Wednesday 6 February 2013

I Love You - Just Say It

Recently, a pastor was with a women’s congregation and he made these requests of them:

Pastor (question): Can those with husbands raise their hands?
Ladies: (They all raised their hands)
Pastor (question): How many of you love your husbands?
Ladies: (They all raised their hands)
Pastor (question): Are you sure ladies, before God? Can I prophesy?
Ladies: Yes!!!
Pastor (question): When did you last tell your husbands that “you love him?”
Ladies: (Various answers but some of them said) – “today when leaving the house”, “last night”, “when we went to bed”, “This morning when I woke up”, etc..etc…
Pastor: Each one of you should send a message of “I love you” to your husband right now.
Ladies: They all sent the text message “I love you” to their hubbies
Pastor: Now exchange your phones please
(ladies all exchange their phones)
Pastor: Read out loud the replies from your husbands please.

Below are the replies to the messages from their various husbands:
  1.   Is this message lost???
22.  Aaaah who is this??? Sorry wrong number please
  3.  Am I dreaming??
  4.  What is the matter!!??
  5.  What exactly do you mean??!!
  6.   You need money again abi???!!? (lol, classic response)
  7.   Hey! Did you smash my car??!!!
  8.   The message should be sent back to the intended owner!!!!
  9.    To hell jor!!!!!!!!!
 10.   I will beat you to death today until you tell me who the message was intended for!!!!
        (Joke source: BBM broadcast/Unknown lol)

..So when last did you tell your spouse “I love you” and how often do you it?
Please don’t let the words “I love you” become extinct in your marriage or don’t save it for ‘special occasions’.. There’s something reassuring about saying it again and again.. (for both you and your spouse)
You can try it out right now J

PS: Apologies for the hiatus, I have moved locations and I'm now blogging live from the beautiful continent of Africa :-)
And special shout out to my darling sayedero .. Thanks for always checking in xx


  1. Looool. Sad though. Makes you wonder where all the love that was shown and said before marriage has disappeared to. Marriage. Funny, but thought provoking post. Following.

  2. @Toin Yup, the responses were hilarious!
    @LTAL, welcome! Thanks a lot for following xx

  3. LOL..kai African men sha..But its true sha our culture has kinda made it seem weird saying the word "i love you".Its always as tho you are up to something..

    Aww African my mama land..Enjoy dear

  4. The response all got me laughing...kai African marriages ehen, na only God dey save them oh.

  5. @Unveilinggold.. Yeah, it's not in our culture or shall I say 'was' not in our culture. Thank God for the present generation, we are trying small small :-)

  6. YAYYYYYY!!!! OMG IM SOOOOOO HAPPY UR IN NAIJA!!!!!! *dancing makossa* :D

  7. LOL.. Yes oh, I'm back home! :-D xx


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