Wednesday 13 February 2013

It's Valentine's Day tomorrow.. What's the plan?

Girls love surprises, surprise your girlfriend this Valentine by introducing her to your real Girlfriend!

During the Valentine week, even food will lead to a break-up.. "Why did you feed me? Did I ask you? So you mean I'm a baby? It's over between us!"

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) have officially announced that no one should spend more than N500 on their girlfriend for Valentine's Day. Be warned!!

It is Valentine's Day Week aka The week of looveeeee! lol.. I have been regaled with so many Valentine jokes, threats to boyfriends as to what will happen if they dared any acts of forgetfulness or "Baby, I don't believe in Valentine's Day, I don't need a special day to show love, my love for you is everyday".. *rolls eyes*... "Bets I like Valentine's Day, shikena"

To be honest, being a die-hard fan of love, I loveee Valentine's Day.. It gets me excited! I belong to the school of thought that love should be shown everyday BUT I still believe that it doesn't hurt to have a special day that the fact that I love you and you love me is particularly and carefully celebrated! It's like your birthday.. I don't have to buy gifts for you only on that day.. Gifts should come randomly BUT I like my birthday (ok, very poor analogy but the point still remains that no guy should please give me any excuse about not believing in Valentine's Day.. Don't worry, I can believe enough for both of us!)

Soo, what are you doing for Valentine's Day? Are you planning something extra extra special for that extra extra extra special individual?? Yes? Well done.. You get a pack of Indomie... No? *shock gasp*. It's not too late plix.. Mend your ways..

Here are some tips..

1. For the ladies, make an effort with your look for your man! Men are visual beings and appreciate it when their ladies look good! Do your hair the way he likes it.. wear the outfit he particularly likes.. put on some heels, use a nice perfume, wear your beautiful smile throughout the day! Just look good (bonus point is that looking good makes YOU feel good as well!) - Also, I know some guys like when you send them pictures of yourself in that look just for HIM! lol ( I don't know oh, *shrugs shoulders*)

2. Gifts always work well both ways.. You probably know your other half better than anyone else. Before you buy a gift, think well.. Don't just walk into a store and pick the first red heart-shaped item you see or the ceremonial perfume and chocolates or football jersey.. What describes them? Put a personal touch to it. It doesn't even have to be expensive.. My friend's fiance gave her this message in a bottle gift.. It was so beautiful AND romantic.. and not very expensive.. Be a little more creative when you buy them their gifts - it's not their birthday..

3. Action speaks louder than words... Sometimes, doing something out of the ordinary will be a hit! Do the dishes this time, watch football with them, play Fifa 2013 with them *yawn* lol.. Cook for her, tell her to sit down while you do the cooking and washing up.. Let her have the night off.. go with her to the mall, lol massage their feet..

4. Flowers!! There's just something about getting flowers that makes me feel feminine *batts eyelashes*.. Send her flowers at work.. Send him a football at work (iJoke hehe)

                                 (Fresh flowers please! lol)

5. Do things differently tomorrow and for the extra romantics, you can even start today *wink wink*

PS I am currently single so do not judge me for the suggestions above.. In other news, I shall be thinking of creative ways to amuse myself tomorrow and get into the Valentine spirit! hehehe

So, What are you up to for Val's Day???


  1. tomorrow i have two single too so nothing special ...i just pray my friends boyfriends send food to them..hehe :D

  2. Lol.. all the best with your exam today!
    And all the best for your friend's boyfriends to send food.. Don't forget to treat yourself as well :-D xx


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