Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Teacher and Intercessor - Helper to My Man!

Here we go ladies and gentlemen!!

It's the final part of the series on Helper to My Man! I am glad that we've been able to explore the different attributes of a wife to her husband as his helper, looking at the role of the Holy Spirit, our Helper!

If you haven't seen any yet, please go go go on to our Youtube page and watch all previous Vlogs!

In today's one, we look at the wife as a helper being a teacher and intercessor.. What do you think?

Hope you enjoy watching and are blessed too! xxxx

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  1. First time watching the Vlogs - have to say they're engaging... If a tad distracting.... :p

    Interesting topic which I think underscores the partnering and supporting inherent in marriage done right.. Fab job.. Do keep it up..

  2. Thanks a lot RustGeek :-) Grateful for your comment. Hope you're good?


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