some guys just don't know how to and not necessarily because they are loathe to do it.. I wrote about it in July. And I hope to share more to help our dear guys..
    @Frances.. Welcome to the blog and thanks for commenting as well :-)
    Yes, you're right, he gets some points for asking to call a taxi but I just thought "cheeky!" lol xx

  7. I like the name of your blog, really cool. Going through your posts and they're quite interesting and insightful. Whether people want to admit it or not, the little things really do matter.

  8. I'm learning to allow some of these "little things" slip if he gets an 'A' on the big things that matter.

  9. You are not wrong jare. He should have offered to drop you.

  10. @Ibimina, thanks a lot! Welcome to the blog and thanks a lot for commenting.. And I agree with you the little things matter very much :-) xx
    @DrLily, Welcome to the blog and thanks for your comment.. I totally understand what you're saying.. In the long run, you have to do a 'scale of preference'.. Don't fuss over the little things and ignore the big things he's doing.. I guess for this one, it's because it was the first time we were meeting and he hadn't yet built a 'reserve' of big things to downplay the little things (Am I making sense? lol)
    @ilola.. my sister.. He should have mehn.. He didn't try lol

  11. lol! your experience is funny yet annoying. Hope you're fine? I have so missed this blog! Cheers!

  12. Sorry oh, but the bobo must be a "dodo" .....he can't offer you a ride and couldn't pay for the cab to take you home......he needs to attend chivalry 101 classes......pele dearie

  13. @Ms JS Bass.. My darling! I've missed you too! Hope you're back now? :-)Thanks a lot for stopping by xx
    @sykik, big dodo lol.. When he asked, I think the look on my face made him quickly rescind the offer to call a cab lol (it was an involuntary look, I didn't even know it 'came up' until after haha) xx

  14. Interesting. Besides the taxi and ride mishap. How would you describe the "meeting"? If you don't mind me asking...Did you have easy flowing conversations?

  15. Hmm.. The meeting was not bad. We talked, we laughed, not bad.

  16. Please let's not even sugar-coat this thing and let's call a spade a spade. Many guys in Nigeria are seriously lacking in chivalry and basic dating (you never actually told us it was a date sha buh I just have to believe it rules that every guy should observe. I'm only going to let him off the hook if you tell me you live in Lagos and there was terrible traffic on your end or that it wasn't a date but an actual meeting. Either way please someone needs to help these guys learn how to treat a lady on a first date. It seems that ladies are the ones learning everything that has to do with relationships from how to make a man fall in love with you to how to be the best wife on earth...hmmm...hope I'm not rambling on too much. I happen to have had a similar experience recently. Nice post 1-The One, you never disappoint.

  17. Femmetotale! Nice to have you here! Thanks for your comment. It can be very frustrating when all you want is to be treated like a lady.. Surely that's not too much to ask is it? xx

  18. Looool. Femmetotale is emotional. Pele love.
    Anyways, me sha, I don't mind the 'call me a taxi'. I might even turn down taking me home cos I don't want nobody knowing house of mine (what with kidnappers and stalkers lol).
    Then like Femmetotale said, traffic can be cray ooo. It just makes sense to call a cab rather than enter rush hour traffic in DOUBLE directions (to and from) and have work tomorrow. So we can forgive dude if house is far ooo.
    Gidi traffic dey tie wrapper and gele ooo. Looool.
    For me, there are other ways to show chivalry or date rules as u put it (or so)... Like calling in to check if I'm back home safely and maybe (depending on the circumstances) paying the cab man home.
    Someone did that for me this week and tho we are NOT dating,I tot that was d cutest stuff ever cos he didn't have to... So chivalry aint totally dead hehehehe
    Muah. Nice one hun. So do u wanna update us or what *winks*

  19. Yes E, you're very right.. There are other things that could be done but mehn the guy did not try too much.. You just know he had a bit of a 'relaxed', almost non0chalant attitude and not because of lack of interest but because he couldn't quite be bothered! lol - Err nah!
    @ follo-up.. Lol.. I don't thing there's any worth mentioning.. Well at least for now haha xx


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