Monday, 5 January 2015

Stop, Think, Count... Thank!

Happy 2015 everyone!!!!!!

Wow, here we are 5 days into the new year! Before we know it, we will no longer be able to refer to 2015 as 'new'.. :-)

How have you all been? On behalf of 1 + The One, I am especially grateful to God for 2014 and this post is a mega-thanksgiving post!

Sometimes you never know how much God has done until you start to take stock.. Until you start to reflect and count the things that have actually been done, without gazing at what didn't quite work out well.

End of 2014/beginning of 2015, I found myself actively documenting the many tangible evidences of God's faithfulness and goodness to me and those around me.. It was so important to do this because I almost fell into the trap of focusing on the things that I didn't get or achieve in 2014 as planned.. Thank God for His grace that urged me to stop, think, count and thank.. And thank I did! Infact when I was done counting, I couldn't stop praising!

Now, I am using the opportunity of this post to stop, think, count and thank God for what He did with 1 + The One in 2014! This is a public testimony to the fact that God is extremely GOOD and very faithful in ALL His ways... I am an extremely grateful girl this 5th day of January 2015 and I thank God that in 2014:

1. We CAME OUT and went un-anonymous on the blog and it was well received. One of the best decisions I have made thus far! :-) I was very reluctant at first (like "would I still be very open in my posts?!" {Well, not like I really really was lol}}. Thank God it has been well worth it!

2. We started the Waiting and Loving It series! Thank God for all the couples who agreed to share their stories to inspire and bless others - You rock!!

3. We got that email from Sebastian that was just an amazingly direct answer to prayers for encouragement at a 'down-time'.

4. We started the Chronicles of Sebastian series! God bless you Sebastian Luling - You are a great friend to me and 1 + The One!

5. We started the Married and Loving It series. It has been a huge blessing learning from the wisdom of these wonderful couples! God bless you!

6. We had the 30DaysofPraise in September and it was super-fabulous!!

7. I met GREAT people via this blog... I cannot even begin to count the amazing people God has brought my way through this medium - Words cannot express how grateful I am for you all!

8. Articles on the blog were re-published on other sites, with specific requests for some particular posts - I remember getting those emails requesting permission to re-publish the articles and I would just close the email without responding because in my mind I was like "Huh??! Who are they talking to??".. Lol.. God is wonderful!

9. I discovered new blog-treasures!! Mehn, all I can say is that God is generous in His gifts.. very generous!! Discovering these blogs has made blogsville even more interesting!!

10. Launched the 1st Video Post on the Blog! Another project that had been cooking for a while and finally came alive.. (I need to do more though lol!) But yeah, I am grateful that I took the plunge by God's grace, and like Nike, just did it! :-)

11. Attended the IJustMetMe conference by Tobi Atte - meeting people I had hitherto, only interacted with via the blog. Also, making life-long friends by God's grace :-). A memorable one indeed. Thank You Lord!

12. Had more social media presence than previously - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, BlogHer, BlogLovin... The list goes on and on!! lol. Thank God for the grace to be able to do this.. It has been REAL fun and an interesting experience!

13. Published more this year than the previous year including the weekly Dear Daddy - I had immense joy and pleasure writing each one. Thank You my dearest Daddy.

14. Started Conversations with One!! I love the panel of friends on this series and I am very very grateful for these wonderful people - Ms UTA, Miss Me, Mr Agbalagbaski, Ms MIA, Ms PYT, Mr John Nash, Ms PumpkinUnited, NubianPrincess, Mr Numero Uno, Mr Motivation, Ms True Talk, Ms Hope and Ms Angel (You thought I was gonna say their real names right?! Hehe).

15. Emails received from beautiful people including some testimonies - Only God could have done it!

Ok.. I could go on and on and not stop.. You see why I said that I am an extremely grateful human being? There is no denying, God is very good and faithful to answer prayers - even when we are unfaithful!

One of the things I prayed for at the beginning of 2014 was for the growth of 1 + The One and I testify that we have experienced growth only by God's grace.. God answers prayers.

Are we there yet? Not by a long shot! Lol.. By God's grace, much more to come! :-)

What are you grateful for? Like the popular song says, count your blessings, name them, list them, and it will surprise you just how much God has indeed done!..

I encourage you today while it's still early in the year to stop, think, count and then proceed to give God extravagant thanks and praise!

Lots of Love! xxxx

PS It's my birthday this week and I hope to do a Birthday/New Year Giveaway... *Still thinking on what it shall be*.... But stay 'tuned'.. I shall be announcing shortly :-)

God bless you! xxxx

PPS, this song kinda summarises this post for me at the moment.. I am absolutely nothing without the grace of God! Lord, thank You so very much. I am continuously and eternally grateful. #ButForYourGrace #ThankYouJesus



  1. Thank God for your blog!
    You are so right! We always have to stand back and count all of our blessings.
    A grateful heart always gets more!

    1. Thank you dear!
      May we always take out time to appreciate God's goodness in our lives! xx

  2. Awesomeness!!!! congrats and happy newyear

    1. Happy New Year dear! May God bless you richly.. Thanks for being a part of this blog! xx

  3. Thank God for you.
    Thank God for your blog!
    Happy new Year Ayo! God bless you bigly! + more testimonies oncoming..amen!

    1. Amen! Same for you dearie!
      Thank God for you dear Frances xxxx

  4. Hiya mami, It's been a while...Happy New Year mami...Oh well, I am thankful for your blog...I am thankful for you too cuz you inspired me when I started my blog...

    1. Happy new Year mami!! My darling Tibsyy!! (New year, new name? :-D)
      I thank God for the immense growth your blog has experienced and for the lives you have touched.. Much more in 2015 by God's grace xx

  5. Glory be to God in the highest for you, for your blog and all the other amazing things God did/is doing.... Indeed this year will be greater.

    Happy new year dear

  6. Praise God for the growth you have experienced on your blog and it's ministry. God bless you and and continue to enlarge your territory. Enjoy your Birthday!

    1. Amen! Thanks dearie..
      You have been a blessing to me and I thank God for your life!

  7. Great post! Kudos on all these achievements. May God be praised.. More is yet to come for you this 2015!

    1. Amen! Thank you so much! May God bless you indeed and may 2015 be brilliant for you in Jesus name xx

  8. Replies
    1. Atilols!! Happy New Year!! IT was really good getting to know you more in 2014 #Fireball!! May God continue to increase you on every side in Jesus name xx

  9. I said it... I said it... My mind was telling me that Birthday parry was coming.. lmao.. You know yeah, I almost asked you when it was subconscioully even before reading this Post.. Happy Birthday in advance Bubba... Hope we are gonna do Turn up Turn up on your head ooo.. lmao.. Okay In other news, I really Thank GOD for you, I remember when I came on here earlier, I was like NO WAY!!! These guys are robots, but here i am as comfortable as can be. I think a huge reason for that is that you and your Blog Fam are accepting, and don't judge nor put another down, and for that i am overly grateful.. In the part 2 of other news, i was smiling like a fish as I read through, it was a really warm and ghen ghen post. Like my B.M says; a heart of gratitude opens doors of opportunities, and it is only when we sit down in the silence of our hearts and take stock of what Baba has done for us, thats when we can truly know the true worth.. Congratulations Bubba, and thank GOD for a wonderful 2014, hopefully 2015 will be more ghen ghen, and will give you series of reasons top smile, as your happiness is top priority.. Wait ooo... You were Anonymous before?! Choi! Addonbellifit!! why nah?!

    P.S: Shout out to Mr. John Nash and the Entire Convo team, they rock, in short Ayo you Rock.. This is an Ossssshhhhheeeeey Something.. **Shines teeth. Cheers Bubba. Oya sorry, this is the last one, so when is the birthday ni?! :D

    1. Hahahah.. My darling John the Beloved.. Thank you for being a great part od my 2014..It's been a joy knowing you!
      Thanks a lot for the birthday love - I never hesperred it! Hehehe.. May God bless you immensely and make you GREAT in Jesus name xx

  10. Replies
    1. Happy New Year my dearest Sykik!
      Plenty kisses to you.. Thank you for being a part of the blog in 2014! xx

  11. Aww! Happy Birthday Ayo! I'm glad i stumbled upon OnePlusTheOne (I really cant remember where i was going but my footsteps were definitely redirected). I must say the Waiting and Loving It and Married and Loving It series have been a blessing and i hop and pray that i may be oppourtuned to share my (OUR) story soon *fingers crossed* God bless!

    1. Amen!
      Aww, thank God for everything Eny! It's great to hear such words of encouragement and I thank God for the opportunity.
      I look forward to more this year in Jesus name xx

  12. God bless you Ayo. God bless the day I found your blog. You've been such an inspiration. Happy birthday dear.
    Keep up the good work. I hope to see more of you.

    1. God bless the day I met you too dear!
      You are a bundle of such joy! You are always cheerful and happy (even via blogsville) and I pray that the grace of God will continue to speak in your life in Jesus name! xx

  13. Wow! God has truly shown Himself faithful on your behalf. I thank Him with you(for all the growth you experienced in 2014) and for you (for how this medium has been such an amazing source of inspiration&joy to me). I thoroghly enjoyed it all esp your Dear Daddy posts!
    Happy new year & Cheers to a more fulfilling and beautiful 2015 for you and the blog! Happy birthday to you!!! May His face continue to shine on you, May you continue to be a wonder and a blessing..May He grant & surpass your every desire and expectation for this year&beyond. Much love...

    1. AMEN!
      Thank God for His faithfulness.. Even when we are unfaithful, His mercy sustains us - thank God!

      Thank you very much for your comment. I look forward to what God has planned for us in 2015, may it be an unforgettable year in Jesus name xx

  14. I'm super thankful to God for your blog, Ayo! One of the best finds for me in Blogville last year, for sure.

    I love all the series on the blog and especially enjoyed Chronicles of Sebastian and Conversations with One.

    I also got giddy last year when I would get a request via email to share some of my posts on another site - that always gave me the extra nudge I needed to continue when I was feeling out of sorts.

    And I didn't get to go to the "I just met me" conference (I wish I did!) but I did connect with Tobi on Twitter and also got to speak a little bit with his wife...I count them as blessings in my life :)

    1. Awww Ada! You are definitely one of the great people I met in 2014.. I think I've said this before, you strike me as such a happy and positive person.. Very kind too (Don't ask me how I know lol).. But your personality shines through your posts and interactions with people.

      May God continue to bless you and may 2015 be an unforgettable year for you all round in Jesus name. Thank you for the love you have shown me.. May God reward you in Jesus name xxxx

  15. Happy New Year,It feels good to be here!
    I discovered your blog last year , got curious with the name but I loved it when I got here, "Waiting and Loving it" was all I was stuck on.
    A while after I missed my way,I couldn't locate my way back and I couldn't remember how I got here but alas towards the end of last year I was glad I reconnected!
    I was blessed not only with "Waiting and loving it " but a particular topic on "Conversation with one" touched and strenghtened me, it was one of those periods but I was glad to have read that post.
    Anyways, you are doing a great job, God bless you more and enlarge your coast, I hope an dpray for more beautiful things in 2015 concerning this. blog and its family.
    Happy Birthday in arrears, mine was on the 8th and I' so,so grateful to God and I pray to be more gratefulto him forever.

    1. Awww.. Anonymous!! Thank you soo much for stopping by and for leaving this beautiful comment! I am really grateful to God for using this blog to 'speak' to you somehow.. Thank you for sharing that, it's really encouraging.

      My almost birthday-mate :-) I hope you had a good celebration? May God bless you and give you a special birthday present in Jesus name.
      As you desire, may this year be one of overflowing thanksgiving for you and your family in Jesus name.

      Once again, I really appreciate your comment, God bless you xx


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