Friday, 17 April 2009

Because I'm worth it!

Just checking in.....

I only started reading blogs properly late last year, thinking before then that it was a huge waste of time (lol, now i gladly eat my words!). I got introduced (addicted) to blogville through Linda Ikeji (Love her blog, really down to earth). It was recommended to me by my mum who is such a big fan.. The surprising thing is that usually my mum is not so into social networks, blogs etc, I'm sure the only function the internet served her was to check her e-mail like once in a yellow moon. Therefore her loving Linda Ikeji's blog was a big(s) deal lol.

Not until I started following her write-ups did I come to appreciate blogging, infact I must admit that Linda inspired me to starting my own blog!! I love the way she is soo open and honest about her views and opinions not minding if everyone concurs or not. Before I started reading her blog, I hadn't heard a lot about her, although I have come to realise that she's one of Nigeria's top models and young female entrepreneurs.... Nigeria's own Tyra Banks! You go girl!!!

Back to life and living, it's so easy to forget to stop and appreciate life. We are all busy with living and trying to survive in this crazy crazy world!! The sad thing is after everything, we would still die, that's a harsh certainty... The only thing that makes all our struggling worthwhile is what we choose to do with our life whilst alive....

There's a saying which goes "when life gives you lemons, make lemonades". I know it's easier said than done but in order to achieve a fulfilling life, one has to work towards it. Appreciate the important things in life, learn to say "I love you" even if sometimes they don't say it back, saying it makes you feel good! Learn to express yourself..even if people don't like it, that's who you are and changing that would only make them happy and you miserable. One important thing to always remember is that you feel most comfortable in your own skin, be yourself at all times!!!

Learn to take corrections and accept criticism in good faith. RESPECT yourself. Don't allow anyone take you for granted, you are special and unique. It's not just a saying, it's actually true. The way you comport youself determines the way people treat you. When you believe something or believe in something, it reflects in your actions. Act like you believe in yourself, act like you believe that you are one of a kind! Improve your self-esteem, feel good about yourself.

Don't forget to treat others the way you want to be treated, remember what goes around comes around and you only reap what you sow.

Trust in God, He's the only one that makes it all worth it... He thinks the world of you, when you imagine that someone sooo great, who could have a pick of who to love, chose you to just love......haaa, that's a huge ego-booster. He doesn't joke with you so why should mere man? Because of Him you are soo special!! Hold that thought, don't let what "he said" or "she said" discourage you, You are worth it!!



  1. Great post. Thanks so much fro sharing those encouraging words.

    BTW, I too like Linda's blog. I don't get there as often as I probably should, but her enterprising spirit has always been inspiring.

    Abeg, send your mama to my blogs oh! If she gets some readers for me, I will even send her a gift - maybe a hamper? loL!

  2. Lol, will do (that is if she isn't already a huge fan :-)
    Just to say, Linda Ikeji inspired me to start a blog but you are one of the people that made me take it seriously...Your blog = absolutely faboulous!

    PS...Erhmm so about the hamper, when should we expect delivery? lol
    God bless and love to hubby, TK, Bomboy and the (great) Enforcer :-) xx

  3. ur mum reads blogs?????

    pls dont let her read mine!!!!!!!!

    i read Linda too-she's so down to earth!!!!!!!

  4. lol, lol....
    That's the beauty of anonymity (I guess) so even if you are my cousin (hehee) don't worry aunty wouldn't find out lol...

  5. hun your mum is so cool!! lol ...I can imagine I will grow up like her

    I loved this read ..thanks hun :-) your an inspiration conintue what your dooing.

    I haven't really readd Lindas blogs but a few and I'm proud she is a woman and represents Naija..hope to meet her one day! lol seriously I do!

    hope ypur well hun ..pop me an email ..hows your school work ?

  6. Hey sweetie, thanks, what can I say my mum tries..:-)
    School work's coming up good thank God, still can't wait to finish though.. I only sneak in here to have a break...
    Hope yours is going well also.. xx


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