Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Helper to My Man!

So April is meant to be the start of more posts here on 1 + The One!

It's only April 6 so please don't write me off yet :-)

It's another Wednesday and you know what that means!!! Vlog time!!!

Today, we start a series of a topic I have written about in the past.

It's a personal enlightening topic I share with you about the beauty, power and responsibility of being called a helper to my man. I hope that you will enjoy watching and learn something as well.

Thanks for supporting 1 + The One.. Thanks for the emails and comments. God bless you loads xxxx


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  1. First time watching your vlog. Truly enjoyed it. Very apt and true.

    Will be checking you out on YouTube too.

    1. Awww thanks Anonymous Chick! I appreciate it, God bless you xx

  2. woman's my HOD (helper of destiny)...had to share on a friends timeline mehn. keep up the good work


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