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Waiting and Loving It feat Toun and Bayo Osinubi

Hello everyone!!

We bring you the very first brand new Waiting and Loving It feature for the year 2015!! *Whoop Whoop!!*

For those joining us for the first time, welcome! Great to have you join us :-) You can read an introduction to the series from the first post HERE and my personal decision HERE. These other posts would also be useful too HERE and HERE!

For old-timers, let's dig in!! :-D

I met these lovely couple late 2013 and it has been really beautiful watching them relate with each other. The bride and I worked closely together and it was interesting to find out that her sister used to read the Waiting and Loving It posts on the blog.. It wasn't long before she also started reading and was a huge source of encouragement to me in doing new posts and blogging (thanks hun!)..

She had already said that when she tied the knot, she would kindly oblige being featured alongside her beau on the series and of course I was more than delighted and counted down eagerly with them!! Hehehe..

Well, here we are after a little over a year of meeting and knowing this beautiful couple, I have the immense pleasure of introducing to the HOT Love seat, Toun and Bayo Osinubi!!! I pray that you will be inspired and blessed by their story :-) :-) xxxx


The Mr and Mrs Osinubi!
Hiya Mr and Mrs Osinubi!! It's definitely great to have you grace our Love seat!! Could you please tell us about yourselves?

Bayo and Toun: Our names are Toun Osinubi (formerly Adelaja) and Bayo Osinubi. I am a Lawyer and Bayo is a Banker. We are both ardent football lovers that support Chelsea and Manchester United respectively. We also love watching movies and series, hanging out together and are bestest gist partners. We got married on Dec 20 2014 so we have been married for 24 days at the moment.

Awww, that's wonderful! A huge congratulations to you both!! You're probably our 'freshest' Waiting and Loving It couple :-) So tell us, how did you get to the 20th of Dec, what's the story?

Bayo: So it happened this way... While on vacation, I finally had time to wind down and have fun. So I went on Facebook and ended up on the page of a friend. On the side of that page was a cross-section of her friends. Until this day, I am glad I chose to click on one of the friends' profile cause that friend ended up being my Adetoun. I added her up, she fronted for a while but eventually, things kicked off

Toun: Some very random guy sent me a friend request on Facebook which I accepted simply because we had some credible mutual friends. We started chatting rather slowly and I definitely didn't take him seriously as he wasn't in Nigeria. After a few weeks, he returned to town and started desperately trying to see me. After several pleas, he came to the Law School (where I was at the time) to see me. It wasn't ‘love at first sight’ for me but I knew I had found a new friend. Fast forward to months of phone calls and BBM chats, visits and dates, he asked us to start a relationship. First response was ‘No’ but after proper thinking and a bit (yes just a bit) of prayer, I agreed to give him a chance.

Friend-zone --> Love-Zone! :-)
Lol.. See serious friend zoning - "It wasn't ‘love at first sight’ for me but I knew I had found a new friend".. See, guys and ladies, there's hope even in the zone of friendship lol.. So Bayo, we need to ask you, what was it that attracted you to this Facebook friend?

Bayo: It definitely had to be her smile! It lights up any room. From the first Facebook picture through to the real first meeting and till now, I totally adore her smile. She is also a very bubbly character that fears God and always looks for the best in everyone.

And for you Toun?

Toun: Bayo is good looking if I do say so myself! :-) However, the first attraction would have to be the fact that he is extremely intelligent. I could also easily sense that he was a very disciplined and focused individual. Those are basically strong points I look out for in people any day.

That's lovely.. So Bayo tell us, how did you know that the 'search' was over and you had found a wife in 'your Adetoun'?

Bayo: My spirit felt at home with her. She ticked pretty much all the boxes I ever wanted in a wife…and more.

Toun: He knows how to love! He loves God wholeheartedly and he loves me completely and without any shadow of doubt. That was it, that was all I needed. Oh yeah, he also has so many more fantastic qualities that made me know I had found ‘The One’.

"My spirit felt at home with her"
Beautiful! Thank God for you both indeed! Now to the main question of the day, what made you make the decision to wait until marriage before getting intimate?

Bayo and Toun: Hmmm, to be honest that wasn't the plan initially but after we started the relationship, we had ‘The Talk’. We knew it was the right thing to do and we had no plans to mess up the special bond we shared. That was all the motivation we needed and it worked.

Fantastic! You make it sound so easy lol.. Was it difficult? Were you tempted?

Bayo and Toun: YES it was!!! Extremely difficult! We were tempted oh, don’t even dull, the temptations will surely be there no matter how spiritual you are. However, there is no temptation too severe that we cannot bear… Just take the escape route already provided.
There were times we just wanted to stop and let it go after all we knew we were getting married anyway. .We noticed though that we were never weak at the same time. When she was weak and wanted to let it go I was the strong one and vice versa. That was probably what helped us through.

*Nodding* Thank God for that! Were there any other measures you took or things you did that helped?

Bayo and Toun: Well, we prayed together a lot. That was basically the best measure. Everything else didn't really work. We also like challenges a lot. This was a big challenge from the moment we agreed to be celibate. We took it as a task that we had to overcome - Our first major joint decision and so we knew we could not afford to fail.

That's wonderful.. Now that you have passed that mark, what advice would you give to your single self?

Bayo and Toun: It is worth it! Just see it as a joint challenge that comes with a prize at the end and together you will be proud you achieved the goal together.

Thank you.. Now tell us, it's been 24 days, what are the joys of marriage you're discovering first hand?

Bayo: I no longer have to spend hours on end on the phone (which by the way is not healthy!)… I've got my best friend, prayer partner and 'gossip' partner with me every day.

I can eat her cooking anytime I want. I love her food so it is exciting to look forward to her meals every time.

I now have my own wife. Someone I have to love, cater to and care for. I am happy to do this all day and every day for the rest of our lives.

Toun: I am excited to have someone to cuddle up to, watch movies with and gist with for hours on end into the night. I am happy to have a companion to go through the highs and lows of life with.

The best part so far is the freedom marriage brings. The freedom we both have to be our own people. We now make fully independent decisions without being questioned. That is sweeeet.

Lol... I like the way you drag the sweeeeet! May it continue and get even sweeter in Jesus name!
Thanks a lot for your time and for this very honest conversation. Now, before we let you off the hook, we would like to give you a moment with yourselves for some PDA! Love is beautiful when shared personally but it is also important to publicly affirm your love.. So here you go guys, the stage is yours......

Bayo says:
"Dearest Iyawo, having you beside me supporting me, comforting me, playfully slapping me, gives me all the confidence and strength I need to happily go through this life."

Toun says:
"I love you my darling husband. You are all I have ever wanted. You make feel like the most special woman in the world and for this I am grateful."

A little lot of PDA never hurts :-)

Awwww, *blush blush* {whispers} I'm such a sucker for love! lol. You cannot imagine how delightful it is to prepare and produce these interviews. No matter how similar the questions are, each couples story is very unique. At this juncture, I would like to use this opportunity to pray with everyone who desires marriage, may God who knows how to give His children good and perfect gifts (and delights in doing so) grant you the desires of your heart according to His will. May we celebrate you too this year in Jesus name.

I have learnt so many lessons from the many couples who have graced this page. As Toun and Bayo said in the interview, it is very important to determine early on in your relationship, your expectations, values and beliefs. It is a lot better when two of you are working towards the same goal and helping each other during moments of weakness.

Can waiting be difficult? YES! Definitely! (Borrowing their words lol).. But it is definitely possible by God's grace and worth it. In waiting, you honour God and you honour each other too.

Remember it doesn't have to take super-human personal strength, make that decision, ask God for grace and He will be very willing to oblige :-)

Once again, a HUGE thanks to Toun and Bayo Osinubi, may your marriage and home be immensely blessed and may it continuously inspire and be a blessing to others in Jesus name


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  1. First of all, Congratulations to you both on your recent nuptials. This a journey that you will not regret starting and will continue to reap the rewards.

    Interesting and exciting for me to read this particular post especially because it features the groom that I regard as a peer being that he finished from same uni as well as attended the same fellowship as me and on a lighter note actually (winking and grinning), someone I can actually say, his story is :D. I like the 'first joint decision' of their story. It is great. May mutual understanding and unending love continue reign in your home.

    @1+The One, welldone. Keep up the good work.

    1. Adrenaline!! Amen and amen to your prayers!

      Awww, you know Bayo? Small world! Thank God for their lives! xx

  2. I especially love this particular waiting and loving it story and the joint decision the couple made. Good luck in your marriage guys and enjoy your journey together.

    1. Amen!
      Yes, I liked that part too- about this being their first major joint decision :-) Thank God it worked out well xx

  3. God bless their love and keep them in love all the dayz of their lives.

    I love to be here

    1. Amen! I look forward to having you here!
      May God give you the grace..
      Just let me know when and we can do it! :-)
      My email is

  4. Awwrrr! I so love this story. It's direct, down to earth and totally honest. They say it as it is. And I know it will be the same in their relationship. God bless your union and fill your home with joy.
    Ps. Good things can come out of social media. (Note to self)
    Well done once again Ayo and congratulations on the new series. I know it will be awesome. Can't wait for Wednesday to come

    1. Awww thanks a lot dear!
      Yes, not all bad news on social media :-D
      A big amen to your prayers! xx

  5. Aaawww! Didn't think peole can meet on facebook, whatan inspiring story, HML to them.

    1. Thanks Chioma! Yes, I do believe that one shouldn't limit where or how they would meet their spouses.. That's what makes the story exciting sometimes :-D xx

  6. Awwwwn... This is so sweeeeeet... I key into their relationship as a point of contact, God do am for me ooo....

    Happy Married Life Mr and Mrs Osinubi...

    1. Amen. May God give you your own spouse in the most wonderful way and in a great way too and may your relationship give God glory. Beyond that, may He sustain your home in Jesus name.

  7. What a beautiful and delightful couple. May God keep and bless their union


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