Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Helper to My Man - His Advocate

Hiya lovely people!

We are back again with the weekly Vlog. Remember, every Wednesday we publish new video posts on Youtube. If you haven't subscribed yet, quick quick, get going, do it now! :-D

Alright, I can't believe I haven't posted on the blog in the last one week!! And I promised that April will be different... Thankfully, April isn't over so it will happen!

In the meantime, please enjoy and be blessed by the latest Vlog - It's a continuation of the series we started last week on being a Helper as a wife. I hope this blesses you.

If you have any question at all, please do not hesitate to contact us.. All details below!

Have a fantastic rest of the week, love you!! xxxxx


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  1. Hiyaa! Ayo of Destiny! First off yeah.. I looovvee how you start your Videos with so much excitement.. to put it in our local parlance yeah.. "Your smile makes my smile to smile :)"

    That said.. i like to believe that there is an issue with relationships of today :(.. as many women try to equate with their man.. as against support them.. and that is just different shades of WRONG! Like you rightfully said.. a woman should support her man.. she should be his strong point. As against try to equate.. she should be a Pillar on which he stands firm on!

    Thank you for preaching the Gospel! P.S: I have gist for you oh Ayo.. I went to London Victoria cause of Woman last weekend.. **Covers face.. lmao! I wont try it anytime soon again. :( Cheers Nne. xx

    1. Bubba! We definitely have to take this offline :-D

      Hope you're good? Thanks as always for stopping by. I really appreciate you xx

  2. Lovely
    Vlogging is the 'it' thing
    I need the hookup, will you help?

    I should totally vlogging.
    Or at least doing the audio thingy.

    I am camera shy so I should totally go for the audio

    Good vlogging by the way.

    1. Tessa! How have you been? Long time. Thanks for stopping by!

      I will be more than happy to help in any way! :-) xx


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