Wednesday 21 January 2015

Music and Me: Dansaki - Lara George

Hiya everyone! 

Last week we introduced this new series HERE and I was giddy with excitement (still am), about it! I thought I would be writing the first post today and I was excitedly trying to think of the song that would kinda officially kick off the series.. Well I didn't have to think too much as I received a very wonderful email on Saturday morning with the first contribution to the series from a reader!

Reading her email made my Saturday morning and set me off for the day with praise in my heart to our Awesome God! It touched and blessed me so much and I pray that it does more for you.

Our first post ladies and gentlemen is from a beautiful reader who would prefer to remain anonymous but whose story would make you join her in acknowledging our great God for who He is - Dansaki re Baba!

Hi Ayo,

So I am submitting my entry for Music and Me. It's DANSAKI by Lara George. 

I first heard this song in the Labour ward after I gave birth to my daughter. You see, I never had serious contractions throughout the 9months of carrying her! There I was, lying on the bed, induced and still felt no pain. I was actually sleeping from it and when the doctors came in, they were shocked! The hot water drip I was receiving was supposed to make the labour faster and the contractions too, hence their surprise. The doctors increased the hot water to the highest, telling me the pain would be extremely unbearable but that it was better cause they wanted me to have a normal delivery. 

Well, I still felt nothing! I remember how a nurse came to me and held my hands and prayed with me. She told me to pray prophetically..... after the prayers, I began feeling some contractions but my cervix was not opening... Before I knew it, I was shaking uncontrollably. the short of it, I had a CS and my daughter and I are both safe. 

A friend who was in the same ward as myself came to me months later when we bumped into each other and said she heard all the doctor's conversation outside my ward and she forgot her labour and wanted to come to me to encourage me, it was that serious.

I heard the song after I held my little girl in my hands and I couldn't but praise God. This is the same little me who walked through the tunnel most of my life without even knowing what awaited me at the end of that tunnel. The same me who many had written off as one who could never really amount to anything in life and just like that, God changed my story! He made all things work for my good. It was like waving a wand. I remember how people would come to me and ask what was different about me after I had encountered God's grace and love. People who knew me still reference the sudden turnaround in the events of my life and this song reduces me to tears in total acknowledgement and reverence! 

I remember how my husband and I held our daughter, after we received an amazing news we had been praying for and how we danced to this song in our living room. We were so lost in the song that my husband began prophesying!. I can't but acknowledge Him and those who know me so well know I always say this; I have nothing else but Jesus and guess what, things people seek with money which I would never have qualified for, the Lord miraculously provide and people are left wondering how I got lucky.

Sorry it is long, I just wanted people to have a feel, lol.


Not long at all.. :-)

Dansaki is one of the songs that I fell in love with first time I listened to it! I am an ardent Lara George fan and I believe her songs are so powerfully rich! There's a way they move me in worship, so much so that I usually hasten to buy any new CDs of hers :-)

Our God is indeed AWESOME! He is the King who can turn around situations in the twinkling of an eye and sometimes just like we reserve a pet name for a beloved spouse, child or friend, there are some expressions of love through music that we have for God particularly when we want to demonstrate deep gratitude and praise to Him...


Would you like to share yours too? Remember it could be a song that struck something in you when you listened to it, it could be a song or worship that you used during a down-time in your life and it made a huge difference, it could be a song that takes you into the 'God-zoneee', it could be a song that helps you express what mere words cannot quite convey, it could be a song that brings a zest and zing to your heart and steps whenever it comes up!
Each song will be accompanied by a story, introduction or reason why it is the choice of the week..

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  1. Hmmm! What a testimony! I love that song too. I hope I'll be able to send you my story too but the problem is I have more than one song that ministered to me during my down time. Wonderful series I must confess.

    1. Hi dear, please send as many entries as possible :-) You can send them to
      Remember, we will do more than one in a day where possible! xxx

  2. Praise the Lord!! Great testimony with an amazing song.

  3. Praise Ye The Lord.....God indeed inhabits the Praises of His People. Dansaaki re Baba.
    Thank God for these songs and the artists who have allowed God use them.

  4. Powerful testimony!
    Awesome God!
    Every amazing Father! :-)

  5. I love this song and listen to it several times a week—it's hard not to dance when hearing it or watching the video, especially when she sings "Ti mo ba fi'jo si mo dansaki re". God is great and worthy of all the "dansaki" that we can give.

    1. Oh! I meant to add that her testimony was great, and a reminder that God can make something great out of each one of us—thank God He doesn't see us through human eyes!

    2. Amen! Thank God indeed..
      You're right, in addition to the beautiful lyrics, it has a dance-able beat! Very wonderful song :-) xx


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