Friday, 15 February 2013

Dear Daddy

My dearest Daddy,

It's been so long that I have written to you here.. I want to cover my face in BB fashion when I remember how I said here that I wanted to make it a weekly endeavour.. I am really sorry.

Before I go on, let me just say to you that You mean the world to me. You are my no 1 and I can not survive without You. I am nothing without You. You make my life complete, You make life worth living! You give me hope, You give me such joy and confidence. You are my real Sugar Daddy :-)

Thank You for providing for me in such special ways. I am particularly grateful for the gift of life - for me, my family, friends and all the wonderful people who read this blog. Daddy, thank You so much.. Words are ineffective to fully express my deepest and heartfelt appreciation to You.

Lover of my soul, how was your Valentine's day yesterday  (I don't know if it's noted or acknowledged in heaven lol) but one thing I'm certain of is that You show love to me and everybody on a daily per second basis. Oh! You're just too wonderful! I love you <3 p="">
My day was good, thank You for making it interesting though I didn't have a particular valentine. I remember telling you that I didn't want to 'roast' as that would be regression oh! Seeing as last year, I was sufficiently and heart-warmly valentined.. My motto is forward ever.... backward never! And I know that that's good with You because You said it, that "the latter rain shall be better than the former"..

Anyways, thank You for that amazing surprise I had at work to cheer me up! I got my first delivery . It was music to my ears to hear "delivery for a.. Miss 1 + the One" hehehe.. I thought surely I must be dreaming lol.. Thanks for using my beautiful and incredibly lovely friend to do that for me.. I won't forget the gesture it was so sweet.. And I thoroughly enjoyed the goodies :-D

Thank You for all the people who had a great time with their other halves yesterday, it's just lovely to be able to share 'romonce' :-D.. And for those who didn't have that 'someone', Daddy, please make a way for US all  so that by next year, we will be grinning from ear to ear, inspired by that special someone.

I love You Daddy - with my heart, my soul and my mind.

Your Little Girl forever,
1 + The One xx


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