Friday, 22 April 2016

Helping His Destiny - Helper to My Man!

This post should have happened on Wednesday when the video was published on Youtube!

Apologies, life happened! How have we all been? It's Friday!!! I see the weekend!!! :-D

Here's what we got up to on the Vlog of the week in continuation of the series 'His Helper'.

Hope you enjoy and are blessed xxxx

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  1. ...a simply under-stated expression is saying ' you are an amazing personalty, creative & talented in every episode with that contagious smile... I feel like hugging you each time I hear you share those invaluable wisdom-inspired pieces... I can only pray that you're always fulfilled in all you do & have such an amazing & beautiful marital life in JESUS name! keep it flying babe! Cheers!

    1. Awwwwww this got me blushing deep!! I am so grateful for your lovely and kind comment... God bless you!! Thank God indeed.. I am glad the Vlogs come out that way. I am honestly grateful to God for the opportunity! Please stop by again, thanks for being a blessing! xx

  2. Ayooooo! Ya such a delight to watch ehhnn! Choi!!! heheheh @ "Ear Rings back on" Sounded like you were doing one of those "Mic Check Mic Check lines". **Tongue out.

    So back to the matter eh.. I know I am almost 25 and quite confused yeah (not very! anymore :)).. but I like to see marriage and even dating.. as a mansion built right in the middle of the ocean.. (more like them Eko Atlantic Wonders of Lagos :)).. with the man being the mighty High-rise structure.. magnificent and respected by many.. but the wife.. the WIFE!!! being the pillar that keeps the house afloat... the Pillar reaching down Depths and fighting torrents of waves daily just to keep the House (man) afloat. Now the man might be at the focal point of the worlds view daily.. but it is indeed the woman that makes the House as great as it is. Small tiny me thinks Women need to understand this Nne.. that we- men need theme not just as wives and Girlfriends.. and women.. but as Shrinks.. Buddies.. Mentors.. and Motivators.

    This was fun to watch as always 1+ THE ONE.. And i say it again.. AYO THOMPSON IS A HUGE DELIGHT TO WATCH ALL DAY EVERY DAY. Blessings Nne!

    1. LOL... Your comment always makes my heart smile (if hearts smile! lol)
      Indeed, women are so vital.. You will marry your own wife in Jesus name and by the grace of God, you will be an exceptional husband in Jesus name. God bless you loads dear . As always, thank you very much for your support, for watching for sharing and for being a great person! xx


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