Wednesday, 2 March 2016

#Vlog - No Need to Say Thanks.... You're Family!

I know, it's almost the end of the day and no Vlog yet!! The devil is a liar!

Let me just say a BIG BIG Thank you to my very own SuperGod for making it all possible!! He wows me again and again and His mercies, favour and faithfulness are just indescribable. Daddy 'Thank You' doesn't quite do this justice but please accept my heartfelt gratitude. You are good and Your mercy is forever!!

Alrighty guys, what are we talking about today??

Let me give you a hint... One of the biggest relationship killers is taking your partner or loved one for granted. You know, you see them everyday, you get used to what they do for you, you can even predict their next move or sentence.. Nothing 'special' there.. You see, it's not that you don't appreciate them, it's simply that you overlook acknowledging them or appreciating their efforts.

Well, this week, why don't you change that and truly appreciate the little things.. At the end of the day, many times, that's what really matters!

Here we go.. And thank YOU for watching (and sharing!) xxxx


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  1. Yay! First to comment! Great lesson!

    1. Yayyyy! Thanks a lot for stopping by :-) xx

  2. ... for all the important topics you share...Thank u Ayo!...for the gift of salvation & provision...- A big thank you to Almighty GOD!

    1. Awwww thank you so very much! God bless you xx

  3. Oshey! Love DocKitar of Destiny! **Sniffs.. You know yeah 1+THE ONE.. Janyl Benyl once told me something that Changed my Life forever.. She said "A Heart of gratitude opens doors of opportunities" and the heavens have taught this 24 year old ba.. That that Expo applies to everrrryyyy aspect of life.. Spirikoko oh! Acada oh and even love Nwantintin..

    This was fun to watch Bubba... Plus omo!!! Choi!!! You look like a Million Bucks on it! :) Oshey! fine geh someboRRy.. Weldone Bubba..Weldone. xx

    1. Lol. Thanks a lot dear
      Love that quote from JB! Thanks for sharing xx

  4. Thanks for the wonderful message and you look so nice I love your outfit.

  5. Thanks for the wonderful message and you look so nice I love your outfit.


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