Thursday, 12 March 2015

Chronicles of Sebastian: We Celebrate YOU!!

Guess who?!
Today we are taking a break from our weekly Conversations with One to celebrate a very special friend of the blog and a young man that is no stranger to many of the regular readers, particularly for those who followed his very popular series - Chronicles of Sebastian.

The famous picture! lol
I remember telling the story of how I 'met' the wonderful Sabba Sabba as he is fondly called and till today, when I think of what I refer to as the divinely orchestrated meeting with this great great friend, it still amazes me and I am reminded of how God answers our 'Big' and 'small' prayers.

Long after that email, Sebs has continued to be a solid friend. A man who clearly loves God and demonstrates it in many ways.

Sebs, I don't know how to thank you enough for being a gracious and kind-hearted friend (This is further evidenced by the friends you seem to 'collect' from places you've visited or lived around the world, and you still maintain the friendship so well!).

Friend to many!
Here's wishing you the happiest of birthdays and praying that God will richly bless you, grant you your heart's desire and make this a very special year for you indeed in Jesus name. May you continue to delight yourself in God and may He continue to glorify Himself in your life.

Have fun, (I know you will!), dance (I know you can, lol) and celebrate your day in style!

God bless and lots of love.

Sabba Sabba!


  1. We love you Sebs. God bless you richly as you continue to establish your ways in him. Enjoy your birth anniversary and may you have many more healthy and fulfilled years to come.

  2. **Waves and blows kisses** It's been a while mamacita!!!

  3. Happy birthday Sebastian. May this new year of your life be your best yet in Jesus name.

  4. Happy birthday Sab, many more years. Amen

  5. Happy birthday sebs, loved every post on the chronicles #Impact

  6. Singing..
    *Sabba Sabba we love you eh...
    Sabba Sabba we love you eh..
    We love you eh..
    We love you eh...*

    Happy Birthday Sebs!
    Continue to grow in wisdom...and may your life continually bless lives connected to you.
    Much love!

  7. Happy belated birthday to you o Sabba Sabba. God bless you immensely.

  8. Happy Birthday Sabastian!!

  9. Its amazing yeah, how we meet people in this big but yet small life and they go on to not just true be contacts but TRUE friends... Happy Birthday in arrears Oga Boss Sabba Sabba (heheh Mehn I like this name oh) Bigger you i pray brother... and the crowd goes... OOooossshhheeey! Cheers

  10. Aww, Happy Belated Birthday, Sebastian. God bless you always!

  11. Oh I am SOOO sorry I reply so late. I am currently on holidays and JUST read this post (on the 20th). Thank you immensly Ayo for this special post, and thank you everyone for all your birthday wishes!! It's been a great year with you and Ayo it was a bliss to maintain this friendship & the connection with this blog, it was enriching, funny and awesome to be with all of you!!

    Thank you again, this really made me smile today, even though it's been 8 days since my birthday. Once I am back in Germany, I will be around here again :)


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