Monday 20 April 2009

Baby, Why haven't you called?

Oh I can't wait to finish this project so I can get my life back!! lol

I want to bloggggggggggg! I actually now prefer it to facebook *gasp, shock horror* lol. But blogville + citizens are too much, wonderful people......And one would never guess how addictive it is, like the pringles advert, "once you pop, you can't stop" erhmm more like "once you start you just keep going, from one link to another and another 'nother....."

So yeah last week I was walking back home from the library with two guys and they were having this conversation (without me), I didn't know them but we were walking together - long story)....Anyways the conversation went something like this:

Guy 1: All she wants to do is talk on the phone all the time. I told her at the beginning that I am not a phone kinda guy and she was like ok but now its call this, call that!
Guy 2: Oh yours is better, mine just wants to text all day, I'm like 'what the...'

I couldnt really contribute to the convo as I was not invited (lol) but I was just smiling to myself like "so it's a general phenomenon"....Funny thing was that me and my friends were just talking about how we wished our boyfriends would call more and more importantly do it without us prompting them to, why they don't like talking on the phone etc etc...

Usually my convo with the bfriend is *phone rings*, I see his name, I get excited and then...

Me: It's not fair, you don't love me anymore, since morning I havent spoken to you!
Him: But I spoke to you this morning!
Me: That wasn't a conversation, it was only for 5mins...
Him: *Confused silence*

But really, why don't guys understand the importance of being on the phone for ages? I know ladies talk a lot (As for me, I can be given a Nobel prize for my outstanding contribution to the art of Thing is he understands and indulges me most times (bless him) but then sometimes it's not convenient for him esp late at night after a long day and he's like "darling, I am tired" and I am like but "love is sacrifice" :-)

I have a feeling that I am not the only chic that thinks this way (or am I?? That would be a scary thought) But I know countless times when my friends (who by the way, have spoken to the bf recently) would pick up their ringing phones and be like (ever so softly) "Babyyy, why haven't you called me since?"

PS Do guys get irritated by this?
PPS I havent spoken to the boyfriend today sooo he's kinda in for the question (he called when I was asleep this morning so that doesn't count right? :-)

God bless


  1. cute post. I think a lot of girls dig a guy taking the iniative to reach makes us feel tingly inside, LOL. But (eventhough) it feels horrible, abscense does make the heart grow fonder. I remember when I didn't talk to my estranged huz all day...I would literally attack him when he hit the door.

  2. lol..

    it really baffles me when a guy says that hes not the phone kinda, what does that mean exactly? so how do u propose to keep ur relationship strong if u dont talk on the phone????

    hehehe cut the bf some slack, u were

    thanks for stopping by! :)

  3. lol...
    @ Saved Girl, lol about attacking him when he walks in...I definately understand absence making the heart grow fonder...
    @ Buttercup, that's when that phrase "men are from mars, women are from venus" rings soo true.. It's amazing how different things matter to us in different ways!

  4. hahahaha this post made me laugh too much!!

    I totally feel you ...stuff like this gets right on my nerves ...

    Guy 1: All she wants to do is talk on the phone all the time. I told her at the beginning that I am not a phone kinda guy and she was like ok but now its call this, call that!

    I can imagine my boo saying that ...he actually stays on the phone for me you know lol ...he tells me he sits on the phone for one hour plus because he knows it's what I like which is true I mean for crying in silence we are separate by the ocean ..... I know how u feel sweetie


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