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Music and Me: Be Still - Don Moen

Hello everyone!!

How are you this beautiful middle-of-the-week?

How has your week been so far? Mine has been busy busy busy and I need a holiday!! Any takers?

Anyways, today is not about holiday destinations, it's a Wednesday! Wednesdays are Music and Me days here on the blog and it gets me excited every single time. I am immensely blessed reading the different individual testimonies/stories behind a particular song.

Today is no different as we feature a multi-talented artist - spoken word, poetry, prose, blogger and so much more! He blogs at and is a good friend and huge supporter of 1 + The One, his comments are definitely worth reading.

Well, without further ado, let me step aside to allow the lyricist take the stage, doing what he does best..

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Solomon Adesanya aka St Rhymes as he tells us his own story behind this beautiful song by Don Moen simply titled, Be Still.


How I wish there was a device that could remind me of these words, 'Be Still' from Don Moen's song, every minute.

There have been moments in my life, when I thought life was over, the worst was bound to happen. Moments I cried till my tear tank was empty, moments when sleep divorced my tired body 'cos of a worried mind.

During one of those moments, on a Sunday morning, I was in church  and our Choir leader did a Special number "Be still". Mehn I thought he was talking to me, that song stayed glued to my mind like an adhesive. I was having trouble at my office (a finance house) then in 2008. I had collected a cheque from a client who was paying the company for a loan he took. When it was time to remit the cheques for the day, this particular cheque was missing!

Days passed and our Accountant began to query me. Now it is the weekend, I must provide the cheque or a cash equivalent on Monday, and my MD is now aware! I tried not to worry but I couldn't sleep any longer!!!

So after the song rendition on Sunday, lines from the song continued to roll up in my heart. Up on till Monday as I prepared to go work, I kept humming

"When the oceans rise and thunders roar
I will soar with you above the storm
Father you are King over the floods
I will be still and know you're God"

I got to my office and went to a colleague's table to check an envelope that got my attention. Lo, the missing envelope was resting there!
I couldn't shout, I just kept singing...that evening I bought a worship collection CD, with that song (Be still by Don Moen) on it.

Now I know that worry doesn't bring any change, not even 1kobo. Whenever issues like this arise, I remember this experience and practice Phil 4:6-7 "..Be anxious for nothing".

When we stop worrying, God starts working. My peeps, like Don Moen I say "Be still!"


Amen! And again I say Amen!

The first time I heard this song was during service in church as well like StRhymes and just like him. the words of that song was felt deeeeep.. It is such a reassuring song! I went on to look for it and the version I am familiar with is that of Hillsong! Oh how I love the song!

Indeed, worrying does not solve problems, however laying them at the feet of Jesus does.

You know, last night in church, I was reminded of what it means to put my trust in God. One of the contributions that touched me the most was when someone said that an evidence or demonstration of absolute trust is when you have no 'Plan B'.. That means, I have such belief in your ability to deliver that I don't need to have a back-up plan. 

Indeed, the wonderful thing about our Awesome God is that He is more than trust-worthy. He has proven His faithfulness to His children time and time again. 

Are you facing a seemingly impossible situation? Or a problem that seems to be way beyond you like St Rhymes was? Here is a gentle reminder that there is absolutely nothing too difficult for God to do! Mark 10:27 says that it may be impossible for man but with God NOTHING, absolutely nothing is impossible.

With that assurance, you are encouraged to be still and know that He is God.

PS You can also follow StRhymes on Twitter @strhymes for his very inspirational series and tweets on all-round development.


Would you like to share yours too? Remember it could be a song that struck something in you when you listened to it, it could be a song or worship that you used during a down-time in your life and it made a huge difference, it could be a song that takes you into the 'God-zoneee', it could be a song that helps you express what mere words cannot quite convey, it could be a song that brings a zest and zing to your heart and steps whenever it comes up! 

Each song will be accompanied by a story, introduction or reason why it is the choice of the week.. 

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  1. Thank you @One for the opportunity to share! Some songs never fade, this is one of them.
    Thank you

    1. The pleasure and thanks are mine. Thanks a lot for sharing!

  2. "sleep divorced my tired body 'cos of a worried mind." I've had this experience once before. But God ALWAYS works it out. Thank you Jesus.

    1. He does! He ALWAYS works it out.... and in such a beautiful way too!

  3. @Anon...Dr. Ekaka may have helped u, buh that's very temporal! I prefer the help of Dr. Jesus (Okaka)...his prescriptions are not strenous or grievous and his help is everlasting!!!

  4. Hmmmmm! "When we stop worrying, God starts working." That struck something in me. Thanks, St. Rhymes and 1 + the One for sharing.

  5. My heart was still as I read this, just went silent.
    Song is deeep.
    And your experience? A reaffirmation that God works it all out-Always.
    We have no power of our own.
    When He says #rest, we should indeed #rest


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