Thursday, 29 August 2013

Calling all role-model-ic men!

I honestly think it's time we started having more posts and articles on how to be a great husband/father/man!

There are so many articles and publications on 'Pleasing your husband', 'Enabling your man be the head', 'How to get and keep a husband', 'Being a suitable helper to your man' etc which I think is fantastic! Marriage is one of the most important institutions on earth and so it is only apt that there are available resources to access on how to enjoy your marriage. Plus I have benefited immensely from such articles.

However, as you would have noticed, most of the titles I gave above are directed to women.. I know that they say that it's a woman that makes a home but we see again and again that a man can also bring down a womanly well-kept home! It takes two to make it work.. TWO!


I believe that most often, women are more proactive than men - so we can take on a project and run with it (more like fly with it lol), we are inherently passionate about things and so we commit to it heart, body and soul! Let me say here that men also do (before I get crucified lol)..

What I am trying to say is that we need more men speaking up about being great leaders and role models in their homes and showing so by example too. We have more men writing even more materials about how to be the perfect wife or how to satisfy your husband and I think the market is now saturated.. We need more male-enhancing focused resources!

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Many women are suffering in silence, many men are suffering in silence too cause they just don't gerrit! Please help them gerrit!

A lot of men want to be better men, better husbands, better fathers, better brothers, better leaders but just don''t know how to..

Calling all role model-ic men... Please help a brother and sister out!

PS I started a search on google starting with 'How to please...' and these are the top 4 prompts that came up:
How to please God
How to please a man
How to please a man in bed (just in case the one above is not as specific as you want)
How to please a woman

PPS We will continue to encourage one another on how to be the best spouse to our husbands, please work with us, make our jobs easier..


  1. you are very correct. far too many of these articles/books/columns are directed at the women.

  2. Unfortunately, it is the nature of our society.

    But you can be the one to spark the change, since it seems to be a burden on your heart. You don't have to wait for another person to start,

  3. @naijahusband.. thank you! Please help?
    @ilola.. Unfortunately, it is. I should have mentioned that I usually don't feel fully 'equipped' to write for men.. However, it's worth exploring xx

  4. I try to look out for such posts and have a few on RML including the "Daddy time" series, but you're right, they're so few.

  5. @MW, Thanks a lot... I should check your series out.. It's really good when we have such articles to refer to xx

  6. I say this all the time, the talk is always directed to the woman, while growing up you are taught how to cook, take care of the home etc...all to make you a good wife....when you get married, the church and society begins to teach how to sustain your marriage, how to be a good wife...what of the men? Are they immune to these teachings?

    Church programmes are directed at women, when they call out those waiting on God for the fruit of the womb, it's the woman that is told to come out....kilode....seriously it's time to speak out sef

    Before I leave a post in your comment section, let me go and finish my rant as a blogpost in my yard....

  7. @sykik, it's so true! I just hope and pray that this will change.. I look forward to your post! xx


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